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How to Hafilat Recharge Online: Top up Your Hafilat Card

Last updated on January 5th, 2024 at 03:15 pm

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Hafilat Recharge: Public transport has been consistently growing in demand and numbers in Abu Dhabi. The Integrated Transport Centre, the department overseeing the transportation network, keeps adding new routes and buses to cater to the ever-increasing commuters and incentivize the public to use public transport.

The Hafilat card is a rechargeable smart card to pay for your commute in the Abu Dhabi public transport system. It saves you the trouble of carrying cash to pay for the fare every time you board a public bus. The Hafilat card has a price that includes a balance, and when you exhaust that balance, you need to recharge the card to make it functional again.

How to Hafilat Recharge Card Online


In this blog, we will talk about how to recharge your Hafilat card online in easy-to-follow steps. The ITC introduced this facility some time back to facilitate the passengers. If you are not using this service and still use the traditional way to top up your card, then you will find this blog very helpful. Read on to learn how to do it easily from the comfort of your home or anywhere else. Let’s begin now.

Step1: Visit the Hafilat Website:

Step1: Visit the Hafilat Website:

As the very first step, you must visit the Hafilat website to recharge your card. You can visit it here. Once there, you will see options to add your login and password, and on the left side, you will see tabs asking you to register. If you want to register or have already registered and got a log in, you can enter the details and proceed. But, it is not mandatory; you can recharge your Hafilat card online without registering. Click on the Recharge card under the Register tab and go to the next step.

Step2: Enter Your Card Details:

Now, you must enter the serial number mentioned on the back of your card. The system has pre-entered the ‘01’ digit, as shown in the image below. Enter the serial number in the given box. Ensure you have input all the digits accurately and click OK to go to the next step.

Step3: Enter the Amount:

Step3: Enter the Amount:

Now, your card’s balance should be visible on the screen. From the drop-down menu, select the amount you want for your Hafilat Recharge card online. You can recharge from AED 10 to AED 100 with multiples of 5. Select the desired amount and proceed to the next step.

Step4: Your Order is Added:

In this step, you will see a message that states that your order has been added to the basket. You can click on view basket to see the details showing your transaction type, card number, amount, and other information. If all is okay, you need to give your acceptance by checking the ‘I accept’ checkbox, entering your email address, and going to the final step where you make the payment. To go there, click on the ‘payment’ button at the bottom right corner of the page.

To increase your balance, click Continue My Purchases at the bottom left corner and repeat the third step.

Step5: Make Payment:

Step5: Make Payment:

It is the last stage of your Hafilat Recharge Card online process. You will enter your credit or debit card information and click on Pay to make the payment. You might need to enter an OTP per your bank’s standard procedure. If that is the case, enter the OTP, click on Pay at the bottom right corner, and that’s it. You will see a payment successful notification at the end, which shows that you have successfully topped up your Hafilat card. Please remember that the new balance will be reflected in your card after two hours.

So, there you have it, a step-by-step guide on how to recharge your Hafilat card. We have walked you through the entire process, and as you have seen, it is a simple process that everyone can follow and use. Keep your Hafilat card recharged all the time so you don’t have to face any difficulty while traveling, and in case you need to recharge it, now you know how you can do it using the steps mentioned above.


Q: Can I Use My Hafilat Card in Dubai?

A: No, the Hafilat card is only valid for public transport in Abu Dhabi. It is not workable in Dubai, where a NOL card exists for this purpose.

Q: Can I Recharge My Hafilat Card While Traveling?

A: The online system works anywhere, so you can recharge it while traveling. Inter-city buses also have recharging devices installed, so you can recharge your card using that method.

Q: What is the Expiry Date of My Hafilat Card?

A: If unused, the card balance will expire in one year. You will have to recharge your card to use it.

Q: What is the Minimum and Maximum Amount to Recharge My Card?

A: You can top-up your Hafilat card with a minimum amount of AED5 and a maximum of AED100.

Q: What if I Lose My Hafilat Card?

A: If your card is lost, you can report it to the authorities. Click here to learn the procedure and how to go about it.

Q: How Can I Check My Hafilat Card’s Balance After a Recharge?

A: You will need to go to the Hafilat’s website for this. Follow the steps number 1 & 2 that we have mentioned in this blog to make your balance inquiry.

Q: Are There Different Types of Hafilat Cards?

A: The ITC offers different passes according to their validity and usage and for specific persons. Here are some of the popular types of Hafilat cards;

  • Weekly cards
  • Monthly cards
  • Hafilat cards for senior citizens
  • Hafilat cards for persons with special needs
  • Haiflat cards for students
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