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How to Check Nol Card Balance in 2024

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Whether you’re a tourist or a citizen, it is crucial to be aware of the balance amount available on the card to ensure you have sufficient credit for traveling. To avoid confusion, remember that while Nol cards are used in Dubai, their Abu Dhabi counterparts are Hafilat. Nol can not be used for services within Abu Dhabi, although you can travel between the two cities using Nol.

Burj Diary will show you different ways to do a NOL card balance check. By following this guide, you can easily access your NOL card balance online and offline, and ensure that you always have ample credit to reach your destination.  

Nol Card Balance Check Online

You can view the balance available on your NOL card online by using any of the following methods. 

Method 1: Using RTA Website

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has made it very convenient for residents to monitor their card balances online using their online portal. Here’s how. 

Step 1: Go to the official RTA website

RTA wps portal homescreen

Step 2: Press the Check Nol Balance tab on the Homepage

Step 3: Enter 10 Digits Tag ID of your Nol Card in the search bar and Hit Search

Step 4: Your Nol balance detail will appear in the search results along with the expiry and pending credit details

Method 2: Using Nol How Portal

There’s also a direct Nol how portal under the public transport section on the RTA website that citizens can visit to view their credit details instantly. Here’s how you can do it. 

Step 1: Open the Nol How page in Google or directly by this link

Step 2: Enter the NOL Tag ID and hit search

Step 3: The credit amount available on your card will be displayed

Method 3: Using the RTA Dubai App

First of all, you need to  Install the RTA Dubai app. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices. 

App Store

Play Store


The RTA Dubai has also launched mobile apps to make it more convenient for people to access their card details whenever they want.

Here’s how to use this app to view your Nol credit details online on your phone.

Step 1: Open the app on your mobile and Use it as a Guest or Login

Step 2: Click on Public Transport

Step 3: Navigate to the Check Your Nol balance button and Tap on it

Step 4: Now Enter your card’s Tag ID and Tap view balance tab

Step 5: Your Nol card balance details will appear on your Screen

Method 4: Using the Nol Pay App

There’s a separate Nol Pay app introduced by RTA to help citizens better manage their Nol card activities. You can view your balance details, recharge your NOL cards, and monitor other transaction details easily by installing this app on your phone. Here’s how you can check the Nol balance using the Nol Pay Application. 

Nol Pay App Download


Step 1: Open the Nol Pay App

Step 2: After that tap on the Check Card Info tab under the More Services option

Step 3: Now Scan the back side of your NOL card with the NFC feature of your Phone

Step 4: Now your Balance & Transaction history will be displayed on your screen

Method 5: Check Nol Balance Offline (TVM/Kiosk/SMS)

Nol balance details can also be checked offline using ticket vending machines or the kiosk machines present at various bus/metro stations and malls in Dubai. Following are the common ways of doing NOL card balance check offline. 

Through TVM/Kiosk

Step 1: Insert your card into the relevant machine through the given card slot 

Step 2: Go to the balance check option by following the machine instructions 

Step3: Your balance details will be shown on the machine screen 

Through SMS

Step 1: The first step is registration. Type your Nol Tag ID number in the message and send it to 511

Step 2: After registration, type Balance or BAL in SMS and send it again to 511

Step 3: You will receive your balance details in reply 

Nol Card Types

The Nol card comes in different colored types, each with different costs, benefits, and validity periods. You can buy the one that suits your needs and enjoy convenient commuting all over Dubai any time you want. Remember that balance in all card types can be viewed using the above Nol card balance check guide. Here’s an overview of different types and their relevant details. 

Nol Card TypeUse and BenefitsCost (AED)Validity PeriodMaximum Recharge Limit (AED)
Personal/BlueIt is suitable for personal use and can be used on all kinds of public transport. 

You can enjoy online top-ups and specific fare concessions using this card. 

Balance recovery is also provided if the car gets stolen.
705 years5000
SilverIdeal for first-time or new users as a regular card.

It can be utilized for all sorts of transport and other related services. 
25 5 years5000

(1000 for non-registered users)
GoldA premium card providing access to all non-transport and transport facilities.

It also gives access to gold cabins for metros and trams.
25 5 years5000

(1000 for non-registered users)
Red TicketGood for occasional or one-time users

it's a disposable paper-based ticket that can be used for only a single type of transport at once.
90 days/ 10 TripsSince it's a disposable ticket, it has recharged numbers: five daily passes or ten maximum travels. 


Are NOL cards used for transport only?

No, the use of NOL cards is not limited to public transport (Metro, Buses, Water Buses, Trams) alone. They are also used for non-transport activities including paid parking and payments at different retail outlets/pharmacies/fuel stations/public museums in Dubai.

How do I check my NOL card balance on my phone?

You can perform Nol card balance check on your phone by either using the RTA website/app or the Nol Pay app, as explained above. 

Is there any fee for an NOL card Balance Check?

No, you can view your balance details free of cost at any time using any of the methods explained above. 

Can one person have more than one Nol Card?

Yes, you can buy multiple NOL card types as described before that best meet your individual needs. 

Is it possible to check the balance of multiple cards through one account?

Yes. You can check the balance amount of different Nol card types using the RTA Dubai website or mobile app. Just enter the relevant card number and click search. You can also manage your multiple cards using one account through the Nol Pay App.

How to Check Nol card balance online?

The balance on Nol cards can be checked online via the RTA Dubai’s official website or mobile app and also through the Nol Pay App. 

Summing Up

Regular monitoring of your Nol card balance is important to enjoy a hassle-free public commute in Dubai. You can perform your Nol card balance check in several ways, including the online method of the RTA Dubai website, the RTA Dubai mobile app, and Nol Pay App and the offline methods of ticket vending machines, kiosks, and SMS. Available in multiple categories, Nol cards are not only helpful in smooth public transit but also offer great convenience in navigating various transactional activities in Dubai. 

Follow our easy guide to check your Nol credits today and get the most out of your cards by staying informed about your balance details all the time. Don’t forget to mention any additional questions you have in the comments section below!  

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