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How To Check Emirates ID Status Online 2024: Step by Step

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Whether you’re a UAE citizen or a foreigner relocating here, it’s essential to know about your personal Emirates ID Status so that you stay compliant with the legal ID card requirements of the UAE. 

If you also hold an Emirates ID or have applied for a new one and are wondering how to check whether it’s approved or not, then keep reading. In this article, Burj Diary will guide you on how to Check Emirates ID Status online, along with a brief on the application process for Emirates IDs. By following these steps, you can easily view whether your ID is approved or not at any time.

4 Methods to Check Emirates ID Status

The UAE government has introduced several easy ways for residents to help them keep track of the status of their Emirates IDs. Let’s explore each of them in detail below. 

Method 1: Emirates ID Status Check Using Website

It’s amongst the simplest ways to know your Emirates ID details within seconds.

Here’s how to do it. 

Step 1: Open the official ICP Portal. You’ll see a home page as shown following.

emirates id status check

Step 2: Scroll down to check the application status section and write your ID card number (IDN) or Pran/Application No., Without hyphens.

emirates id application status

Step 3: Click Check, and your status results will be displayed to you.

how to check emirates id status

Method 2: Emirates ID Status Check Online Through ICP Portal

Step 1: Go to this link

emirates id status check online

Step 2: Enter Your IDN/PRAN Number

emirates id status check ica

Step 3: Hit enter if you are on PC or tap on the Arrow  Icon next to the IDN/PRAN section.

emirates id card status

If your current emirates id card status is showing approved, that would indicate that your application has been processed successfully by the government, and you will get your card in the coming days after it is printed.

Here, the current status shows that the card has been printed and is now ready to be picked up. In this case, you can get your card from a nearby post office by simply giving them your ID card number.

I hope after following method 2 your every query regarding emirates id status tracking would be cleared. Still you are not able to get status of your ID card you can follow below method 3. 

Method 3: Emirates ID Status Check Through SMS

Another easy way of checking emirates id application status through SMS, as explained in the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the messaging app on your phone

Step 2: Write your ID card number in SMS as follows

Step 3: First, type the letter E, then give space, then write the 15-digit Emirates ID number (for example, E 784197912345671)

Step 4: Write 4488 in the sending number and send the written message to it 

Step 5: An SMS containing updates on your current UAE emirates id status will be sent back to you

Method 4: Check Emirates ID Status Through Phone Call (Helpline):

If you don’t know how to send a message, then don’t worry. Here’s how you can know about the status of your Emirates ID by a simple phone call to the ICA helpline 

Step 1: Call the helpline number of ICP 600522222

Step 2: You’ll be given a choice to choose a language (Arabic/English); select one as your preference

Step 3: Then you’ll be given instructions for different inquiries, such as for general emirate ID services, type 1, to know about Emirates ID status, type 2, and so on. Type the relevant digit to enter the emirates ID status check section.

Step 4: Then you’ll be asked to type in your ID card Number

Step 5: Once verified, the details of your emirate ID’s status will be told to you

How to Find Your PRAN Number:

You need either your ID card number or PRAN Number to view the status details of your Emirates ID. As evident, the ID card number refers to the original identity number that is mentioned on your Emirates ID card. However, most people get confused about what PRAN is and where to find it. Simply put, PRAN is actually the application number that you get when you apply for an Emirates ID. It’s mentioned on the top of your application form as follows:

how can i check my emirates id status

That means if you’re going to apply for Emirates ID for the first time, you’ll use pran to track your status because you don’t have an ID number yet. However, if you already have an Emirates ID card and want to renew or replace it, then you can check your status by typing your national ID number assigned to you previously. 

Checking Validity Period/Expiry of Current Emirates ID

how to check my emirates id status

Our readers also ask about emirates ID validity check or how to check their ID card expiry, So don’t worry in this section we will make sure you to answer this question.

So, Once you get your Emirates ID card, it’s essential to know how long it remains valid and when it will expire so that you can renew it promptly. Generally, the validity of Emirates IDs can be 5 or 10 years, depending upon which fee package you paid.

It means you can apply either for 5 years or 10 years validity as per your preference. The process to check the validity of an Emirates ID is almost the same as that of visa/residency validity since they both have the exact same validity period. Here’s how you can check the validity duration and expiry date of your personal Emirates ID cards. 

Step 1: Open the smart services ICP portal.

Step 2: You can use either your visa file or your passport number to check your ID validity.

emirates id status tracking

Step 3: Click on Emirates ID option.

uae emirates id status

Step 4: Choose the option of Emirates ID Number and write your Emirates ID Number.

check my emirates id status

Step 5: Add your nationality and Date of Birth. 

how to check new emirates id status

Step 6: Verify the ReCAPTCHA and click on search button.

Upon searching, you’ll be able to see the validity period of your Emirates ID, its expiry date, along with your visa details. Keep in mind that if you’re someone who recently got a residency/visa status, then your visa and emirate ID will remain valid for the same period of time.

Applying for Emirates ID

Before you can see your Emirates ID status, you must apply for one. There are two main ways to apply for an Emirates ID in UAE. One is online using the ICP website or their UAE Pass app. The second is to visit approved offices in person and directly apply there. While previous rules demanded employers to submit the ID applications on behalf of their new employees, new residents and citizens can now quickly apply to get their Emirates card on their own by using either of these methods. Let’s now discuss both of these one by one. 

Emirate ID Application Procedure (Online- Website):

You can submit your Emirates ID application online on the ICP website, but you must have a registered account on their UAE PASS App First. 

