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Abu Dhabi Traffic Fine Check 2024: Complete guide

Last updated on January 1st, 2024 at 10:33 am

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Abu Dhabi is the capital emirate of the UAE, known for its robust infrastructure and bustling roads. Similar to other states, the city upholds strict traffic regulations whose violations can result in certain penalties. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, staying informed about the incurring traffic fines is imperative to maintain a clean driving record. If not paid on time, the fines amounts can escalate, leading to vehicle confiscation and other legal complications. 

Luckily, the Abu Dhabi government has introduced several easy methods for citizens to monitor and pay their traffic fines online. This blog will walk you through these Abu Dhabi traffic fine check methods in simple steps so that you can view and settle your fines with ease whenever needed.  

Abu Dhabi Traffic Fine Check Online:

Abu Dhabi Traffic Fine Check Online

There are different online platforms regulated by RTA and the Abu Dhabi Government which you can use to check and pay your traffic fines online in Abu Dhabi using your Emirates ID or Traffic File Number/Plate/License Number. These include 

  • Abu Dhabi Police Website and App
  • TAMM Website and App
  • Ministry of Interior Website and App
  • Emirates Vehicle Gate site 

Let’s explore the procedure to monitor your road fines using these platforms one by one.

Using the Abu Dhabi Police Website and App

Abu Dhabi Police Website:

Abu Dhabi Police Website

The Abu Dhabi police website is now incorporated with the newly launched TAMM website to help citizens easily access their online fine details. Here’s how you can check your traffic fines using the Abu Dhabi Police website. 

  • Go to the official site of Abu Dhabi Police
  • Navigate to the Public Services section on the home page and click on the Traffic fine inquiry tab under it. It will direct you to the official Tamm site
  • Scroll down and Click on the Sign-in to Start button at the bottom, and use your UAE pass ID to log in
  • Search for your traffic fines using your preferred search option. It can be your Emirates ID, Traffic File Number, Plat or License Information
  • Fill in relevant details and the captcha, and press Next
  • Details of traffic fines on your vehicle will appear on the screen 
  • If you want to make a fine payment, hit the Pay Now tab, add your debit/credit card details and confirm the payment 
  • After the amount is deducted, you’ll receive a success notification along with a receipt 

Abu Dhabi Police App: 

Abu Dhabi Police App

  1. Install the Abu Dhabi Police App on your phone from the Play Store or App Store
  2. Register your account and Log in. Or Sign in Using your UAE Pass Account

To Register an Account as a New User:

  • Open the app and click on the Create a new account option
  • Enter your Emirates ID and phone details, and submit the OTP 
  • Write your user details, including username, email and password and hit the register button
  • Your account will be created, and you can now log in using your registered ID 

If you use UAE Pass, there’s no need to register and enter all details manually.

  1. After logging in, your total traffic fine will appear in a red box on the home page
  2. Click on the box to view details of individual traffic fines
  3. For payment, choose the fine you want to pay, and go to the pay now button 
  4. Fill in the information of your debit/credit card and submit
  5. The fine will be paid, and the successful notification with the receipt will appear after a few seconds

Using TAMM Website and App

TAMM is a recently launched Abu Dhabi Government Services platform which allows residents to digitally access and use all government services at one stop. So, you can also use this site to view traffic fines on your vehicle. 

TAMM Website:

TAMM Website

The procedure to check traffic fines on the TAMM site is almost the same as for the Abu Dhabi Police site because both of these platforms are merged now for simpler operations. The only difference is here, you go directly to the TAMM site instead of the Abu Dhabi Police Site. 

  1. Open the official TAMM Abu Dhabi portal
  2. Search for Traffic Fines Payment Service on the home page and open it.
  3. Scroll down on the Traffic Fines Payment Page, and sign in with UAE Pass 
  4. You can search for fines by entering your Emirates ID, vehicle, or plate number. Choose any option as your preference and fill in the information
  5. The traffic fines on your vehicle will be displayed on search results 
  6. Follow the payment instructions to settle your fines through online transactions

TAMM App: 


  • Download and install the TAMM Abu Dhabi Government App from Playstore or Apple
  • Open the App and click on Continue as a guest 
  • Click on View all services on the home page and go to the Traffic Fines Payment option under the Payments section 
  • Press Start and use your UAE Pass ID to sign in 
  • Select your preferred traffic fine inquiry method from the given options and fill in the relevant details. The easiest way is to use Emirates ID because it’s linked with your traffic files and vehicles
  • The relevant traffic fines will appear in the results, which you can pay online by entering your debit or credit card details, as explained earlier

Using the Ministry of Interior Website and App

Another great option to view your vehicle fines in Abu Dhabi is by using the official Ministry of Interior (MOI) UAE Website and app. It’s also helpful for fine inquiry of other emirates, such as Ajman traffic fine check.

