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How to Check Visa Status UAE & Dubai 2024

Last updated on January 16th, 2024 at 04:08 pm

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Whether you’re a tourist planning to visit the UAE or a permanent resident, being aware of your visa status is extremely crucial. Check visa status UAE allows you to steer clear of several challenges. You can not only avoid illegal overstays and the resulting heavy fines but also prepare for your visa renewals in a timely manner. 

However, some people find it challenging to understand how to visa status check. To make it easier for you, this blog will walk you through the whole process of checking UAE visas both online and offline in a simpler way. By following this quick guide, you can easily view your visa details whenever you want. 

Check Visa Status UAE

With recent technological advancements, the UAE has also streamlined its visa-checking processes where you can find your required details by simply sitting at your home. In addition to traditional offline processes, you can now apply for visas and keep track of status changes online as well. Let’s discuss both these options one by one below.   

How to Check Visa Status UAE Online

There are two online portals used in UAE for knowing visa statuses for different emirates. Only Dubai has a separate portal while you can check the rest of the six emirates’ visa status using the same website. 

  1. ICP (Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security) for visa details of Sharjah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain  
  2. GDRFA (General Directory of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) for Dubai visa status check

Depending upon your relevant emirate, you’ll go to one of these websites. Before using these portals, you must have the information on your reference number and application number with you. These details are provided after the submission of visa applications. So, if you’re applying through a third person, make sure to get these details from them so that you can check your processing stage afterwards easily. 

Visa Status Check Online Using ICP

check visa status uae

    1. Go to the ICP website: Open Google Chrome and search ICP UAE or ICA smart services visa status. The relevant website will appear on top, click on the link and open the ICP site. 
    2. Sign Up (Optional): You can enter your email details to sign up before proceeding further. However, it’s not mandatory to view your visa details. You can directly go to the next step. 
    3. Click on File Validity Tab: In case you’re signed up, you can see this button on the top right side of the website. However, if you wish to proceed without signing up, you can find this tab under the public services option. (That means you’ll open the website, go to public services tab and then click on the file validity tab). There’s also an option of application tracking adjacent to file validity which you can use for knowing the processing stage of your applications. However, to check visa status online queries, the file validity tab is used.
    4. Choose Search Option by File No: On the file validity page, you can find out the status of your visas using your file number
    5. Fill in relevant details and search for results

File Number: 

  • Select the file number option 
  • Then select the Visa option: 
  • You can search for either a Visa or Residency here. You’ll choose the Visa tab because you want to know the visa details and not the residency details. 
  • Fill the File Type Box with relevant Details: 
  • You’ll see three options under this tab. Emirate Unified Number, File No. and Emirates ID No. Select File No. option and enter your file number, nationality, and Date of Birth. Tick the Captcha and click the search button. 
  • Search Results: 

The search results will show your visa status details including 

  • Visa File number and status (Active or Cancelled)
  • Issuance Date
  • Expiry Date 
  • Last Allowed Date (This indicates the number of days you’re allowed to stay in UAE after your visa expiration date)

Note: Emirate Unified Number and Emirate ID no. are only applicable to businesses registered and operating in UAE and UAE residents. People outside the UAE can use only file no. option for their UAE visa status.

How to Check Dubai Visa Status Online Using GDRFA

visa status check

In addition to the official website, GDRFA has also launched a mobile app to make accessing visa information more convenient for people. Here’s how you can use both their website and app online for Dubai visa status Queries.

Using GDRFA Website:

  • Open the official GDRFA website
  • Go to the visa status/visa inquiry tab under the services section
  • Choose the option of residence validity
  • Enter the required details (residence file number, name, date of birth, nationality)

(The residence file no. is mentioned on the visa page of your passport)

  • Fill out the captcha security and click the submit tab
  • You’ll get information on the visa status in search results including details on expiry date, visa type, visa number and so on. Green highlighting would indicate all tabs are filled correctly. 

You can directly go to the GDRFA portal for a visa validity check.

Using GDRFA-App:

Another answer to the question of our visitors on how to check Dubai visa status is by using the free online app of GDRFA as explained below. 

  • Download the iOS or Android GDRFA App as per your phone type  
  • Set up a profile by adding ID information as instructed
  • Go to the services label, then choose the option of file status inquiry
  • Select the residence inquiry tab
  • Fill in the personal information by adding your nationality, birth date, name and visa no.
  • Hit the inquiry tab 
  • Given all sections are completed accurately, The Visa status details will appear with a green tick below showing your visa status, visa type, expiry date and name 

A separate Dubai Now app has also been introduced where people can get more details about the GDRFA services and status. 

Whether you’re looking for check visa status UAE or simply want to check Dubai visa status online, following the above-mentioned steps can help you get all the answers on your Dubai and UAE visa applications and statuses. Let’s dig in to the offline part now. 

Check Visa Status UAE Offline

dubai visa status check

If you’re not a tech-savvy person and want to adopt the conventional way of inquiring about visa details, then here are the following offline options you can opt for. 

