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Top 10 Best Interior Design Companies in Dubai

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When you Google interior designer companies in Dubai, you will get a lot of companies that are providing this service in Dubai. It is understandable, as Dubai is home to the wealthy and the showy. There are innumerable construction projects, both residential and commercial, going on at any given time, and they all require the services of interior designers.

However, choosing interior designer firms can be time-consuming and challenging. You are spoiled for choices, with each firm vying for attention and customer patronage. However, we have made it easier for you as we present our interior design companies in Dubai list. 

Go through that list, read its description, and pick the one that catches your fancy. Each is a distinguished interior design firm in its own right and will give you a satisfying service. So, without further ado, let’s begin. The list below is presented in a random order.

Here we present the list, Let’s look at them in a little bit of detail. But if you also curious to know about best real estate companies in Dubai you must visit that post.

10 Best Interior Design Companies in Dubai



With a creative name like Anarchitect, you know you have to take it seriously. It is a multiple award-winning interior design studio that has its roots in London. It started working from there in 2013 and has made a name for itself worldwide. Besides Dubai, you can find its projects in other Middle Eastern countries that encompass a broad spectrum of projects.

Its design philosophy is modern, contemporary, experimental, and practical. It is a client-centric enterprise and delivers what the client demands with valuable input from their side. It understands the client’s needs and delivers its projects accordingly.

Notable projects done by itDubai Hills Villa, Al Faya Desert Retreat & Spa, No57 Café, Co. Lab Collective Working, TMT Libraries, Circadian Light Synthesis

Belhasa Interiors

Belhasa Interiors

Belhasa Interiors is a well-known name in Dubai and elsewhere, too. It is part of the Belhasa Holding Group, a very famous business empire of the UAE that owns some 50 companies, including Belhasa Interiors, one of the leading interior design firms in Dubai.

Belhasa has completed hundreds of projects both in and outside of the UAE. Modern lines and sleek finishes characterize its designs. Those into contemporary looks will love its rectilinear designs. It also famously and seamlessly blends natural elements like wood and rocks in its designs. The firm believes innovation is the key to moving forward, and that is reflected in its designs, too.

NameBelhasa Interiors
Notable projects done by itStudio 8 on Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue, Money Kicks HQ & booths at SoleDXB, Mercato Mall Chocolate Bar, Nurrai Travel Agency, Ras Al Khaimah Police Station, Ministry of Justice Innovation Center 

Artizan Interior Design

Artizan Interior Design

Next on our list of ten of the best interior design companies in Dubai comes Artizan Interior Design. This firm came into being in 2011 and has completed many prestigious projects around the Middle East. It has worked in commercial, residential, hospitality, restaurant, and office projects and came out with flying colors.

It believes in creating a luxurious ambiance with a dash of modernity. However, it takes a holistic view of any project it undertakes and keeps in view the primary purpose of the project so that it doesn’t get lost in styling. It is an expert in creating magical lighting systems and intelligent use of corners, so there are no wasted spaces. It is going from strength to strength and not resting on its laurels, at least for now.

NameArtizan Interior Design
Notable projects done by itMany villas, apartments, offices among others done in Dubai

Godwin Austen Johnson

Godwin Austen Johnson

Godwin Austen Johnson is one of the oldest and most recognizable interior design firms in Dubai. It’s no surprise that we have featured it in our list, too. Originating in London, the company is more than thirty years old and has completed many well-known buildings in Dubai and elsewhere.

The company rightfully prides itself on its legacy and continues improving to outdo itself. It has assembled a team of experts from all over the world to infuse a new life in every project it takes and give it a distinctive Godwin Austen Johnson touch.

NameGodwin Austen Johnson
Notable projects done by itAl Qamar Resort Dubai, The Space – Dubai College, Dubai Creek Villas, U-Concept gym, Dubai Creek Golf Club, Serenia Living, VIP lounge at Al-Maktoum International Airport, Dubai Sports City 

Luxury Antonovich Design

Luxury Antonovich Design

We are halfway through our list of ten interior design companies in Dubai that have taken the world of interior design by storm. We will now talk about Luxury Antonovich Design, a company that takes classic interior design trends to new luxurious heights.

Dubai is synonymous with extravagance. We had to talk about one interior design company that specializes in luxury living, and Antonovich Design fits the bill perfectly. It transforms any given space into an opulent and majestic design that is fit for royalty. 

