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How to Apply for RTA Vehicle Renewal Online in 2024

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Vehicle renewal is the process of extending or renewing the ownership validity of your registered vehicle. All automobile owners in Dubai are required to undergo the renewal process every year as a legal road compliance, which can result in hefty fines otherwise. 

Fortunately, the Road and Transport Authority has made the entire procedure much more convenient for the residents due to its online website and App services. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can apply for RTA Vehicle renewals online using these platforms in easy steps while covering details on costs and conditions. Read on and get all your expiring licenses renewed in no time from the comfort of your home. 

Applying for RTA Vehicle Renewals Online

You can renew your vehicle registration online in Dubai by using the RTA website or RTA Applications (RTA Dubai, Dubai Drive and Dubai Now).  

However, for successful completion, your vehicles must first meet the certain requirements set by RTA, as explained below. 

Conditions for Online Vehicle Registration Renewal

To use the online RTA renewal service as an individual, you are required to fulfill the following criteria. 

  • Your vehicle must be insured except for quad bike, semi-trailer or trailer, for which the insurance requirement is optional. 
  • All traffic fines on your vehicle must be cleared before application. You can check and pay these fines online through the RTA website. 
  • If your vehicle is over 3 years old, you must get it tested for road safety at one of RTA’s approved inspection centers. If the test is cleared, you can apply directly for the ownership renewal. However, if your vehicle doesn’t pass the inspection, you’ll have to make the necessary repairs as advised by the center and clear the test again before applying for the service. 
Some of the RTA’s official inspection centers where you can go for testing include

  • Wasel Nad Al Hammar
  • Wasel Belhasa Al Jaddaf
  • Barsha Tasjeel
  • Al Warsan Tasjeel
  • Tamam Vehicle Testing
  • AG Cars Vehicle Testing – Al Mamzar
  • Al Mutakamela Vehicles Testing

*If you have classical vehicles, you must undertake your inspection at one of these points.


You are required to apply for renewal before your previous ownership expires (within 150 days before the expiry date). In case of expired ownership (delayed application), you’ll be subject to re-registration terms and must pay the pending fines depending upon your vehicle type and length of delay before proceeding with the renewal application. 

The service applies only to UAE residents or UAE and GCC nationals

Once you’ve met the above requirements, you are good to utilize the instant online renewal services outlined below. 

Method 1: Using the RTA Website

Residents can file applications for renewing different vehicle licenses on the RTA website either directly or by using the Mahboub chatbot.

Without an RTA Account:

Individuals who don’t have an RTA account can submit their renewal applications directly in the following steps. 

  1. Go to the vehicle license renewal page on the RTA website here
  2. Enter your vehicle identity verification details (category, plate code plate number and traffic code number) and press Find
  3. The search results will show your pre-registered vehicle information, including the insurance and technical inspection details that are present in the RTA record. 
  4. Verify your vehicle details. Note that only inspected and insured transports will be shown by the RTA records. If your car or automobile doesn’t appear in the results, it might be because its insurance or testing is pending. 
  5. Choose your delivery location. You can receive your renewed licenses electronically by SMS/email or have them couriered directly at your homes or at the RTA center for later collection. Add delivery address and date details. 
  6. Pay the vehicle-renewal and delivery fees online. Enter your credit card details and press the pay button. 
  7. After payment confirmation, a notification of a successful transaction will appear on the screen. You can download it or print it for later reference. 
  8. Your official renewal ownership certificate will be delivered to your given address within 3 days.

With RTA Account:

If you have a registered RTA account, you can access the same service in the following steps. 

  1. Log in to the official portal of RTA using your ID and Password
  2. Navigate to my vehicle-renewal option under the services section
  3. You’ll see all the vehicles registered on your account and their approaching expiry dates. 
  4. Select the vehicle whose ownership you want to renew from the list. You can also separately enter the plate number and other details of your transport if it’s not enlisted already. 
  5. Choose the delivery method and pay the fee amounts  
  6. You’ll receive your renewal certificate via email/SMS or at your given address within 3 days, depending upon your selected mode of delivery.

Method 2: Using Mahboub Chatbot

RTA has recently introduced the feature of an AI chatbot named Mahboub on its website and Apps to further help the residents access various traffic and licensing services in Dubai with ease. You can also use it directly for quick and easy RTA vehicle renewals. Here’s how. 

Without RTA Account:

  1. Go to the RTA website and click on the three dots message icon on the bottom right of the home page 
  2. Select the option of “Talk to Mahboub” 
  3. The chatbot will ask you to provide a few personal information to continue. Give your contact information, including name, email and phone number, as required. 
  4. Now type “renew vehicle” and enter 
  5. You’ll be asked to give your vehicle plate number. Write it accurately. 
  6. After receiving the vehicle details, the chatbot will verify its insurance and inspection information from the RTA record. If everything is ok, you’ll be asked to proceed with the delivery method. 
  7. Specify your delivery option. 
  8. Settle your fees and pending fines payments. 
  9. You’ll get the new vehicle certificate within three days. 