Calling on Toll-Free Numbers:

To accommodate individuals in smooth visa processing, the UAE government uses certain toll-free numbers under their Amer services. These are great solutions for those exploring how to check visa status.

For Visa information from within the UAE, it’s 800 5111  and +9714-313-9999 for people living in other countries. 

For Visa information from other UAE Emirates, the ICP’s contact 600522222 can be used free of charge. 

Visiting Local Amer Immigration Center:

You can also reach out to a nearby UAE immigration or residency unit in your area where a designated staff person would assist you in everything. From general application details to visa status, they would provide you with all information in person. Just make sure to take your personal documents with you when you visit there. 

Some Important Points Relevant to UAE Visa Status

how to check visa status

Check Visa Status UAE: Six Months Automatic Cancel Date

UAE has an automatic cancellation policy for its resident visa holders. According to this rule, if you possess the country’s residence visa and you have stayed outside the UAE for a period longer than 6 months, then your visa will be automatically cancelled by the Government. In such instances, you can only re-enter the state after getting an entry permit first. Once the entry permit is approved, you’ll be able to set foot in the country within 30 days of the accepted date.  

There can be certain challenges in gaining re-entry if you have been involved in any illegal practice or have any issues with your employer. Therefore, try to avoid such situations while applying for a re-entry permit.

There are a few visa categories which are exempted from this cancellation rule. These include People Having Golden Visas, Investors under-recognized classifications, public employees sent outside by the government for certain training or duties, wife having sponsorship of emirate spouse who has UAE citizenship and their accompanying house help, and those sponsored by the UAE’s consulars for visits abroad. 

How to Check Visa Status Cancellation

If you want to see whether your visa has been cancelled or is still active, you can go to the official ICP or GDRFA portals as discussed above and find out your cancellation status by providing the relevant details. 

How to Check Visa Status UAE Change

Changes in your visa status are also regularly updated as they go through different processing stages. The procedure to view these changes is also similar. Go to the ICP site, fill out relevant sections and search for results. The visa status can be shown as either used, active, issued, under process, cancelled, expired, changed to residency and so on depending upon your ongoing activities.

Each of these statuses indicates different meanings. For example, issued would mean that UAE authorities have approved and issued your visa and now you can legally enter the country on your relevant visa kind. Similarly, used means that you have used your issued visa by entering UAE physically and now the countdown for your intended stay period would start as per your visa category. 

In either case, changes in visa statutes should be reviewed carefully to ensure their compliance with the regulatory authorities. 

Validity Duration of UAE Visas

Similar to other countries, the UAE also issues a variety of visas for tourists, visitors, workers, students and general residents each of which has its own validity period. 

  • Golden Visa: 10 years 
  • Tourist Visa: 90 days for single entry which can be extended further, 5 years for a tourist visa under multiple-entry 
  • Work Visa: Their duration varies depending upon the employer’s contract length and type of employment. E.g., for Remote work in UAE, it’s up to 1 year while others can be 2-3 years long
  • E-Visa: These are applicable to GCC members who are citizens of countries that come under the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Its current validity is 30 days
  • Business and Investor Visa: They can be valid for 2-3 years 
  • Student Visa: The general duration is one year which requires renewals. However, student visas are usually tailored to the length of the intended academic program in the UAE. 
  • Transit Visa: They are temporary visas for travelers and last for a few days only (up to 4 days)

Get Your Visa Renewed Within the Grace Period!

check visa status online

UAE shows great flexibility to foreigners in terms of visa validity duration by giving them a grace period after their visa expiry date. People can take advantage of this time span and work to change their status without leaving the UAE. However, the extent of this grace period is different for various visa categories and is usually displayed as the “Last allowed date” section when you check your visa status online. 

How Much Fine Charged for Overstaying in UAE?

If you don’t leave the country as per your visa status and continue to reside illegally, you’ll be charged fines by the government which is 50 AED per day. You can also get details on the total fines through the ICP and GDRFA sites. 

What If Your Visa Status Changed to Residency?

In case you’re on a tourist or work visa in UAE and you’ve applied for a UAE residency, your visa status may only show as changed to residency and you won’t be able to see issuance and expiry details. In such a case, make sure you search again using the residency option instead of a visa.  

This is a mistake people make when they have applied for residency but they search in the visa tab and then don’t find any information because of changes in their residency status. So, make sure to see under the residency tab and you’ll get all the details once you’ve filled in the required information. 


In conclusion, the process to determine UAE visa status is quite simple with different offline and online options available. The United Arab Emirates continues to be a major attraction for visitors, workers and businessmen all around the world. However, whether your purpose is travelling or employment, following the proper visa application procedure and being updated on visa status is essential to enjoy a hassle-free stay in the UAE as a foreigner. So ensure to proactively handle visa-relevant changes and remember the 6-month cancellation rule. 

We hope that the above information will be sufficient as an answer to your “How to check visa status UAE” question. Keep an eye on your UAE visa with this guide and enjoy your UAE life to the fullest. Please also follow Burj Diary to get future posts notifications. 

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