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Best Desert Safari Dubai Offers for 2024

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 01:40 pm

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Any trip to Dubai remains incomplete without experiencing the signature desert safari. It is a medley of different exhilarating activities presented in one package. Popular Dubai Desert Safari attractions may include dune bashing, quad-bike rides, sandboarding, dune buggy rides, overnight desert camping, camel & horse riding, photography, food, drinks, belly dancing, and other fun-filled activities. 

There are countless desert safari Dubai packages offered by different companies and as a tourist, it can be challenging to pick the right one. But worry not, as we have it all figured out for you. 

This piece presents what we think are the 3 best desert safari Dubai deals that offer true value for money. 

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3 Best Desert Safari Dubai Offers

Here are our picks of the three of the best desert safari Dubai offers. 

  1. Private Desert Safari BBQ Dinner
  2. Overnight desert camping
  3. VIP Desert Safari SUV 4×4 Car Home Pickup Service

Let’s explore them in detail to see what they entail.

Private Desert Safari BBQ Dinner

Dubai is an international tourism, trade, and aviation hub. Travelers from across the globe arrive here, and it can all get too crowded for comfort. This desert safari tour is designed with your privacy and exclusivity in mind. 

It provides personal time to spend with your loved ones in the golden-brown Dubai desert and is a unique attraction for honeymooners because of its private nature. Surrounded by miles of sand plains on all sides, there a vast range of activities to indulge in, ranging from dune bashing to sunset camel rides. 

One of the best things about the safari is that you can customize everything from menus to activities. Experience it and cherish the memories for the rest of your lives.

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Here is a table brief synopsis of this tour

CostAED 899 per person
Duration7 hours
ActivitiesStarters, drinks, 45 min dune bashing, sunset photography, sandboarding, camel riding, BBQ dinner, Fire & music show, Arabic belly dance show, henna tattoos, pictures with falcons, live fire shows and many others
Contact info050 2365266

Overnight Desert Camping

Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight as you enjoy this thrilling adventure in the Arabian desert. This desert safari Dubai offers a wholesome Bedouin experience of living in the desert but with a dash of luxury.

The tour includes an array of exciting activities, including camping in luxurious custom tents in the desert. Staying overnight in the desert is a novel experience—a mysterious silence envelopes the desert dunes, with only an occasional rustle of winds to break it. The stargazers are in for a treat as the sky is overcast, with them telling stories spanning our centuries to those willing to listen.

You can indulge in the usual fun and frolic with your loved ones over drinks, BBQ, traditional Arabic sweets, music, dance, and more. The tent is spacious enough for up to 16 persons, so it is an ideal outing for your extended family.

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CostFrom AED1979 to AED4049
ActivitiesHotel pick up and drop, Sandboarding, dune bashing, live BBQ, traditional buffet, camel riding, sheesha, walking night safari, star gazing, falcon experience, sunset photography, fire shows, breakfast, henna tattoo, plus others
Contact info+971 42748803

VIP Desert Safari SUV 4×4 Car Home Pickup Service:

This one is among the authentic VIP desert safari Dubai deals. It promises a fun-filled time for the entire family. Get picked up from your hotel or home in a luxury Land Cruiser and head straight to the dunes for a fantastic time. 

There is something for everyone here. Whether you are a single guy or a family man, it promises a jolly time for everyone. The service is deluxe and outclass; the operator ensures that your comfort and enjoyment take precedence over anything else.

From sumptuous food to souvenir shopping and experiencing Bedouin life in the Arabian desert. It will make you smile and unwind your body, mind, and soul. Book this tour now, as it often offers a discount, and enjoy a quality retreat under the sun away from the hustle of big cities. Enjoy this adventure with one of the best desert safari Dubai offers.

