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Indian Passport Renewal in Dubai: The Essential Guide

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Dubai is home to some 3.5 million Indians. Percentage-wise, it is the largest immigrant Indian community living anywhere outside of India, making up approximately 30% of the total population of the UAE. So, to facilitate them, the UAE government, with the Consulate General of India, introduced the system of Indian passport renewal in Dubai. And in this blog, we will tell you all about that process.

The passport renewal is done by the Indian government and the Embassy of India in the UAE; the process that we will share here involves collecting the passports from Indian expats for renewal purposes and then delivering them the new passport. Let’s begin now.

What is Meant by Passport Renewal?

Usually, the Indian government issues passports for ten years, except for minors. The passport is supposed to be renewed before that term expires. Generally, people apply for renewal when the passport is set to expire in a few months.

If you have lost or damaged your passport, renewal is imminent.

What is the Significance of Passport Renewal?

Passport renewal is essential as it affects your residency status in the UAE. You will require an updated and valid passport for different reasons. It and your Emirates ID are two of the most crucial documents you need to move around freely and conduct daily business.

Sometimes, when you want to apply for a new visa for a more extended stay in another country, that country may also require a passport with a longer validity. So, again, you need to renew your passport.

Indian Passport Renewal in Dubai:

The passport renewal system in Dubai is straightforward and does not require much effort. Here’s what you need to do to renew your passport in Dubai.

Fill Out the Online Application Form:

Visit the online application form by going to the BLS International website; it is an outsourcing agency that will collect your passport and deposit it with the Indian consulate in Dubai or onward passport renewal process. You can also fill in this application form in person when you visit the BLS International office or have someone else fill it out if you need help.

Visit The Nearest BLS International office:

The next step is to visit the BLS International service center that is closest to you. You can find this information by visiting the BLS portal. We have also provided a list of those centers in this blog. Here’s what you need to do once you are at a BLS International service center.

  • Acquire a token and wait for your turn
  • When your token number is called, deposit the renewal application
  • You will need to submit two documents with your application
  • Personal particulars form
  • Copy of your Emirates ID
  • Clear copy of your old passport
  • 2 photos measuring 51x51mm with a white background
  • Under particular circumstances, there may be other documents that you may be asked to submit, such as an affidavit, an offer letter, An NOC, or a sponsorship letter, among others. It depends on your circumstance and situation, and the officer on duty will guide you 
  • These may be required for any changes or amendments to your renewed passport, like a change of marital status, spouse name, address, residency status in the UAE, and any other details
  • You will also pay the renewal fee. We have provided the list of renewal charges in this blog

Submit all the documents in person at the service center in the presence of a submission officer. Collect the receipt and head back home. You can check the status of your application online by going to the BLS International’s portal.

Documents Required for a Minor’s Passport Renewal:

For minors, the documents needed for passport renewal include copies of passports and Emirates IDs of both parents, along with the passport and Emirates ID of the minor.

Processing Time of the Indian Passport Renewal in Dubai:

It usually takes 5 business days to get the passport renewed. If you have some urgency, you can opt for an emergency service (Taktal), where you will get the passport delivered in two business days upon paying a higher fee.

Passport Renewal Premium Service:

BLS International also has a premium service for receiving your passport renewal application. You will have to pay extra to avail this service. It eliminates the waiting time, and you are dealt with in a premium lounge with zero waiting time. You need to book an online appointment for this service. The premium lounge is not available at all the BLS service centers. Check its website or ask the helpline for their details. The service charges are AED 236 for this service.

Passport Renewal Fees:

The following is the table of the passport renewal fees

Normal Indian Passport Renewal Adults (36-page booklet) AED 285
Adults (60-page booklet) AED 380
Minors AED 316
Taktal Renewal Service Adults (36-page booklet) AED 855
Adults (60-page booklet) AED 950
Minors AED 886


Kindly get these charges confirmed from either the Consulate General of India’s website or the BLS International’s helpline or website as they may be revised without prior notice.  

BLS International’s Service Centers in Dubai:

Dubai (Premium Lounge) 507, Habib Bank AG Zurich Al Jawarah Building, Bank Street, Next to ADCB Bank, Bur Dubai.

(Applicant can book an appointment here or by calling 04-3875777)

Tel: 043875777
Email: info@blsindiavisa-uae.com

Center Timing: 9 AM – 6 PM

Lunch break: 1-2pm
Form Filling, Photograph & Photocopy services are available at all BLS centers. Applicant to wear dark clothes for photograph as per mission requirement.

Regular Center Unit no 118 -119, Mezzanine floor Al Khaleej Center, Opposite Al Ain Center, Mankhool Road, Bur Dubai (Passport and Visa Section)

Center Timing: 09am – 6pmLunch break: 1pm – 2 pm
Form Filling, Photograph & Photocopy services are available at all BLS centers. Applicant to wear dark clothes for photograph as per mission requirement
Regular Centre Shop No# 13, Ground Floor, Zeenah Building, Same building of Budget Rent a Car, Opposite to Deira City Center P3 Parking, Deira, Dubai.
Tel: 043875777
Center Timing: 8 AM – 5 PM

Lunch break: 12-1 PM
Form Filling, Photograph & Photocopy services are available at all BLS centers. Applicant to wear dark clothes for photograph as per mission requirement.

Regular Centre 201, 2nd Floor,
Choithrams Dubai Tower, Baniyas Square,
Deira, Dubai.Center Timing: 8 AM – 5 PMLunch break: 12-1 PM
Form Filling, Photograph & Photocopy services are available at all BLS centers. Applicant to wear dark clothes for photograph as per mission requirement.


Get Your Indian Passport Renewal in Dubai on Time:

There you have it; we have explained the entire process of renewing your Indian passport in Dubai. As you must have gathered, the process is easy to follow. You need to have the requisite documents and deposit them with the fee, which is what you want for it. We hope you will have a smooth time with your passport renewal in Dubai.


Q: What is the helpline of the BLS Center in Dubai?

A: You can contact BLS at +97143875777 in Dubai.

Q: Can I renew my Indian passport even if it has expired?

A: Yes, you can, even if it has already expired.

Q: What are the BLS call center timings?

A: We have provided the timings in the table above in the blog. The timings are 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, with breaks in between.

Q: What are the requirements for Indian passport renewal in Dubai?

A: You need to be an Indian citizen, a resident of Dubai, or hold a valid visa, a copy of your Indian passport, Emirates ID, or any other identity proof like a driver’s license and proof of residence.

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