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Visit Visa Fine Check: How to Check Overstay Fine in UAE

Last updated on January 3rd, 2024 at 04:57 pm

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Thousands of people visit the UAE every year to explore its lavish lifestyle and alluring attractions. However, All UAE visit visas have a limited validity period and staying over that duration can result in certain fines and penalties. So it is important to stay up to date with your visa status before it expires and be aware of any incurring overstay fines. We’ll take you through visit visa fine check in UAE so you can avoid all such inconveniences. 

And if you find yourself staring at financial penalties related to Visa issues, we’ve illustrated the different ways you can pay these on time to avoid further complications.

Visit Visa Fine Check: How to Check Overstay Fine in UAE Online

You can check your UAE visa fines for all emirates by using the ICP or GDRFA portal as follows. 

UAE Visit Visa Fine Check Through ICP:

  • Open the smartservices portal of ICP 
  • Click on the Public Service section at the top
  • Go to the Fines and Leave Permit section under public services 
  • Press the start service button under the section: Fines- Pay Fines – Violations of Entry Permissions or Residences – Pay New Fines  
  • Add the required details: your Visa File Number, DOB and Nationality.
  • Fill in Captcha Verification and press search
  • Your Visit Visa fines will appear in the results

UAE Visit Visa Fine Check Through GDRFA:

  1. Open the fine inquiry section on the GDRFA website 
  2. Choose your file type for the search. You’ll have the option to search visa fines by using your visa file number, Emirates ID number, Passport Number or UBD Number. Here, we’ll be using the visa file number
  3. If you’re on a visit visa, you’ll select permit
  4. If you’re a UAE resident, you’ll choose resident
  5. Fill in the required details: Place of Visa Issue, Your Visa File Number, DOB and Gender.
  6. Tick the captcha security verification and click submit
  7. Any present visit visa fines will be displayed below. If you haven’t been charged any penalty, a green box will appear indicating that there are no fines on your visa file

Fine Amount for UAE Visit Visa:

The fine amount for overstaying on a visit visa in UAE is 50 AED per day, as per the ICP. 

Previously, a grace period of a few days following the visa expiry date was given to visitors, during which individuals were not subjected to any fines. However, according to recent rules, there is now no grace period for visit visa holders, and they’ll have to leave the country before the exact expiry date mentioned on their permits. If overstayed, the individuals will be charged fines and won’t be able to leave the country until they clear those fines and secure an exit permit. 

Paying Visit Visa Fine in UAE Online:

If you’ve found any pending fines on checking your tourist visa file, you can pay them online quickly through the ICP or GDRFA website. The initial steps are the same as for how to check visit visa fine in UAE. 

Payment of UAE Visit Visa Fine on ICP:

  1. Go to the Fines and Leave Payment section under public services button on the ICP portal 
  2. Press Start Services on the Fines-Pay Fines section 
  3. Enter relevant details and view your visa fines. 
  4. After following these steps, you’ll see a Pay button present below your displayed overstay fines; click on that. 
  5. Enter your card details and complete the payment. 
  6. You’ll get a notification and receipt of your payment after the fine is deducted from your account. 

Pay Fines Through Virtual Assistant Method

Another Alternative method for fine payment on the ICP website is through their virtual assistant option. Here’s how you can do that. 

  1. Go to the ICP site
  2. A virtual assistant option will appear on the bottom left side of the screen. Click on that and answer the introductory questions asked by the virtual assistant
  3. Choose the Apply for Services button from the services list provided by the virtual assistant. 
  4. Pick the option of Pay Fine, or you can simply write your service number 
  5. Give your unified number as asked
  6. Write your DOB as asked 
  7. Relevant fine violations and fine details will appear if present, along with a payment link 
  8. Press the Pay link 
  9. You’ll be directed to the service submission tab. Review the details shown and then press the next button 
  10. Press the Pay button and complete your payment. You’ll receive an ICA notification for your payment and also your payment transaction number 

Payment of UAE Visit Visa Fine on GDRFA:

The initial steps will be the same as how to check visit visa fine in UAE using the GDRFA website.