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CostAED 120-130 per person reduced from AED 180
Duration6-7 hours
ActivitiesHotel pick up and drop, Sandboarding, dune bashing, Veg and non-veg BBQ, camel riding, pictures with eagles, belly dance, sheesha, photography stops, unlimited water and soft drinks, henna designs, stickman show and fire show, among others
Contact info+971 52 5170968

Breathtaking Adventures Await You at Dubai’s Desert Safari:

If you think deserts are lifeless, harsh, and hostile, think again. Dubai Desert Safari will transform your perspective on deserts. You can do a whole lot of fun activities here. Hop on a camel and learn why it is called the ship of the desert, slide down a dune on a board, go on an exhilarating quad bike ride on the sands, and appreciate the unique flora and fauna of the desert. You will forever cherish the memories of your Dubai safari and be filled with awe, amazement, and admiration for the desert. 

Experience Bedouin Life First-hand:

Through Dubai Desert Safari, you can peek and imagine what living in a desert is like. The camps are a way to connect with the Bedouin people who have been living in deserts for centuries. Learn from them the way of life as they know it. Listen to their stories, understand their culture and values, see life through their eyes, and enjoy tasty traditional dishes while they serenade you with desert tales under the stars. It will be an enriching experience. 

Be Enchanted by the Desert Sunset:

It is hard to describe the beauty of a desert sunset. It is a sight to behold that is unparalleled in its beauty and charm. As the sun goes down, it starts changing to orange and pale shades of red. The changing hues are beautifully reflected on the golden-yellowish sands of the desert, and the atmosphere gets bathed in these colors. It creates a magical spectacle, and you feel as if you have been transformed into another place. It is truly mesmerizing. 

By the End, You Will Be a Changed Person:

Dubai Desert Safari is not just about food, drinks, dance, or camel rides. It is a time for you to connect with your inner self. The peace and tranquility of the desert are an inviting setting for soul-searching. Find answers within you while star gazing and lying on the sand. Even a night walk on the sands can be therapeutic. By the time your adventure ends, you will be spiritually cleansed and more in sync with your inner feelings.

Personalize Your Dubai Desert Safari Experience:

The best thing about the Dubai Desert Safari is that you can tailor it to your preferences. You do not have to follow the itinerary given by the operator. Carve your adventure and make your own plans. Whether you like an extravagant time with your loved ones or a more contemplative and peaceful time, you can have it all before you embark on it. Consult your operator on the available options.

If the desert heat is getting on to you, how about cooling off by taking a dip in some of the best pools Dubai has to offer. Check the best Dubai pool deals here. 

Enjoy the Traditional Food:

You will be treated with the traditional Middle Eastern and Emirati food during the Desert safari. The live BBQ will tantalize your taste buds, and you will be hungry for more. Conventional desert food is simple and easy to make but delicious. It will make your time even more enjoyable, for good food is good company.

If you want to further explore the bustling Dubai food scene to satisfy the foodie in you, here are 13 of the best restaurants in Dubai that you have to try. 

Stargazing Like You’ve Never Done Before:

When was the last time you had enjoyed a star-lit sky? The big city dwellers have forgotten how magical a starry sky is. The fancy neon lights of our cities and pollution have made stargazing almost impossible for city residents. You can recall when the moon and stars were the beacons humanity sought guidance from. Lie down, look at the sky studded with thousands of illuminating stars, and immerse yourself in this sight. You will feel like the sky is drawing nearer and the stars are within reach. 

Explore the Desert Ecosystem:

A desert is home to many living things. True, the heat can be unforgiving and not very conducive for living, but many living creatures have adapted to this way of life and made deserts their eternal abode. It includes both plants and animals. Look around keenly, and you will see how they have evolved to endure this harsh environment. Marvel at their resilience and appreciate Mother Nature. 

Final Words:

The Dubai Desert Safari promises a wholesome time for everyone. It equates to adventure, exhilaration, fun, and excitement. You can use this time to connect with your loved ones and inner being. 

A desert is a mysterious place and holds a distinctive place among Earth’s landforms. You can utilize your time there to unlock its mysteries and experience life there, which has mostly stayed the same. It can be a life-changing experience for you. Are you up for it?

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