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How to Check Visa Status Using Passport Number UAE

Last updated on January 16th, 2024 at 04:17 pm

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While residing in any country abroad, one major concern is maintaining visa validity. Without having a legal visa, you’ll always be at risk of being caught and deported. To avoid such incidents, people seek quick methods of obtaining information regarding visas. One such search is how to check visa status using passport number UAE.

Although several people rely on agents to help them, it’s always advisable to keep track of the visa procedure on your own. This will not only help you to be ensured of the true legal status but also be effective in avoiding scams which is getting more common-place by the day.

However, the concern of where to find out the visa status information bothers many people. Luckily, the UAE’s Government has made this procedure very easy for residents as well as foreigners. Now, citizens are able to view their visa duration by only using their passport number.

There’s no need for you to carry complete files of visas anymore. The only things you should know are the passport number with its expiration and you’re sorted! But how to check visa status through passport number? Let’s explore together. 

How to Check Visa Status Using Passport Number


It can be done through the portal of ICP/ICA using subsequent easy directions. ICP is UAE’s official authority that deals with immigration and visa cases of different emirates. It has a smart digital portal that allows individuals to get answer of their question which is how to check UAE visa status using passport number. 

Step 1: Open the link formal ICA site.

Step 2: Two options will appear. Passport Information and file Number. Select only passport information Option. 

Step 2

Step 3: Pick the relevant file type you’re interested in seeing (Visa/Residency). The Residency button is for people having UAE residence. So, use it only in case you possess legal status as a UAE resident. Otherwise, hit the Visa option.

Step 3

Step 4: Add Passport number, expiration date of your passport and your nationality.

Step 4

Step 5: Check security verification of Captcha by ticking the checkbox.

Step 5

Step 6: Press search 

Step 6

View the outcomes: Every detail of the visa will be displayed. 

How to Check Visa Status Without Using the Internet?

Offline tracking can be performed through toll-free contacts of UAE Amer centers. (Dubai: 800-5111, UAE: 600-522-222.

Simply dial these contacts, give the passport information to the attending person, and he/she would let you know whatever your current status is. Don’t be concerned about the call bill as they are completely free!

You can always go to local immigration offices dealing with UAE visas and show them your passport to access visa particulars. However, To check visa status using passport number offline is a time-consuming offline method.

Additional Detail (Must Read)

Whether you wish to see the expiry or issuance or want to find out the file number of the visa, you can get all the answers here. You could also see how many days you can stay in UAE when the current status expires. 

Those with Dubai-related Visas are able to view their details using their passport via the ICP site with a similar method. But for accessing information on Dubai visas without passports, the GDRFA site or app must be used. 

Using this process how to check visa status using passport number, will enable you to learn everything about visa credentials within minutes after which one can take further actions as needed.

Suraqah Farhan
Suraqah Farhan
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