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Ratibi Card Salary Check Online: How to Check Ratibi Balance

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Are you new to ratibi cards and wondering how to see whether your salary is credited or not? If yes, then worry no more. In this blog, Burj Diary will walk you through the quick method of Ratibi card salary check online along with other crucial Ratibi card details so that you can easily obtain your salary information at any time you want. 


Before we get into the salary checking method, let’s discuss what ratibi cards are.

Ratibi cards are the smart salary cards introduced by First Abu Dhabi Bank in UAE, which help employees receive their monthly salaries from companies in a convenient way. These are prepaid cards in which workers get their salary amounts transferred, which they can check or access any time they want.

The primary purpose behind these cards is to streamline the salary payment process in UAE’s private sector and to provide convenience to employers and workers. Employees with a salary amount of 5000AED or more are eligible to receive ratibi cards without the compulsion to open a bank account. 

How to Perform Ratibi Card Salary Check Online

How to Perform Ratibi Card Salary Check Online

Here’s how you can check your salaries online using Ratibi cards in simple steps. 

 Step 1: Open the PPC inquiry portal of FAB 

Step 2: Write the last two digits of your ratibi card number in the first box 

Step 3: Write your Card ID number in the second box and press the Go option 

Step 4: View your salary amount

Your ratibi balance details will appear on the screen, which you can view to check whether your salary has been transferred or not. You can also see your transaction history, showing where your money has been spent in the last few days from your Ratibi card. Except Ratibi if you are a FAB user and want to know your account balance then you can visit our detailed guide on how to check your fab balance.

Note that you must get your Ratibi card activated before checking its balance online. It can be done by following the activation process using the FAB website or FAB mobile app. You can also do this by going to an ATM and setting up your card pin. 

How to Perform Ratibi Card Salary Check Offline

How to Perform Ratibi Card Salary Check Offline 

Another alternative way to check salary in Ratibi cards is by going to a nearby FAB ATM. These machines show your current balance, which also represents your salary amount. Here’s how you can do it. 

Step 1: Go to FAB ATM located close to your area 

Step 2: Insert your Ratibi card into the machine

Step 3: Enter your PIN Code 

Step 4: You’ll see different menu options on the ATM screen. Go to the balance details tab and click on it. Your account balance/salary amount will appear. 

Other Information of Ratibi Cards: 

Ratibi Card – Benefits

Ratibi Card - Benefits

In addition to offering easy online salary checking, Ratibi cards provide a number of other advantages to the users, as follows: 

  • You get free SMS alerts whenever your salary is credited 
  • Employees can use Ratibi cards for direct payments at stores and online and can also use them at ATMs to withdraw cash for various purposes, just like regular debit cards. 
  • Ratibi cards can also be used with different Visa or Master Card Networks all around the world.  
  • A 24/7 customer support is present to assist Ratibi cardholders through calls. 
  • People owning ratibi cards can also set their card pins using FAB ATMS
  • All ratibi cards comply with the wage protection system guideline of the UAE government, making them a safe choice to receive and spend your salaries 

Ratibi Card – Features

Ratibi Card – Features

Ratibi cards also have several impressive features that further benefit the employees in different aspects. 

  • All Ratibi cardholders get personal accident insurance for free 
  • There’s no requirement to maintain a minimum balance in the account, so cardholders won’t have to worry about having a specific available amount all the time 
  • Unlike other cards, there are no monthly charges for using Ratibi cards, and employees can use them for free
  • Employees don’t need to have a bank account to receive Ratibi cards, which makes them easily accessible to workers 
  • Ratibi cards ensure safe transactions, and employees can track their transaction data anytime using the online ratibi card salary check process 
  • The cards can be used at the largest ATM network of FAB all around the week at any time 
  • Employees get their salaries credited automatically every month, which ensures timely wage payments 
  • Ratibi cards also eliminate the need to carry salary in cash as they can be used for making direct payments at all in-person and online stores in the UAE 

How to Get Ratibi Cards: Eligibility and Application

How to Get Ratibi Cards: Eligibility and Application

In order to get ratibi cards, both employees and employers have to meet certain eligibility requirements first. So, if you want to apply for a Ratibi card, you must first complete the following criteria. 

  • Your employer company must have a corporate account with FAB, as First Abu Dhabi Bank issues these cards
  • An employee applying for the card must be a UAE resident. This means if you are a foreign employee in UAE, you cannot get this card unless you obtain the UAE residency status 
  • Employees must provide complete and updated details about themselves in the Know Your Customer (KYC) section 

If you meet these requirements, then you can file your application for a ratibi card in the following steps: 

  1. Fill out the relevant Ratibi application form and the employee details sheet with accurate information
  2. Fill out the ibanking application form for requesting access to the online card management portal
  3. You can find the abovementioned forms online at the FAB’s official site
  4. Submit your completed application forms to nearby FAB branches.  

Ratibi Card Salary Check: FAQS 

Ratibi Card Salary Check: FAQS 

How do I check my salary on the Ratibi card online? 

You can perform your Ratibi card salary check on the FAB website using its PPC inquiry portal, as explained above. 

Can I use my Ratibi card for online transactions? 

Yes, you can do online shopping and other transactions using your Ratibi cards. 

Is it possible to deposit personal cash in Ratibi cards? 

Ratibi cards are prepaid and designated for receiving salaries only, which your employers deposit. So you cannot deposit any other amount by yourself. 

Can I pay bills using Ratibi cards?

Yes, ratibi cards are accepted for all online and offline transactions in UAE, including your bill payment. 

How can I apply for a ratibi card?

You can get the Ratibi card by filling out online forms and submitting the application at FAB bank after meeting the eligibility criteria as explained above. 

Summing up


Ratibi cards not only allow quick salary payments but also offer several other advantages to employees, including easy online and offline transactions all across the UAE and even in other countries. The online FAB PPC portal has made the Ratibi card salary check process much easier. You can check your ratibi balance and ratibi salary anytime through this portal by following the steps mentioned earlier. If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below. 

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