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Traffic Services and Licensing Center Ajman: All Services and Facilities

Last updated on January 5th, 2024 at 10:38 am

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The traffic services and licensing center Ajman serves as a one-stop solution to all driving licenses, vehicle registration and traffic fines-related queries. Operating under the supervision of Ajman Police, the center works to maintain better road safety in the city by equipping citizens with the required training and information on different road matters. Whether you’re looking to obtain a driving license in Ajman, want to register a new vehicle or need to pay traffic fines, you can get everything sorted here quickly. 

Burj Diary discuss the different services offered by the traffic services and licensing center Ajman, along with the details of various license-obtaining procedures. If you’re a new resident in Ajman and planning to move on the road safely as a legal driver, then this is everything you need to know know. 

Services Provided by Traffic Services and Licensing Center Ajman

Issuing of Driver Licenses:

From issuing a new license to previous license renewals or updates, the center assists citizens in all license-relevant matters through a streamlined process. You can visit the center and apply for the relevant driver’s license in Ajman as per your needs. 

Registration of Vehicle:

To drive legally in the city, you need to have a vehicle that is registered officially with the city’s traffic police. Otherwise, you may be subject to heavy traffic fines. To make it easier for citizens, the center also provides vehicle registration services where people can get registration certificates for different types of transport, such as cars, motorcycles and trucks, after official documentation. You can get new number plates for your relevant vehicles and renew your old registration documents here. In addition, ownership transfer services are also available where citizens can transfer the ownership of their vehicle numbers to each other. 

Driving Classes for New Drivers :

The center also offers comprehensive driving training consisting of both theoretical and practical classes. In these classes, participants are guided about different traffic rules in Ajman and the standard road practices. These are specially designed for new or inexperienced drivers to help them obtain the necessary skill set to travel safely in the city. 

Conduction of Driving Tests:

Prior to obtaining the driver’s license, all candidates have to pass the compulsory driving test, also conducted by the center itself. These tests are done to ensure that people meet the necessary driving standards and possess sufficient road knowledge to drive safely in Ajman.   

Traffic/ Road Fines:

The center operates as a fine collection office as well, where people can pay their traffic fines in case of violations. You can also get information on various traffic rules and relevant penalties for future reference. It is important to stay updated on all fines and discrepancies on your record and deal with them in the stipulated time period. View our guide to staying in touch and disposing off with all traffic fines via your Emirates ID.

Inspection of Vehicles:

Citizens can also get their vehicle inspection done at the center to ensure that they are in compliance with the legal emission guidelines. It is crucial because automobiles not meeting safety standards can be confiscated by the traffic police department on account of being unsafe for roads. 

General Customer Support:

Finally, the facility also acts as an information center for locals. There’s a dedicated and friendly support team that guides citizens about all the procedures relevant to different licenses and registrations. You can get information on application methods, fees and fines through a discussion with any of the staff members at the center. 


Procedure to get a Driving License in Ajman 

Before we get into details, you must know that you can apply for a driving license In Ajman and UAE only after you open a traffic file in your name with the Ministry of Interior (MOI) first. Applications for all kinds of driving licenses are then processed through this file at the traffic services and licensing center Ajman. However, to be able to open a file, you need to meet certain age and document requirements. 

Meeting Eligibility:  

First and foremost, you have to ensure you satisfy the eligibility requirements to apply for the required license. In Ajman, different types of licenses are available for different vehicle types (Light, Heavy, Bus, and Motorcycles), each of which has separate age requirements as follows : 

License Type Age Eligibility 
Light Vehicles  18 years old or above 
Motorcycle  17 years old
Heavy Vehicles 20 years old 
Bus 21 years or above 


Documents: Next, make sure that you have the required documents with you to open the file. These include: 

  • Valid Passport and its copy
  • Residency visa and its copy
  • Valid Emirate ID and its copy
  • 2 Photographs
  • Eye Test Results
  • NOC (It was required previously but is not compulsory now)

Why Eye Test and where to get it done:

All applicants are required to submit their latest eye report to ensure they have the necessary vision level for driving. You can visit any nearby eye clinic approved by traffic services and licensing center Ajman for your eye test. They’ll give you a report or certificate with your vision results, which you’ll upload while applying. Just make sure it’s the latest report, as old results won’t be accepted. 

Opening Traffic File: 

After that, you’ll apply online to open your personal traffic file. It includes filling out the online form, attaching the required documents, and then paying the fee. You’ll select your license type in this form as well. There are two ways you can proceed: 

  • On the official MOI website. 

Visit the website. It will take you directly to the traffic file opening page, where you can apply by clicking on start service. 

There’s also a complete user manual containing a step-by-step guide to submitting applications. 

  • Through the Ajman Police App

An alternative way to apply for traffic files is through the mobile app of Ajman Police. You can download it at the play store

The step-by-step guide for file opening by this method is available at https://www.ajman.ae/en/servicecatalog/services/3242

Get Enrolled in Driving Class:

Although not a direct part of the licensing process, it is recommended to enroll in a driving training class before scheduling a driving test at the traffic services and licensing center Ajman

There are a number of driving schools in Ajman that teach individuals how to drive in the city following their local traffic rules and regulations. The classes cover theoretical aspects to help you clear the theory driving test at the center and also include practical driving to prepare you to ace the final parking and road tests. You can also avail of their pick-and-drop services for more convenience. 

Here’s a list of a few popular driving schools in Ajman where you can get enrolled. 