With RTA Account: 

  1. Open the Mahboub chatbot on the RTA site 
  2. Enter “renew vehicle”  
  3. Write your username as registered on the RTA account
  4. You’ll receive a list in reply, including all vehicles in your account. Select your preferred car or enter a separate vehicle plate number manually.
  5. Once the insurance and test are verified, select a delivery method from the provided delivery options list.  
  6. Pay the applicable fees and fines online. 
  7. You’ll get the new vehicle ownership certificate within 3 days or immediately through email. 

Method 3: Using RTA Apps

RTA has several official smart and partner mobile Apps offering all its services to the citizens in a more convenient way. These include 

  1. Dubai Drive
  2. RTA Dubai
  3. Dubai Now

You can apply for your desired vehicle renewals online using any of these apps. Here, we’ve explained the complete application steps for the first two commonly used RTA Apps. 

Through RTA Dubai App

  • Download the official RTA Dubai app from the Play Store App store or app gallery as relevant 
  • Open the application and register or log in using your account details 
  • Select the “vehicles and fines” section from the home dashboard 
  • Click on the Renew Vehicle Registration tab 
  • Verify your vehicle details and choose your desired delivery method 
  • Proceed with fee payment using your debit/credit card
  • Once your transaction is successful, a confirmation notification will appear on the screen, and the electronic copy of your transaction and successful renewal will be emailed to you. 

If you’re using an Apple device, you can also get an electronic copy of your renewed ownership from Apple Wallet using the RTA Dubai application. 

Note: You can also make use of the Mahboub chatbot on the RTA App for renewing vehicle registrations using the same steps as mentioned above. 

Through Dubai Drive App

Download and log in to the Dubai Drive App on your phone Apple, Android and Huawie  

  1. Click on the “My Vehicles” section on the dashboard 
  2. Select “Renew vehicles” option
  3. Pick the delivery method and add the delivery address, date and contact information
  4. Pay the relevant fees using your credit card 
  5. The renewed certificate with the expiry sticker will be sent to the location you entered.

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Other Ways to Apply for RTA Vehicle Renewals (Offline)

If you are unable to access online services for any reason, you can opt for offline ways of renewing the conveyance registrations in Dubai. These include

  • RTA Self-Service Machines/Kiosks
  • RTA Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centers

Let’s see how these work one by one. 

RTA Vehicle Renewal Through Self Service Machines/ Kiosks:

Using kiosks, you can get your registration certificate quickly in the following steps. 

  1. Go to a nearby RTA self-service machine 
  2. Choose your preferred language on the screen machine 
  3. Choose the RTA services option 
  4. Click on the Vehicle Registration Services button
  5. Select the Vehicle Registration renewal tab 
  6. Enter your vehicle details and select your desired transport appearing in the results 
  7. Pay your relevant renewal fees by card or cash (you’ll insert your card or cash directly into the machine as applicable)
  8. After successful payments, your new registration card will start printing, and you’ll receive it with the expiry sticker from the machine in a few minutes

Where to Find a Kiosk?  

Kiosks can be found at the customer happiness center, RTA testing centers and a few other locations in Dubai. You can locate a kiosk in your area on the RTA portal here.

Vehicle Renewal Through RTA Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centers:

Visiting the RTA outlets allows you to get both your inspection and renewals done together. It’s primarily suitable when your vehicle needs a technical inspection before the re-registration.

  • Visit a nearby vehicle registration and Inspection center in Dubai
  • Reach the inspection yard front desk and give your phone number to the employee present 
  • The staff will give you a link to apply for the service. On this link, you’ll find your application token number and the inspection yard number where your vehicle will be tested. 
  • The staff will guide you about completing the inspection process inside the yard and the remaining time for renewal. 
  • After you’ve fulfilled the inspection within due time, you’ll be asked to provide the inspection fines, if applicable and the relevant renewal charges 
  • You’ll settle your payment online through the link given by staff. 
  • Finally, you’ll receive your updated vehicle ownership document through email/SMS or in printed form through the onsite kiosk machine. You can also request delivery service direct to your home address if needed. 

Fees for RTA Vehicle Renewals:

Total charges vary depending on the kind of vehicle you have and the chosen delivery method. Here’s a complete list of current fees as per RTA official site. 

Vehicle Type Renewal Fees Amount 

(for ownerships renewed within a year)

Re-registration Fees 

(for ownership expired for more than a year)

Light vehicle private/public 350 AED 400 AED
Vehicles between 3 and 12 tonnes, private 400 AED 500 AED
Vehicles between 3 and 12 tonnes, public 650 AED 750 AED
Vehicles exceeding 12 tonnes, private 800 AED 900 AED
Vehicles exceeding 12 tonnes, public 1,000 AED 1,200 AED
Light mechanical equipment, private 500 AED 600 AED
Light mechanical equipment, public 800 AED 800 AED
Heavy mechanical equipment, private 800 AED 1,000 AED
Heavy mechanical equipment, public 1,000 AED 1,300 AED
Trailer and semi-trailer 120 AED 120 AED
Bus with passengers between 14 and 26 300 AED 500 AED
Bus with passengers exceeding 26 600 AED 1,200 AED
Motorcycle 200 AED 200 AED
Knowledge and Innovation fees. +20 AED 200 AED


