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Check Who Called Me From This Number UAE With These 15 Tools

Last updated on January 22nd, 2024 at 07:12 pm

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Is your phone ringing with an unknown number again? Are you wondering who called me from this number UAE? If yes, then keep reading because this blog by Burj Diary has got all the answers for you. 

Getting unknown calls is a situation that we encounter frequently in our daily lives. Very often, you get such calls from your relatives, friends or colleagues when they try to reach out to you using new numbers or various telemarketers approaching you to sell certain products.

Although apparently harmless, receiving mysterious calls can make you vulnerable to various spam and fraud incidents. It’s because many scammers now use fake calls to get your personal details in an attempt to target your financial accounts. Therefore, taking measures to recognize calls from certain unseen numbers is crucial. 

Luckily, there are many methods available that allow people to view the details of mysterious calls, including the caller’s name and location. In this article, we’ll explore a few of these procedures in detail so that you can easily track all the contact information the next time an unknown person tries to call you in the UAE. 

Methods to Check Who Called Me From This Number UAE

You can track mysterious calls in the UAE by using your phone history, online search or by getting in touch with your phone company. However, the most popular and efficient way of tracing unknown callers is through reverse phone lookup services, so we’ll start with that and then discuss the remaining afterwards.  

Reverse Phone Look Ups


These are online tools and apps that help individuals identify the number owners’ details by entering their phone numbers. That means you just have to write in the contact number, and these services will show you all present details associated with that number, including their name, address and other relevant data.

The following are some of our top picks for reverse phone lookup services in the UAE that you can use quickly to track any mysterious calls and identify who called me from this number UAE. Remember that you may need VPN access to use some of these because of their restricted access in the UAE. 


Spokeo is among the UAE’s most trusted and efficient platforms for tracking unknown callers. You can use their free website or Android App to do a reverse phone lookup by entering the relevant phone number. What’s best about Spokeo is that it enables you to search for people by using their names, emails and even home addresses.

With its immense database including records of over 6 billion consumers, you can get comprehensive information associated with a number, including the owners’ personal data, contact, location and even details about his social accounts, property assets and family members if present. It’s not currently available for iOS phones, so Apple users can use this service by opening their website directly. 

Truth Finder: 

Truth Finder is another excellent choice to access information on unfamiliar phone calls. The platform contains a huge amount of public data, which makes it a reliable option to find out about annoying callers and get answers on who called me from this number UAE. It’s cost-free and very simple to use. You just have to write the number by going to their website and click search, after which all related information, including the criminal history and social media profiles, will be displayed on the screen.

What sets it apart is its ability to save users’ history, where people can review their previous searches easily whenever they want. You can even use their dark web scanner feature to see if someone is selling your personal data illegally. The Truth Finder Mobile app is also available on iOS and Android to enable easy searches on phones. You can use them for free or buy their premium monthly plan for more enhanced searches. 

Coco Finder: 

Coco Finder uses a large set of public data that is already available to find out information on unknown numbers in the UAE. Similar to other tools, you can trace anyone by entering their phone number or address using their website. You can also do reverse address lookup and find out data of specific corporate numbers. However, it offers limited details in the free version, and you may have to pay a certain amount to access detailed reports on business contacts. It is active in all seven emirates. The only downside is that it doesn’t always work due to restricted access in some areas. 

Num Lookup: 

With Num Lookup, users can uncover the identities of all anonymous calls in the UAE for free. What makes it invaluable is its ability to search numbers without using area codes. That means you can find out details on various contacts even if you don’t know about the relevant prefix. That’s why it’s a popular reverse phone lookup choice for many businesses and organizations. 

So, if you wish to locate who called me from this number UAE but don’t have the full contact number, try visiting the Num Lookup website, and their extensive database will tell you about the number owner with an instant search. 

True Caller: 

True Caller is a globally famous tool for tracking spam calls, working smoothly all across the world, including the UAE. It helps users identify incoming calls worldwide by displaying the caller ID on the screen. That means once you have installed and registered their app, you’ll automatically start seeing the ID details whenever some new person calls you. You can find information on any unknown number with different country codes by searching it at their website or by using the True Caller mobile app.  

In addition to number tracing, you can block troubling contacts and recognize frequently used spam numbers with their spam notification feature. The only concern is that it requires VPN access to work seamlessly in the UAE. Therefore if you reside in the UAE, you’ll have to use a VPN to get True Caller installed on your phone. 

Reveal Name:

Allowing free web searches, Reveal Name is among the top reverse phone lookup services you can use to find who called me from this number UAE. It’s a versatile tool that enables individuals to look up unfamiliar callers using their first or last names and phone numbers. You can track anonymous calls from different origins because of its ability to identify unlisted and international numbers as well. The tool itself is very simple to use and gives you all the required details within seconds. 

Just open their website, choose your country code (+971 for UAE), write the number you want to search and then press the name lookup button. The name and location associated with the number will appear in no time. It’s available to use in UAE for free, so you won’t need any VPN for it. However there are no mobile apps for Reveal Name so you can use this service via the website only. 

