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Hafilat Card Balance Check Online in Easy Steps 2024

Last updated on January 16th, 2024 at 05:37 pm

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The Hafilat Card is a commonly used public transport card in Abu Dhabi that allows residents to travel around the city without carrying cash all the time. However, to use it conveniently, it’s important to keep track of the balance available in it. If you are also a Hafilat card holder and wondering about hafilat card balance check online, then this blog is for you. 

Burj Diary takes you through different methods to check the balance in your Hafilat Card along with the card recharge process so that you can enjoy hassle-free public traveling whenever you want. 

Hafilat Card Balance Check: Online 

It’s the quickest and most straightforward method, which allows you to hafilat balance check online at any place in the city. There are two main ways: through a website or App, as discussed below. 

Using the Website

Step 1: Go to the online Hafilat portal at https://hafilat.darb.ae/ 

Step 2: Login/Register:

If you’re a new user, register by clicking on the register here option. If you already have an account, simply log in by entering your email and password. 

Step 3: Click on the Recharge Card Option:

After Logging in, you’ll see three options in front of you: Register, Recharge, and Repay Fine. For balance check, you’ll select the recharge card tab. 

Step 4: Enter Card Information:

Now enter the 16-digit card number present on the back of your Hafilat card in the card serial number tab and press Ok 

Step 5: View Your Balance:

After loading, your card details, including the present balance amount will appear. You can also see the expiry date of your Hafilat card, as shown below. 

Here, you can see that the card has a balance amount of — AED. 

Using Mobile App

Step 1: Download the Darbi App on your mobile phone through the Play Store or App Store

Step 2: Register/Login to your account by following the given instructions in the App

Step 3: Click on the red colored plus sign present at the bottom right of the screen

Step 4: Select the option of Recharge Hafilat from the menu

Step 5. On the same Screen you will find your current Balance and also able to recharge from there.

You’ll see a similar interface as on the website. Click on the recharge card option and follow the same process; enter the serial number of your card, hit ok, and view the balance details. 

Hafilat Card Balance Check: Offline

You can also check the balance amount on your Hafilat card offline by either using the ticket vending machines (TVM) or through SMS, as explained below. Many visitors were asking how to check hafilat card balance offline? So we bring 2 offline  methods TVM and SMS.

Using TVM:

There are several ticket vending machines installed at different stations all across Abu Dhabi. Travelers can use these machines to check their balance and also to recharge their cards when necessary. 

Step 1: Find a nearby ticket vending machine

Step 2: Insert your Hafilat card in the machine’s card slot

Step 3: Navigate to the check balance option by following the directions given on the machine screen

Step 4: The screen will show your current card balance

Through SMS:

Step 1: Open the messaging app on your mobile

Step 2: Type the message as follows: First, write BAL, then give space, then write your Hafilat card number (such as BAL 457812364987272)

Step 3: Send the written message to 3009

Step 4: You’ll receive your balance amount details in a reply message after some time.

Hafilat Card Types

The Hafilat cards are available in three main types, each designed to meet the unique needs of people. You can get any of these cards relevant to you and enjoy their distinct perks and discounts. 

Hafilat Card TypeUseCostValidity
TemporarySuitable for temporary visitors or tourists staying in Abu Dhabi for limited periodsFree30 days 
Suitable for residents for daily traveling in the city through public transport,

Citizens can further personalize their permanent cards to cater to their unique needs
10 AED5 years 
Special (Students/Seniors
/Special Needs People)
Suitable for specific categories of people such as senior citizens, students, or special needs people5 AED5 years 

Hafilat Passes:

In addition to the regular Hafilat cards, you can also get Hafilat passes to commute publicly in Abu Dhabi. Compared to the Hafilat cards, which can be recharged continuously, Hafilat passes are actually prepaid.

It means they are not rechargeable but offer a cost-effective traveling solution, allowing people to enjoy unlimited rides within the pass’s duration without having to pay again and again.

They are also available in different types like monthly passes, weekly passes, and specific category passes, each having a different cost and duration. However, most of these passes are available to UAE residents only, requiring certain eligibility documents for purchase. 

Hafilat Pass TypeUseCostValidity
WeeklyGood for enjoying unlimited public transport rides in the city for a shorter duration 30 AED7 Days
MonthlyGood for daily commuting using public transport in the city80 AED30 Days
Special Needs /
People of Determination
Suitable for people with disabilities for unlimited local rides,

to buy this pass, you have to provide a valid UAE ID and medical certificate 
Free1 Year
Senior Citizens Suitable for older people (55 years old or above) living in the Emirates to commute locally, 

required documents to purchase this pass include Emirates ID and a lease contract or residency visa 
Free1 Year
Students Suitable for students to enjoy unlimited regional and local rides at economical rates

A valid student card/university letter and Emirates ID is needed for this pass
500 AED1 Year 


What’s a Hafilat Card?

It’s a smart public transport card introduced by Abu Dhabi’s Department of Transport to help citizens commute easily on different public transport mediums in the city. People can top up these contactless cards periodically and use them to pay their transport expenses when traveling locally. It’s pretty similar to the Nol cards used in Dubai. 

From Where Can I Buy the Hafilat Card?

You can purchase a Hafilat card by visiting the ticket counters in any of the nearby bus stations in Abu Dhabi or through a ticket vending machine. They are also available to buy at Abu Dhabi Airport and at different Lulu market outlets present in the city.  

How to Pay Fares Using the Hafilat Card?

The fare amount is usually calculated depending on the traveling distance of the passenger. Swipe the card after entering the transport and swipe it again before leaving the transport. Your fare will be automatically calculated and deducted from the card.  

How Do I Check the Balance on My Hafilat Card Online?

You can check your Hafilat card balance by using the Darb website or phone app by following the steps mentioned above. 

Is It Possible to Recharge the Hafilat Card Online?

Yes, you can easily recharge your card through the Darb online portal using your debit/credit card as explained before. 

What Should I Do if Hafilat Card Gets Stolen?

Contact the customer care of Hafilat at 800850 and tell them that you misplaced your card. You can also visit a nearby bus station and report at their ticket office. They’ll cancel your previous card, after which you’ll be able to get a new one. 

Can I Get the Balance Back From My Stolen Hafilat Card?

Yes, if you have an available balance on your stolen card, you can get it transferred to your new card from the ticket stations. 

Can I Check My Balance and Recharge the Hafilat Card at Bus Stations?

Yes, you can do that by either using the ticket vending machine present at the bus stations or you can directly go to the ticket office present on the terminal, where a staff member will check the balance and recharge your card on your behalf. 

Is There a Fee for Checking the Balance of the Hafilat Card?

No, there are no such charges. You can check the balance on your Hafilat card for free, either online or offline. 

Can I Use the Hafilat Card Outside Abu Dhabi?

Hafilat card is mainly used for Abu Dhabi and Al Ain parts. So, it’s not generally possible to use them to travel outside these cities. The other Emirates have their own smart services like Nol in Dubai.

Sum Up

To sum up, Hafilat Cards are a smart and convenient way of traveling across Abu Dhabi using various public transports. With our easy guide, you can quickly find your Hafilat card balance and monitor whether you’ve enough credit to reach your destination or not. Remember to recharge your cards in a timely manner to have a seamless traveling experience. Enjoy!

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