Delivery Charges:

Delivery Type Cost
Standard 20 AED
Same Day 35 AED
Within 2 hours 50 AED
International  50 AED


Inspection Fees for different vehicles:

Vehicle Type Inspection Fee Amount
Light Vehicle 150 AED
Heavy Vehicle  200 AED
Light mechanical equipment 150 AED
Heavy mechanical equipment 200 AED
Classical vehicle 420 AED
Trailer and semi-trailer 150 AED
Motorcycle 120 AED
Quad bike 100 AED
Re-inspection of a light vehicle 50 AED
Re-inspection of heavy vehicle 75 AED
Export technical inspection 100 AED
Knowledge and Innovation fees + 20 AED



How much time does the total RTA vehicle renewal process take? 

It depends on the renewal channel you use. 

  • The online platforms, including Websites and Apps, process applications instantly, and you get your electronic certification within 2-3 minutes. However, the delivery of printed cards may take from 2 hours to 3 days, depending on the delivery method selected. 
  • Self-service/ kiosk machines take about 5 minutes, after which you get your printed card on the spot. 
  • The vehicle registration and inspection centers may take 5-10 minutes or longer given the inspection time taken and other relevant circumstances.  

What documents do I need to apply for vehicle renewals? 

There are no specific documents required by RTA. You only need to have a valid vehicle insurance and safety test whose record is usually stored in the RTA database and can be accessed online easily at the time of application. 

However, to avoid any inconvenience, it is advisable to keep the following documents with you. 

  • Your previous vehicle registration card (you can enter your vehicle details such as plate number and code number by reading them from the card)
  • Vehicle insurance proof with a validity of 6 months or more 
  • Road test clearance certificate 
  • Emirates ID

What’s the validity period of a vehicle registration certificate in Dubai?

The vehicle ownership certificate remains valid for 1 year. 

Do I have to apply for an RTA vehicle renewal every year?

Yes, all drives must get their motor registration renewed yearly because they expire after 12 months. 

What happens if I don’t renew my expired vehicle registration? 

You’ll be charged fines, and your traffic files will be blocked after 3 months. That means you won’t be legally eligible to drive on roads and may face severe consequences if caught. 

In addition, maintaining vehicle registration keeps the government updated about your automobile details. It comes in handy in tracking your cars in case any theft incidents occur.

What should I do if my insurance and inspection details don’t show on the vehicle renewal portal?

All individuals are required to update their insurance and inspection information on their traffic files before applying for the renewal. Therefore, ensure your insurance providers and relevant inspection centers have correctly revised your profile details. If you still face problems, get in touch with the RTA customer happiness center. 

Where can I find the RTA registration and inspection centers in Dubai?

They are present at the following points in Dubai. You can find their exact pin location on the RTA website. 

  • Al Qusais Tasjeel
  • Barsha Tasjeel
  • Al Warsan Tasjeel
  • Jebel Ali Tasjeel
  • Hatta Tasjeel
  • Tasjeel Discovery Gardens
  • Tasjeel City of Arabia
  • Al Satwa AutoPro Centre
  • Al Mankhool AutoPro Centre
  • Wasel Vehicle Testing – Nad Al Hammar
  • Al Adheed Shamil
  • Muhaisna Shamil
  • Nad Al Hammar Shamil
  • Shamil Al Qusais
  • Al Mumayaz Vehicle Testing – Aswaaq Mizher
  • Al Mumayaz Vehicle Testing – Al Barsha Mall
  • Wasel Vehicle Testing – Al Jaddaf
  • Wasel Vehicle Testing – Arabian Centre
  • Al Yalayis Vehicle Testing
  • AG Cars Vehicle Testing Centre – Deira
  • AG Cars Vehicle Testing – Al Mamzar
  • Al Mutakamela Center – Al Aweer
  • Al Mutakamela Center – Al Quoz
  • Tamam Vehicle Testing
  • Quick Registration Vehicle Testing Centre – Seih Shuaib


Where can I access the self-service machines to apply for RTA vehicle renewals?

You can use them at the following locations across the city. 

  • Customer Happiness Centre – Umm Ramool
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Deira
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Barsha
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Manarah
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Twar
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Kifaf
  • Tasjeel Al Tawar testing center
  • Barsha Tasjeel 
  • Muhaisna Shamil
  • Tamam Vehicle Testing
  • Al Qusais Tasjeel
  • Wasel Vehicle Testing – Al Jaddaf


Is there any grace period offered for vehicle renewals?

Yes, you get 30 days as a grace period to renew your motor registrations after the expiry date. 

That’s the end of our comprehensive guide on RTA vehicle renewals. We’ve tried to cover everything that you should know regarding renewing vehicle registration applications in Dubai. We hope it helps. If you are still left with any questions, please let us know in the comments below, and we’ll be here to help. 

Note: The guide above is about individual applicants. If you’re going to apply for registration resumption as companies, the process or conditions may differ slightly. 

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