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NBAD Balance Inquiry Online 2024 – Burj Diary

Last updated on January 16th, 2024 at 04:03 pm

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Are you an NBAD user and wondering how to perform an NBAD Balance inquiry to keep track of your finances? If yes then keep reading because you’re at the right place. Burj Diary will guide you through the process of checking your NBAD balance so that you can see your account funds easily, at any time you want. 

How to Check NBAD Balance (2 Methods)

We gonna share 2 methods to perform NBAD balance inquiry, The first method is to check balance through Website and the other one is through App.

However, one problem that NBAD users often face is monitoring the amount of money that they have in their accounts and cards. Luckily, NBAD offers easy digital ways for users where they can view their funds at any place with an internet connection. That means you won’t have to go through the hassle of bank visits to see balance changes every time.

Method 1: Checking NBAD Balance Using Website

  1. Open the NBAD online portal it’s same for NBAD and Fab Balance, open it with link (https://ppc.bankfab.com/PPCInquiry/).
  2. Write Card ID and the last two digits of your card number and Click on Go (both these things will be present on your card).
  3. Upon entering, you’ll see your complete account details displayed including your total balance and transaction history details.
  4. You can go through individual transactions by date as well to analyze changes in your funds.

Method 2: Checking NBAD Balance Using App

  1. Download the NBAD/Fab app using the Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iOS.
  2. Enter your login credentials in the app and complete security checks as needed.
  3. Once logged in, you’ll be able to view your present balance, transactions, and other account details.
  4. Users with both Fab and NBAD accounts can also switch to the relevant account tab to see a summary of that account.

This method applies to all kinds of prepaid NBAD balance enquiries including the NBAD bank balance check salary card.

NBAD Bank Card Types

You can make all payments in Abu Dhabi and UAE by simply swiping the card. Since its users own money that they have deposited first in the bank, they are not entitled to pay any debts afterwards. Keep in mind that you can use the above guideline of NBAD balance inquiry to examine amounts in these card accounts as well. The various prepaid cards (PPC) types of NBAD include:

  • Ratibi 
  • E-Dirhams (Green, Red, Blue, Silver, Gold) 
  • Dwallet
  • Payment
  • Gift
  • Multi-Currency 
  • General Purpose 
  • Abu Dhabi, RAK and UAQ Pay 

Each of these types is designed to cater to the unique needs of people belonging to different professions and comes with its own benefits. For example, Ratibi helps employees with under 5000AED salaries to get their pay deposited. E-dirhams are specific for government related payments. Dwallet is for paying domestic employees. Payment is for professional companies involved in continual payments or petty cash handling. Gift cards, among other things, can be used to give incentives to employees by companies.

Advantages of Using Prepaid Cards

Though each card type differs in its benefits and features, here are the few advantages that you can get in all kinds of prepaid cards in addition to online NBAD Balance Inquiry

  • No Bank Account Compulsion:  people without bank accounts can also get these cards directly
  • Worldwide Recognition: These cards are accepted not only in UAE but can also be used in online payments outside the country due to their connection with global giants such as Mastercard  
  • No Cash Hassle: The amounts are directly deposited in your account which you can access anytime and spend as you like 
  • ATM Friendly: You can also withdraw cash from prepaid cards using ATMs. 
  • Reloading Convenience: Prepaid cards can be easily reloaded through online transfers and top-ups in addition to regular bank deposits 
  • Easy Online Purchasing: Users can shop across various online platforms and pay online using prepaid cards 
  • Enhanced Security: Users can also set a spending limit to avoid misuse of cards. This allows people to control their finances in a more secure way
  • Good Gift Alternatives: Retailers and companies can use various prepaid gift cards as prizes for customers and employees. Since the gift cards are customizable each with different perks, Participants can choose the one that best matches their preference.  

How Do Frequent Balance Checks Benefit You?

Now that you’ve learned about NBAD Balance Inquiry, you should also know how frequently checking your available funds can be helpful to you. 

  1. You get accurate information on the money you have. This financial awareness allows you to make wise choices regarding different money matters. 
  2. It protects you from bank defaults, which often happen when you unconsciously use more money than your account currently holds. 
  3. It helps you in fraud prevention. You can easily detect scams and see if someone is unauthorizedly using your card by getting transaction notifications. 
  4. It helps you to stay informed of all the incoming and outgoing transactions.
  5. It gives you peace of mind by giving you control over your money. It keeps you in in charge position where you can effectively handle your bill payments and plan savings.

Guidelines to Maintain Better Account Security

While online banking has made our lives much easier, it has also exposed us to more security threats. Therefore, it’s important to protect our sensitive information while doing NBAD balance inquiry online so that you don’t fall prey to any online hacks or scams. You can enhance your account security by implementing the following measures: 

Using powerful passwords that are not easy to crack. It’s a common mistake that people make when they use easy words like names for their passwords. Keep your passwords secured by involving a mix of alphabets and numerals in different forms. 

Avoiding public networks for logging in. Always try to use your personal WIFI or phone data while banking online so that your information has less risk of being leaked. Also, be careful of unsecured websites and scam links. Always ensure the website you’re using has proper security status. 

Use multiple layers of authentication instead of a single password. Adding biometrics, ID and OTP are some of the protective authentication measures you should implement.

Never share your account details with random people. There are scam incidents where people call you to access your details by pretending to be from the bank. Never share any information with such callers.

In case you make changes in your account information such as phone or name, always tell your bank first so that you can receive regular alerts from them at the updated number. 

NBAD Balance Inquiry – FAQS

What if I forget my ID and Password?

ID and Password are essential for checking balance through the app. If you forget them, contact the bank at their helpline. Their staff will help you in recovery after checking the details in their system. 

Can I make changes to the online profile details?

Yes, you can do this by navigating to the my profile section under the preference tab. Just add changes where relevant and make sure to hit the save button before logging out. 

Will I be charged for checking my balance online?

No, the NBAD balance inquiry is absolutely free. You just need internet access and you can see your details for free. 

What to do if my card gets stolen or my account shows an unauthorized transaction?

Immediately call the bank and get your card blocked if you lost it. If you see any unfamiliar transactions, contact the bank helpline and ask them about where this transaction happened. They’ll guide you and help you overcome the issue instantly. 

Can I see the balance on the app without the internet?

No, the app is designed to run online to get access to your real-time data. So, you must have a stable internet to use apps and see your balance. 

How to perform NBAD balance inquiry ratibi and salary NBAD prepaid card balance inquiry? 

You can do all such balance inquiries using the same online procedure as described above. 

What’s the difference between NBAD and FAB?

Some people get confused by it but they both are the same banks now because of their collaborative merger. 

To sum up, NBAD balance inquiry can be done through the digital portal or app as per your preference. In addition, you can always contact the bank to get real-time data on where your account stands. The use of NBAD prepaid cards add further benefits to your everyday life with their exciting discounts and offers.

Keeping a balance check not only keeps you informed of your transactions but also enables you to better manage your resources. However, always make sure to go the extra mile to keep your online information protected. Check your balance now with our easy guide and enjoy ultimate financial freedom.

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