MOI Website: 

MOI Website

  1. Go to the official Ministry of Interior portal
  2. Navigate to the E-services section on the home page and enter the traffic and licensing section
  3. You’ll see a payment of traffic fines option with the start button on the traffic and licensing page. Press it 
  4. You’ll be asked to sign in through UAE Pass. After that, you can find traffic fines by using your Emirates ID the number of your traffic file, license or vehicle
  5. After filling in the details and the captcha, any present traffic fines on your profile will be displayed
  6. You can pay the fines by going to the payment section and entering your card credentials

MOI App: 


  • Once logged in, you’ll see your traffic fines appearing in a box on the home screen. Click on it
  • Press the view fines button, and the list of all your road fines will appear
  • Choose the fine you want to pay and press the pay button
  • You’ll be directed to the MOI Payment gateway, where you can clear your fines online by entering your card details

Using the Emirates Vehicle Gate Website

Using the Emirates Vehicle Gate Website

If you’re looking for a quick method to know traffic fines without needing to log in, then you can also use Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG). This portal has been introduced explicitly for drivers in UAE to help them access their vehicle, license and fines-related information online in a simpler way. 

  1. Visit the official EVG portal
  2. Open the Pay Traffic Fines button from the home page
  3. You can use your plate, license, or traffic code number to see your fines immediately. Enter related details, tick the captcha and press the search 
  4. If there are any fines on your vehicle, they will appear on the screen after loading. You can view details of fine amounts, but you must log in if you want to pay the resulting fine online 

How to do Abu Dhabi Traffic Fine Check Offline: 

If you find navigating electronic methods of fine checking difficult, you can also opt for offline ways to know any outstanding fines on your motor vehicles in person. These include visiting the customer service centre of TAMM or using the self-operating Kiosk Booths.

Method 1: TAMM Service Centers

TAMM Service Centers

TAMM Abu Dhabi has a number of customer service centres spread across the city to guide locals about different government services and help them resolve any issues relevant to these services. You can visit a nearby TAMM centre and get information on your traffic fines from the staff present there. However, remember to take your Emirates ID and license/vehicle/traffic file with you. Fines payments can also be made at these centres. 

The information on the locations of TAMM service centres in Abu Dhabi and their operating timings can be found Here

Method 2: Sahl Kiosks

Sahl Kiosks

Another Alternative is to use Sahl Kiosks, which are self-service machine booths installed at 33 different locations in Abu Dhabi. You just have to go to a nearby kiosk and enter your Emirates ID in the machine. The screen will show you different vehicles registered under your name and the different e-services options. You can choose traffic fines inquiry and payment service to find and pay any pending fine amounts in your name. 

The Sahl Kiosks are located either at TAMM service centres or ADNOC fuel stations in Abu Dhabi. You can find their exact locations on the Abu Dhabi Police App. 

That sums up our list of different ways to check traffic fines in Abu Dhabi. 

FAQS – Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines

FAQS - Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines

Can I check my traffic fine using my Emirates ID? 

Yes, since all your traffic files are linked with Emirates ID, you can inquire about any road fines in Abu Dhabi by entering your Emirates ID number. 

How can I check the traffic fines in Abu Dhabi online? 

You can perform Abu Dhabi Traffic Fine Check online by using any of the four online platforms (Abu Dhabi Police, TAMM, MOI, EVG), as explained above. 

Can you pay traffic fines in Abu Dhabi Online? 

Yes, you can settle all kinds of road fines through online transactions on the Ministry of Interior and TAMM website. You can also use the Abu Dhabi police website and App and the Emirates Vehicle Gate portal to clear your traffic fines.

Having pending traffic fines can negatively impact your driving records and can also lead to cars being seized by the authorities. Fortunately, there are several online and offline Abu Dhabi traffic fine check platforms, including Abu Dhabi Police, TAMM, MOI, EVG, Sahl Kiosks and TAMM Service centres, which citizens can utilize to keep track of their vehicle fines and ensure their timely payments. You can select any of these sites at your convenience and inquire about all road fines anytime by simply using your Emirates ID, license or vehicle numbers. 

Final Words

We’ve tried to cover all the information in easy steps for your understanding. We hope you find it helpful for your future traffic fine inquiries in Abu Dhabi. 


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