It provides a comprehensive range of services that includes project consultation to structural changes, value-added engineering, and project management. It is one of the favorite interior design companies in Dubai Silicon Oasis and is going places.

NameLuxury Antonovich Design
Notable projects done by itMany luxurious mansions and villas in Dubai, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and many other projects

Algedra Group

Algedra Group

Algedra has been around for quite some time and has been consistent in its performance, relevance, and market presence. It has branched out of the UAE and has taken many international projects and finished them with aplomb.

Algedra provides full-on architectural and interior design services that are second to none. You can hire it for building a project from scratch, fit-out projects, landscaping, renovation, and the like. Its team of experts is there to facilitate you every step of the way and surpass your expectations. 

Its style is varied, and having completed projects in every possible construction domain, it is challenging to pin its distinctive style. But, it has created a name in synergizing different architectural styles and bringing to the fore something modern in its outlook and timeless in its appeal.

Notable projects done by itA series of housing, hospitality, and eating places in Dubai, Middle East and other places

4Space Interior Design

4Space Interior Design

4Space Interior Design is another creative interior design firm on our list that has enthralled everyone with its sense of style. It has completed many notable projects and has become a fairly established company in interior design and architecture. 

Its designs epitomize elegance, charm, and beauty. They have intrigued everyone with their Art Nouveau style that continually redefines traditional lines and curves. The firm provides a bouquet of services from conceptualization to full-fledged realization of your dream and everything that falls in between.

Name4Space Design
Notable projects done by itNeem Tree Lounge DIFC, Charcoal Garden, VR Park, Kava & Chai

XBD Collective

XBD Collective

We are fast approaching the end of our list of ten of the best interior design companies in Dubai. And now, in our list, we will shed a little light on XBD Collective.

XBD Collective is an international design consultancy and architecture firm. It has an office in London, too, and has the privilege of drawing from the best talent pool available. With an international workforce, this firm has the unique advantage of delivering every project with the best of everything.

Given Dubai’s penchant for construction projects, it was only natural that XBD Collective would find success here, too. Since its establishment in Dubai, it has executed many high-profile projects in commercial, residential, hospitality, and other sectors. 

The company designs per the client’s instructions and mingles it with the ground realities to come up with a project that is representative of local cultures and sensibilities. The company always surpasses expectations and sets new standards. That is the reason for its continuing success.

NameXBD Collective
Notable projects done by itSt. Regis Financial Road – The Residences, Dubai, Metropolitan Towers, Nigeria, Solar House, Dubai, Kata restaurant, Modern Working Business Center, Dubai, Casa Del Sol, Dubai

Bishop Design

Bishop Design

Bishop Design was set up in 2004 and, in the last two decades, has successfully carved a name for itself. It has done several projects in and outside of the UAE. Its name resonates with quality services where clients know he is getting his money’s worth.

The company has embraced modernity and constantly reinvents styles to produce architecture, not just blocks of concrete, metal, or glass. It focuses on building architecture that defies the test of time, is practical, and serves the purpose for which it is set up.

It sounds easier to write about it, but bringing it to the surface of a piece of architecture or a space with a character is a formidable task. Thankfully, with a plethora of successful projects completed in the past, the company is now adept in delivering success after success and has many awards for its endeavors, too. It is poised for further growth.

NameBishop Design
Notable projects done by itSLS Hotel & Residences, Torno Subito, GOOT offices, Deseo, Sprungli, Caluccio’s, Bahamas Villa



The last entry in our list of interior design companies in Dubai email address is Cherwell. It is a furniture and furnishing company but has successfully ventured into interior designing, too. The company now provides services in designing living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of your house. It brings them to life and gives a vibrant makeover to your living spaces, making them more fun and exciting. 

The company has, however, not drifted away much from its original base and still makes furniture pieces that are contemporary, comfortable, and timeless. You will have to look hard to find furniture that could top off Cherwell’s pieces. It has a loyal following, and its customers don’t seem to get enough of them.

Last line

That sums up things from our side. Now, it’s up to you to decide which company you would like to hire to construct your new house, redo your office, or make structural changes to your house’s façade. The competition is tough as all these companies excel in their respective professions, and it is hard to make a choice. Best of luck making the correct selection. We wish you all the best in building your dream home or giving it the magical makeover you are hoping for. Have fun in the process.

Saleema Ramziyah
Saleema Ramziyah
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