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SEWA Bill Check: How to Check and Pay Online

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SEWA is short for Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority. As the name implies, it is a utility company operating in public sector, that generates and distributes water, electricity and gas to consumers in Sharjah. It has approximately 2 million customers, but has maintained quality and efficiency in dispensing its duties. 

Digitisation of services and records form an integral part of SEWA’s customer support program. It ensures swift response to every type of customer’s query and complaint. The customers also benefit as they can perform a variety of functions related to SEWA without visiting its office in person.

These services may include checking and paying SEW bill, editing or updating your profile, account cancellation or consumption graphs.

In this blog, Burj Diary discuss everything about online SEWA bill check services and how to use them effectively. This information will help all SEWA customers be more aware of them and access those services online easily. So, read on to find out more.

SEWA Bill Check Online

SEWA Bill Check

SEWA maintains an extremely user-friendly website that anyone with a slight knowledge and experience of internet can easily use. Let us walk you through the entire process of SEWA bill check by account number through its website.

SEWA Bill Check

Step 1:

You need to register yourself with SEWA’s e-services portal to use its services, simply Log in there. It is a bilingual website and you can opt for English or Arabic language. 

Step 2:

If you are already a user, you can log in; new users can click on the portal registration tab, the last of the three given tabs.

Step 3:

A new page will open by clicking on the portal registration tab,

Here it gives you different options on how you can register yourself to use SEWA bill customer service. You can choose the option that suits you the best. If you are a resident customer you can click on the highlighted link to register yourself. 

You can also visit the customer care branches during working hours or send an email to SEWA with all the required documents. For further assistance you can always call the helpline.

To register yourself at SEWA, you can use any of the following IDs.

Passport Number

Federal Social Security Number

  • Emirates ID
  • Trade License Number
  • Local or Federal Government ID
  • Commercial Registration Number

Step 4:

After the submission of documents via email or in person you will get a confirmation email from SEWA approving your account for registration. Now you need to log on to SEWA’s website and click on the tab ‘REGISTER’

Step 5:

It will direct you to the registration page

Step 6:

Click on the link Register given at the end and start a step-by-step registration process. You will get activation codes via SMS or email during the registration to fulfill all the formalities to complete your registration.

After you are done with the registration you can now check SEWA bill online by loging in. To login please click here

Log in with your username and password.

You will then be asked for your Account ID, and after filling it, you can click on the Check button below.

Once you hit the Check button your bill detail will come on the screen. 

Click on View to check SEWA bill online in a detailed format. A typical SEWA bill would look something like this.

This is how you check the SEWA bill online using the web portal.

Checking SEWA Bill Online Using the Mobile App:

Checking SEWA Bill Online Using the Mobile App

SEWA also has a mobile app that you can use to view, print, and download your bill. It has other features, too, like cancellation of your account, checking bill history, consumption graph, etc. It offers more or less the same set of features that you get from SEWA’s web portal.

The app is available for download on both Android and Apple stores. The Download links are given below.

For Android users:

For Apple users:

The app is free to download on both of these platforms.

Once you have the app downloaded, you need to register yourself in the same manner you did for registration at SEWA’s web portal. The app is also bilingual, like the web portal; you can choose between Arabic or English.

You need the following information to register on the SEWA app.

  • Account ID
  • Emirates ID (front and back side)
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Trade License (for commercial or business users)

The SEWA app’s interface looks like this

To check SEWA bill online, click on Bill Enquiry. It will reveal your bill details. 

Printing SEWA Utility Bill:

You can conveniently print your SEWA utility bill online and get its hard copy. You will see two options of download and print side by side on top of the bill when you check SEWA bill online. See the image below for clarity.

Click the printer icon to print the bill and get its hard copy.

Downloading the SEWA Utility Bill in PDF Format:

You can also SEWA bill check PDF download easily. You need to click on the down arrow icon on the above image. A new window will open, prompting you to Save it as a PDF and type the destination address. Once you hit the Save button, the bill will be saved on the given destination in PDF format.

How Do You Check SEWA Bill History?

You can also view your bill history for the past 12 months on its app and web portal. After logging into your account, you can click on the bill history to view the details of the bills and the amount paid against it in both graphical and tabular forms.

3 Easy Ways of SEWA Bill Payment:

Now, we focus our attention on how to pay the SEWA bill. You can pay your SEWA bill through different means, but the following three are the most widespread. 

  • E-pay services
  • Etisalat
  • Banks

Let’s explore them in a bit of detail.

E-pay Services:

E-pay Services

You can use the e-pay service available at SEWA’s official page, sewa.gov.ae, and then click on the EPAY SERVICES tab on the main page’s right side. You can also use the SEWA app to pay your bill.

When you click on EPAY SERVICES you will be asked to confirm whether you are a registered SEWA customer or non-registered one? Either way you can make the payment.

Enter your username and password and follow the instructions to pay bill.

Note: You must login or register to use above feature.

Perform the SEWA bill check by account number, enter it in the given field, and then follow the instructions to make payment.

You must have credit or debit cards to use this service, as you will need to input their numbers to pay your bill. 

The payment of your SEWA bill via the SEWA mobile app is more or less identical. You can use either of the two and clear your SEWA dues.



It is another convenient way to pay your SEWA bill. There are 48 machines across Sharjah where consumers can go and pay their outstanding bills. The process is relatively simple and self-explanatory. Anyone literate enough to use an ATM or self-help bank kiosks can use these machines efficiently. 



The traditional and oldest way to pay any bill still holds strong despite the advent of digital payment methods and other technologies. You can visit the following banks during banking hours to clear your SEWA bill.

  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
  • Ajman Bank
  • Al Hilal Bank
  • Citi Bank
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Emirates Islamic Bank
  • Emirates NBD Bank
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank
  • Invest Bank
  • Mashreq Bank
  • National Bank of Fujairah
  • Noor Islamic Bank
  • Sharjah Islamic Bank
  • Standard Chartered
  • United Arab Bank
  • Arab Bank
  • Al Masraf
  • RAKBank
  • CBI

Other methods of paying your SEWA bill include post offices, exchange companies, etc. You can choose the ones that you find most accessible.

SEWA Contact Information:

In the end, we provide you with the contact information of SEWA bill customer service. The SEWA bill enquiry contact number is 600566665. You can also leave a message on the company’s website by filling out the form given in the Contact Us section.

Other SEWA bill inquiry numbers that you can call our

  • Electricity and water emergency:
  • Gas emergency: 8006333
  • Office timings: Monday-Thursday (07:30 AM to 03:30 PM)
  • Address: Al Khan area, Government Department Complex, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates



What are the alternate SEWA bill payment ways?

The alternate SEWA bill payment methods include post offices and exchange companies.

How do you cancel your SEWA account in Sharjah?

Cancelling your SEWA account is straightforward. You can do it easily using the SEWA app or the web portal. SEWA requires the following documents for cancellation

  • Copy of your Emirates ID
  • Deposit payment receipt
  • Tenancy contract
  • Clearance certificate from Sharjah Municipality

There shouldn’t be any payables in your name. SEWA will appoint a technician for the final meter reading and its disconnection. For immediate cancellation, SEWA will charge you AED 200.

Does SEWA provide scholarships?

SEWA has been awarding scholarships to deserving students since 1997. Hundreds of students have availed of this scholarship to study in prestigious universities. 

What is the consumer number in the SEWA bill?

If by consumer number you mean account number or account ID, it is a unique number given to you by SEWA after your registration is complete.

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