  1. Visit the GDRFA’s Fine inquiry section and fill in your details
  2. After submitting, you’ll see your visa fines and a pay button on the screen 
  3. Proceed with the payment tab and enter your debit or credit card details 
  4. The fine will be deducted, and a notification will be sent to you 

Make sure to keep a record of your fine payment receipts as settlement proof for future reference. It will help you justify your case in relevant visa-related matters. 

Other Options for Checking and Paying Visit Visa Fines in UAE:

There are several immigration help centers present all across the UAE to help citizens regarding various visa and immigration queries. These centers are affiliated with GDRFA and ICP and provide information and assistance on different legal matters relevant to UAE visas. If you’re wondering how to check visit visa fine in UAE offline, you can do this at these centers. Moreover, payments for visit visa fines in UAE can also be made offline by visiting any of these centers, as mentioned below.  

Airports: Your visa files are also checked at airports before departing from the country. If any pending finds are detected, you can also clear them at the airport. However, it’s recommended to keep a check on your visa fines and clear them before arriving at airports to avoid any inconvenience or delays. 

Visit Visa Fine Waiver in UAE: How to Apply

If you have overstayed in the country for some legitimate reasons, you can opt to apply for a visa fine waiver. If approved, your fine will either be reduced or cancelled altogether. However, keep in mind that this waiver is possible only in case of genuine issues. Some examples include:

  • Death of Sponsors
  • Health Complications 
  • Delayed Passport Renewals 
  • Legal Issues such as pending court cases 

Application for visa fine waivers can be submitted at any of the Amer Centers affiliated with GDRFA. You must provide certain mandatory and supporting documents while submitting your application. These include 

  • Your Passport and Visa copy 
  • Your Sponsor’s passport copy, Visa Copy and Emirates ID (Original) 
  • Exemption letter/NOC containing a request to reduce fines 
  • Cancellation/Exit Paper or latest e-visa approval, if applicable 
  • UID number issued by GDRFA 
  • Other Supporting Documents (Health Reports, court/police letters, Embassy letters with passport renewal dates, death certificates, petition letters from sponsor or company as applicable)


What Happens if I Don’t Clear My Visa Fine?

Individuals who are on visit visas and don’t clear their overstay fines will be banned from entering again in all UAE emirates. Therefore, make sure to pay any incurring fines and get yourself an exit permit to leave the country legally. 

Is It Possible to Extend or Renew the UAE Visit Visa?

Yes, if you want to avoid overstay fines while staying in the UAE, you can apply for the extension or renewal of your visit visa as per the ICP rules. 

How to Check Visit Visa Fine in UAE for Abu Dhabi and Fujairah?

As explained above, you can check fines on your visit visas for all seven Emirates online by using the ICP or GDRFA website. 

Can I Get a Grace Period for My Visit Visa in the UAE?

No, grace periods have been discontinued for all sorts of tourist and visitor visas in UAE. Applicants must leave the country or renew their visas according to the mentioned expiry date. 

What’s the Duration of the Visit Visa in UAE?

You can get a visit visa to UAE for different periods ranging from 30 days to 90 days. 

How Can I Get My Visit Visa Fine Waived in UAE?

You can file an application for the fine waiver at the GDRFA’s Amer Center with the overstaying reason and supporting documents. If found legit, you can get remission or a reduction in fines. However, the final decision depends entirely on the GDRFA. 

Can I Use My Passport Number to Check Fine on My Visit Visa?

Yes, you can select the passport search option on the GDRFA fine inquiry portal and then enter your passport details to find out your UAE visa fines. Learn more here.

Final Words

Keeping a check on visit visa fines is mandatory to enjoy frequent UAE tours as per the country’s regulations. You can monitor all fines on your tourist permits online through the ICP and GDRFA portals by following the above guide on Visit Visa Fine Check. Remember to check and clear your visa fines timely to avoid legal complications. Overstaying as a tourist will not only cause you heavy penalties but can also lead to permanent entry bans in the country. We hope this article resolves your queries about checking and paying UAE visit visa fines. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. 

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