Sync Me: 

Sync Me is also among the famous reverse phone number lookup tools in the UAE that is a must-try. You can easily identify the person calling you from any part of the world by entering the phone number or name. There are also special filters which you can use to categorize your searches. For example, you can filter searches by gender or age. It’s also free and available on both their website and mobile apps. Users can block phone calls and messages and find out the names and even the pictures of unknown callers while using the Sync Me app on phones. However, you must be signed in to unblock certain contacts afterwards. 

Search yellow Directory: 

If you’re looking for a simple and effective online tool to identify who called me from this number UAE, then Search Yellow Directory is perfect for you. It gives search results based on popularity, allowing users to trace the active unknown callers by phone number or address. The additional sorting option for searches makes it more convenient for people to locate specific details as per their preferences. You can trace any number in the UAE by entering the country code with the number on their website. It’s a free service, and users can access all the information without registering or signing in. 

eMobile Tracker: 

With a database of over 230 countries, eMobile tracker is one of the UAE’s top reverse phone lookup services, allowing users to find details on unknown callers from all over the world. The use is very easy. Go to their website, enter the number to be searched with country code, and the results will show all related information on the number, including the owner’s name, location, country, time zone and even the telecom provider. It’s fast and accurate search results make it one of the most reliable option to identify who called me from this number UAE. 

Analyze Call History

Reviewing call history on your phone can also prove to be helpful in identifying unfamiliar callers sometimes. Go to your log records, and it will show you the time and date of each call along with the number. Analyze if you can identify the number pattern or code.

There are chances that you may be familiar with these patterns, which can lead to locating the person who called easily. For example, if someone calls you from a foreign country and you know the country code, you can make a guess that a certain person or relative might be trying to reach out to you. 

Search Online

Another effective way of finding who called me from this number UAE is using an internet search, because most phone numbers are already listed on the internet on various platforms. Go to search engines and type the relevant number. The results can lead you to online profiles, social media accounts and local directories containing that contact. Analyzing these platforms lets you quickly recognize to which person or business the relevant number belongs. 

Call Mobile Sim Provider

You can also reach out to your phone company to find out details on unfamiliar numbers. Since sim companies maintain records of all outgoing and incoming calls, they can give you insights into where a specific person is calling you from. However, accessing information using this method can be difficult because most companies have their privacy policies and don’t reveal any data about users to the general public. 

Call Back the Number Owner

It’s also possible to locate the calling person by contacting the unknown number through a message or call. It can be effective if some known person is trying to contact you from a different number. You can call them back and identify them by their voice. However, it’s not always recommended, and you have to be extremely cautious while engaging with suspicious callers. 

What If You Still Couldn’t Find The Unknown Calling Person?

If you’ve tried all the methods mentioned earlier and still didn’t find any details on the anonymous caller; it’s best to block that number. You can use your mobile’s built-in call-block feature or download any call-blocking app. 

Users in the UAE can also report spam calls to local authorities for further investigation. So, if you’re continuously getting unwanted spam calls, you can report it to the UAE Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA). They will evaluate the numbers to prevent you from any scams or frauds in future. 


How do I find who called me from this number UAE?

You can find out who is calling you from an unknown number by using any of the above-mentioned online reverse phone lookup services in the UAE. You can know their name, addresses, IDs, social media accounts and even criminal histories through these online directory tools. 

How to trace an unknown caller in UAE?

You can start tracing an anonymous calling person by searching their numbers online. Using reverse number lookup services can also assist you in tracking who called me from this number UAE. You can find these services for free online. Some smartphones may also have lookup features built into them. If nothing works, you can contact your phone company to learn details about problematic contacts. 

How to know if a number is spam or not?

Special spamming tools and apps can be downloaded online to identify spam calls. These tools will notify you if the incoming call is likely to be from a spam number whenever you get a call from a new number. 

Is reverse phone lookup free to use in the UAE?

Yes, most of the reverse number lookup tools are available to use for free in the UAE. Some of the best among them include Truth Finder, True Caller and Reveal Name. 

Is it legal to use reverse phone lookups in Dubai and the UAE?

Generally, it is legally allowed to utilize reverse number lookup services in the UAE and Dubai because they perform searches using publicly available data only. However, some of them might have limited access and require a VPN to function in the UAE. 

How to locate unknown numbers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai?

You can trace unknown numbers in all of the UAE, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, by using any of the reverse phone lookup tools listed above. 

Summing Up

While getting unknown calls can be scary sometimes, users can easily identify who called me from this number UAE by different methods. You can use a freely available reverse phone lookup tool online, do an internet search, analyze your phone logs or directly contact the caller or the phone company to know the name, location, ID and other relevant details on the anonymous callers in the UAE. Remember to be careful while performing such searches and always make sure to block and report any suspicious or spam numbers.

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