  1. Download the UAE Pass app on your phone. Register in the app as per instructions.
  2. Once you have registered yourself in UAE Pass, login to the online portal of ICP offering smart services and go to the Apply for new ID card tab under the services section 
  3. Upon opening the new card issuance window, you’ll see application instructions displayed in front of you. Click on start service and complete the steps. You’ve already done the first step, i.e., UAE registration. Next, you’ll open the application form and fill in all the required details, followed by the payment of the application fee as applicable. If everything is done correctly, a confirmation message indicating your successful application submission will be sent to you. 
  4. The next step is to get your biometrics sorted. One way to do this is by giving your fingerprints through their mobile app. However, if the app is not working for you, you’ll have to visit your nearby centre with the details of your submitted application, and they’ll take your biometrics in person (you will export/download your submitted ID Card application from your customer account or their staff will do that for you)
  5. Once biometrics are done, you’ll get your Emirate ID card delivered to your registered address within the next 5 working days. You can also check your personal Emirates ID Status by the above methods to see whether they are ready to be picked up or not. 

Points to Remember:

Make sure to write your personal details (name, phone, email) correctly in the application, as incorrect information can lead to delays in further processing. Double-check and review your application before submitting it. Make certain that you use the right home address for delivery so that your ID card is sent to the right place. 

Emirate ID Application Procedure (Offline- Printing Offices/Service Center/Customer Happiness Center)

It’s a convenient method for those who find navigating online websites difficult. Here’s how you can apply to get your Emirates ID offline. 

Step 1: Go to a nearby Center approved by ICA. You’ll simply google search for one near you and go there with your documents. 

Step 2: Their staff will fill out the application on your behalf. You’ll just have to tell them the details and pay the application fee.

Step 3: You’ll receive a confirmation message/email soon after your application submission at the office. The details (time, date, and location) for your biometric appointment will also be mentioned in this message, where you’ll have to go to give your fingerprints.

Step 4: Once you have given your fingerprint at the designated office, you’ll get your Emirates ID card within the next five days, which will be delivered by ICP to your home address.

It’s good to keep an eye on the Emirates ID status by using the above checking methods to ensure your ID is being processed correctly. 

Documents Needed for Emirates ID Application

Both of the above methods require a few standard documents as follows

  • A Personal Picture
  • Your Active Passport
  • Your Valid entry/residency permit

Additional documents may be required for GCC nationals (GCC ID, birth certificate, agency certificate, kinship proof) or new expats (residence permit, birth certificate, agency certificates). The complete list of these documents with photo specifications can also be found on the ICP website(https://icp.gov.ae/en/service/apply-for-a-new-id-card-2/). However, the process to check the Emirates ID Status is the same for all nationals, as explained before. 

Fee Structure for Emirates ID Application

The application fee to be paid for Emirates ID cards differs, depending upon its expiry duration and the nationality type of applying candidates.

For UAE and GCC applicants:

Nationality Five Years Fee 10 Years Fee
Emirati 150 AED 250 AED
GCC  250 AED


For expats or new residents:

For expats or new residents, the fee structure differs slightly in which 100 Aed will be added to the basic services fee of 150 AED for each additional year as follows:

Nationality 1 Year Fee 2 Year Fee 3 Year Fee
Expats 250 AED 350 AED 450 AED


Note: There is an additional 30AED fee in case of applying through centers. For urgent processing, an additional 150 AED will be added. These charges are applicable to all kinds of nationals mentioned above.  


How Can I Check My Emirates ID Status

We shared 4 method above in the our blog that you can follow one of them to know your emirates id card status

How many days does it take for Emirates ID cards to be delivered?

Generally, you can receive your cards from 2-5 days after the applications and biometrics are done. However, sometimes, it may take longer if there’s any mistake or error in your application form. Therefore, waiting at least 1-2 weeks is advised before inquiring further.

What should I Do if I’ve submitted my application with the wrong address?

It’s best to avoid such a situation by carefully reviewing your application before you pay the fee. However, if you realize that your address is wrong, contact either a nearby service centre or the ICP helpline. You can also reach out to your nearby post office to review where your ID card is being delivered. 

Can I download the digital copy of my Emirates ID?

Yes, you can download your ID card in PDF form using the mobile app of ICP. Open the app, navigate to the download button in your ID card section, and it will be downloaded to your phone. 

What to do if I lost my Emirate ID card?

You’ll first have to report it to a nearby ICP centre (customer happiness). After that, you’ll apply for a new card by submitting an application for ID card replacement either at the centre or online. Then, follow the quick Emirates ID status check process to see when your new card is ready.  

Is it possible to get an Emirates ID card without having a visa?

It’s not possible because the Emirates cards are issued based on your visa/residency documents. So, you’ll first have to obtain the residency stamp on your passport, and after that, you’ll be eligible to apply for it. 

Why having an emirate ID in UAE is important?

It’s important because it’s not just a legal requirement but is an essential identity document to survive in daily life of UAE. From leasing apartments and paying bills to opening bank accounts and passing airport immigration security checks, you need to show this ID card with You at all places in UAE. Without it, you won’t be able to do any of these activities in the city.

Summing Up

To sum up, People can conveniently check their emirates ID status by using the online ICP portal or their phone call and SMS facility. We hope that the above guide will resolve all your queries about emirates ID. After reading this, you can easily keep track of your ID status and monitor it regularly to ensure you meet the UAE legal regulations all the time. Always make sure to apply for an Emirates ID with care and renew the expired one on time. Go and find your ID status now!

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