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Salik Recharge: How to Recharge Your Salik Account

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Salik is an automatic system of toll collection in Dubai, introduced in 2007 by RTA in an effort to reduce traffic congestion across roads. The Rechargeable Salik tags are installed on the vehicles, which are scanned at toll stations, and the toll amount is deducted automatically. This reduces the need to stay in long lines, ensuring a smoother traffic flow on different roads and bridges in Dubai. 

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, it’s important to recharge your Salik tags in a timely manner to ensure that you have enough toll Credit for your road journey. In this blog, Burj Diary guide you about different methods of Salik Recharge so that you can top-up your Salik accounts easily and enjoy a hassle-free commute in the city whenever you want. 

How to Do Salik Recharge Methods 

How to Do Salik Recharge Methods 

To make the recharging process more accessible for the citizens, Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority has introduced several online and offline methods of Salik Top-Ups. The offline ways include SMS, Calls, Kiosks/ATMs, and Banks, while the online methods involve using the Salik website and mobile Apps. 

The payment procedure for top-ups differs in various methods. You can use either a Recharge Card of Salik or pay through online card transactions and cash as applicable. However, in case of recharge through online payment, you must enter your desired top-up amount in multiple of 50. 

What is a Salik Recharge Card? 

It’s a scratchable card containing a 12-digit recharge number that is used to top-up Salik Accounts with different amounts. These cards come in different prices, including 50AED, 100AED, and 200AED, which are available to purchase at various shops in Dubai, just like regular mobile recharge cards. It’s the most common way of crediting Salik accounts in Dubai. 

Let’s now explore the different offline and online recharge methods for Salik one by one. 

Recharging Salik Accounts: Online Methods 

Residents can recharge their Salik Accounts online through the website and apps as follows: 

Through Salik Website:

Recharge Through Salik Website

You can add credit to your Salik account through the official Salik website by either using online Credit or debit card payment or the recharge card number as follows: 

Salik Website Recharge Using Online Payment:

  1. Open the online RTA Salik Portal
  2. Log in using your account credentials 
  3. Navigate to the Salik Services Section and click on the Recharge a Salik Account option
  4. Choose the online payment method
  5. Give your account details, including phone number, country, and other information. 
  6. Choose your top-up amount and press the next button 
  7. Add your card details and hit submit 
  8. Once payment is confirmed, the mentioned balance will appear in your Salik Account. 

Salik Website Recharge Using Recharge Card Number:

  1. Go to the Salik online recharge portal and log in 
  2. Choose the option of Recharge Number as the recharging method 
  3. Fill in your account details, including your phone number, country, emirate state, car category, vehicle plate code, and number
  4. Write your 12-digit recharge number and press the red recharge button 
  5. Your Salik account will be recharged, and a success notification will appear on the screen

Through Salik Smart App: 

Recharge Through Salik Smart App

Similar to the Salik website, people can also use either online payment or a Salik recharge card to top up their accounts using the Salik App. Here’s how. 

Salik App Recharge Through Online Payment:

  1. Install the Salik App on your phone

2. Sign up or Login by using your Salik account ID & Password

3. Press the recharge now button on the home page 

4. Select your recharge method as an online payment 

5. Write the recharge amount

6. Fill in your credit/debit card details and hit done 

After all above steps Your account will be topped up, and a confirmation message will pop up on the screen 

Salik App Recharge Through Card Number:

  1. Download, sign up, and log in to the app as described above
  2. Go to the recharge tab and select the “Recharge Number” option as the top-up method
  3. Add recharge number. You can write the number manually or scan it through a mobile camera 
  4. A payment confirmation notification will appear on the screen after the recharge is successful

Through the RTA Dubai Drive App

Through the RTA Dubai Drive App

  1. Download the RTA Dubai Drive Application from the Play Store or App Store
  2. Open the app and select language Arabic or English; you’ll be entered into the app as a guest.
  3. Click on the Salik option from the homepage services; you’ll be asked to add your RTA Account’s login details to proceed further. 
  4. Once logged in, enter your Salik Account Number and Pin and click the view balance button. You’ll see your Salik balance details on the screen, along with other options.
  5. Select your preferred Salik recharge method, online payment, or recharge number. 
  6. Fill in the required details (debit/credit card details or the recharge card number)
  7. After confirming, your account will be topped up, and the notification of a successful transaction will appear. 

Through the Dubai Now App

Through the Dubai Now App

Providing over 130 government and city services (Driving, Residency, Health, Travel, Mobile, Bills, and many more) in a single platform, the Dubai Now Smart App can also be used for online Salik Recharge purposes. Here’s how: 

  1. Download and install the Dubai Now Application from Playstore or Apple Store
  2. Sign up using email and other required details 
  3. Open the Salik Services Section and enter your Salik Account details 
  4. Pick the top-up method by recharge number or online payment 
  5. Fill in debit/credit card details or write the recharge card number as applicable and submit

After a few seconds, a confirmation notification of transaction success will show 

Recharging Salik Accounts: Offline Methods

You can top-up your Salik account in Dubai offline through any method below. 

Through Call 

Recharge Through Call 

A quick way of doing a Salik recharge offline is by dialing a phone call to the 24/7 available Salik helpline and using a recharge card as follows:

  1. Buy a recharge card and scratch the film on the recharge number present on the back side of the card 
  2. Dial the Salik Helpline Number: 80072545
  3. Pick the language of your choice 
  4. Follow the directions given by the automated call system to enter the card recharge number. Make sure to write the complete 12-digit number. 
  5. Once details are entered, a confirmation message will be sent to you, including your updated Salik Balance details. 