Name Location Contact
Emirates Driving Institute  City Center, Al Ittihad St, Al Jerf 2, Ajman 


Arabian Driving School  CC5V+WP5, Al Bustan, ليوارة 1 , Ajman


Ajman Driving Academy Al Hamidiya 1 – Ajman 


Metro Driving School  Shop No.1, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Rashid Street, Next to Omar Bakery, Ajman 


Al Saqar Driving School  Abdurehman ibn Aof, 2 Al Nuaimia, Ajman




If you are still unable to find a driving center near you in Ajman, you can also enroll for training classes directly at the official traffic services and licensing center Ajman located at:

Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid St – Al Hamidiya 1 – Ajman – United Arab Emirates


Opening hours: Mon- Thu: 7:30 AM- 3:20 PM, Fri: 7:30 AM- 12 PM, Sat-Sun: Closed

Another alternative is to prepare yourself, in which case you can learn the theory test part with the help of a theory book (every applicant receives a theory book containing information on all traffic rules and regulations in Ajman after opening a file from the center) and the driving part with the help of a friend who already lives in Ajman and is familiar of the driving protocols there. 

Book and Clear Driving Tests (Theory, Parking, Road):

After polishing your driving skills and road knowledge, the next step is to clear the official driving tests for the license. 

But first, you’ll have to submit an application to schedule a date for your driving test. Usually, the dates are given with a gap of 1-2 months from application day, but you can also apply for an urgent test date by paying an extra fee in which case you can give your test within three weeks.

How do you schedule your driving test? You can apply on your own at the traffic services and licensing center Ajman, or you can ask your relevant driving institute to apply on your behalf. The documents will be the same as for file opening, but there will be a separate booking fee. Since most newcomers are unaware of the process, they choose to get help from their approved driving institutes. 

After scheduling, you’ll get a date to clear the driving test for your respective license category. This test consists of three parts:.  

  • Theory: In this part, applicants have to answer general informational questions regarding traffic rules and licensing regulations. It’s a written test consisting of 25 questions, targeted to evaluate the general road knowledge of applicants. You can take the first theory test for free, as it’s covered under your file opening fee. However if you fail on the first attempt, you’ll have to pay to retake the theory exam. Note that you can take the theory exam early after opening the file and then schedule the practical test later after practicing.
  • Parking: In this test, the parking abilities of drivers are evaluated with three different types of parking tests including parallel, garage and bridge/Hill. If someone fails this test 5 times in a row, they will have to clear the first theory test again. 
  • Road Test: It’s the final assessment test in which the general road abilities of candidates are evaluated by having them drive on the road. 

Get your driving license Issued: 

Once all tests are cleared, an official driving license will be issued to you at the center with a validity period of 1-2 years. 


Fee For Various Driving Licenses in Ajman 

The complete license cost for the first attempt ranges from 2100 AED to 2300 AED, depending upon the type of vehicle for which the license is being issued. If you fail to clear on the first attempt, you’ll have to reapply for tests in which case the costs can go as high as 4000-7000 AED in total. There can be additional charges for license renewals, category updates or other additional requirements such as eye tests and NOC. If you choose to apply through a driving institute, they may charge extra as their initial registration fee. Since the costs may change with time, it’s advisable to contact the traffic services and licensing center Ajman to confirm the latest prices before applying. 

However, the overall cost breakdown for different license steps is as follows: 

File opening 300 AED
Medical/Eye Test 100 AED
Initial Registration cost (may differ) 1500 AED
Theory Test 100-200 AED
Practical Test (as per vehicle type) 200-500 AED
New Driving license issuance fee 

(as per vehicle type)



Traffic file opening service fee for different vehicles in Ajman

Light Vehicle, Motorcycle 400 AED
Heavy Vehicle, Heavy Bus, Light Bus, Heavy Machine, Light Machine 500 AED


FAQS – Traffic Services & Driving License 

What’s a traffic file in Ajman?

It’s a file containing the record of all road and driving-related activities of individuals, including the details of their license types, fines and so on. Opening a traffic file is an essential requirement to getting a driving license in the UAE. 

How many months does it take to get an Ajman Driving License?

It depends on how much time you take to clear the tests. If everything goes smoothly, you can get your license within 2-3 months. However, if you fail to pass the tests it may take longer. 

Is Ajman’s Driving License Valid in Other Emirates?

Yes, you can travel between different emirates using your Ajman driving license. 

Can I skip the eye test?

No, the eye test is mandatory to obtain your driving license in UAE and Ajman. 

Where can I get my driving license issued in Ajman?

You can get your driver’s license issued at the traffic services and licensing center Ajman after passing the driving tests. 

Can I get my current license converted to a UAE license?

The UAE’s MOI has enlisted certain countries whose residents can convert their home licenses into UAE ones without having to pass through any tests. These include GCC countries, European Countries, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Australia. However, this conversion eligibility may differ in different emirates so it’s always best to confirm these details from the traffic services and licensing center of your relevant emirate state. 

What’s the process to obtain the Ajman driving license for light vehicles?

The general process is identical for all kinds of heavy and light vehicles, as mentioned above. There can be differences in license costs or the test contents as relevant. 

How do I apply for a driving license in Ajman?

Individuals can apply for a driving license in Ajman by opening a traffic file and clearing the driving tests, as explained above. For in-person assistance, you can visit the traffic services and licensing center Ajman, and they’ll help you in your license application process. 

Summing Up

Traffic Services and Licensing Center Ajman provides several essential services to citizens to ensure safe road practices. You can get your driver’s license issued and renewed, take driving classes and tests, register your vehicles and pay your fines by visiting the center. The licensing process is simple, including a file opening with required documents, followed by clearing driving tests. The average license cost in Ajman is 2100-2300 AED, which can increase to 4000-7000 AED depending upon your vehicle type and the number of attempts at driving tests. 

We hope you find this information helpful in resolving all your traffic and license services queries in Ajman. If you have any extra questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below!

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