Through Message

recharge Through Message

Salik Accounts can also be credited through SMS, but a service charge of 30 fils applies. 

  1. Get the Salik recharge number by scratching the card film 
  2. Open the messaging app on your phone and type the message as follows 

Write R, give space, write 12-digit recharge number, give space, write your Salik account number, give space, and write your Salik Pin 

For example: (R 123456786525 Salik Account Number Salik Pin)

3. Send the typed text to 5959

Once recharged, you’ll get a confirmation message in reply with your updated balance amount. 

Through Kiosks

recharge Through Kiosks

Several kiosk machines are also available at different locations in Dubai to help individuals top up their Salik accounts using self-service. Here’s how you can use these machines. 

  1. Login on the Kiosk Machine Screen by entering your email and password 
  2. Press the Recharge Option on the Screen 
  3. Select your top-up amount and pay it in cash 
  4. After a few seconds, your Salik account will be recharged successfully  

Where to Find a Salik Kiosk?

Where to Find a Salik Kiosk?

Salik Kiosks are currently installed at six different places in Dubai. These areas include 

  • Al Barsha
  • Diera
  • Al kifaf
  • Al Tower
  • Al Aweer
  • Umm Ramool

You can use the RTA Smart Drive App to locate the exact addresses of these kiosks. 

Through Banks

Recharge Through Banks

Several Banks in Dubai also provide Salik recharge services to the public. You can visit any of these affiliated bank branches and get your accounts recharged through different channels, including ATMs, Kiosks, and Cash Deposit Machines. Alternatively, you can use their Mobile Banking, IVR, and website services. However, note that the top-up channels offered may be different in different banks.

For example, some banks have Salike kiosk machines installed like Dubai Islamic Bank, while some offer recharges through ATMs and Mobile Banking like Emirates NBD and RAKBANK. Therefore, confirming from the bank what recharging channels they offer is advisable to avoid inconvenience. Following is a list of a few banks that provide recharge services for Salik accounts to the general public in Dubai. 

1Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
2Dubai Islamic Bank
3First Abu Dhabi Bank
4Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
5Ajman Bank
6Mashreq Bank
7Emirates NBD
8United Arab Bank
9Citi Bank
10Commercial Bank of Dubai
11Sharjah Islamic Bank
12RAK Bank
13Al Hilal Bank
14Standard Chartered
15Barclays Bank

Salik Recharge Limit

Salik Recharge Limit

Your Salik Accounts can be topped up with a maximum of 50,000 AED. The minimum top-up amount for each transaction is 50 AED

Salik Fines, If Not Recharged on Time

In case you don’t recharge your Salik Accounts timely, you can be subjected to certain fines. 

You must recharge your Salik Credit within five days from the last date you used the Salik Tollgate. If delayed, you’ll be subjected to a fine of 50 AED per day. 

Similarly, if your Salik account is found empty at the toll stations, you’ll have to pay a 50 AED fine.  

Salik Balance Check 

Salik Balance Check 

To avoid the fines, it’s imperative to keep a check on your Salik Card balance all the time. There are several ways in which you can check the available balance in your Salik Account. 

  • Online: You can use the online Salik website, Salik App, Dubai Now App, or RTA Dubai Drive App to view your Salik balance anytime. Just log in using your account details, and you’ll be able to see your available Balance under the Salik services tab. 
  • Offline: You can also call the Salik customer helpline at 80072545 and check the balance amount by following the instructions on the call. 


How to do Salik Recharge Online? 

You can credit your Salik accounts via online payment or recharge card number directly through the RTA’s Salik App and Website or by using other relevant applications, including the Dubai Now App and RTA Dubai Drive, as explained above. 

What’s the helpline number of Salik for balance recharge? 

Salik has a dedicated toll-free number, 80072545, which you can call 24/7 to get your tags recharged. 

Where can I purchase a Salik Recharged Card? 

These cards are available to purchase at several petrol stations across Dubai. 

How does Salik Tag work at Toll Stations? 

These tags are based on the RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology. When you pass through the toll gate with the Salik tag or sticker attached to your windshield, it’s scanned, and the toll fee is deducted automatically from your available balance. 

How do I get a Dubai Salik Tag? 

You can buy it online through the Salik website or purchase it from the approved retail outlets at different petrol pumps in Dubai, such as EPPCO, ADNOC, and Emarat. You must provide your vehicle registration card and a running phone number to purchase the tag. 

What’s the price of a Salik Tag in Dubai? 

The tag cost for online buying is 120 AED, which includes a 20AED delivery fee, 50AED tag cost, and 50AED credit amount. For offline purchasing, the Salik tag costs only 100AED and doesn’t include any delivery cost. 

How much fee is charged from my Salik Account when I pass through the toll gate?

An amount of 4AED is charged every time you pass through any of the 8 Salik toll gates in Dubai. 


The Rechargeable Salik tags offer a quick and efficient way of toll fee collection at different toll gates in Dubai. Users can perform Salik recharge in Dubai by online top-ups through the Salik App, Salik Website, Dubai Now, and RTA Dubai Drive App or by offline recharge through Salik helpline calls, SMS, kiosks, ATMs, CDMs and Banks. Recharge your Salik tags today by following our above step-by-step guide and enjoy seamless and smooth traveling across different parts of the city.

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