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Bike Rider Jobs In Dubai with Salaries 2024

Last updated on January 4th, 2024 at 05:18 pm

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A booming Ecommerce industry and the COVID pandemic have both lead to major shifts in consumer behavior. Businesses have been quick to adapt, with one of the changes being an exponential rise in buyers preferring to have goods and services delivered to their doorstep.

This has increased the demand for doorstep delivery services and thus has caused an exponential rise in the availability of bike rider jobs in Dubai, and the rest of the world. Grocery, food, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables are all available by way of easy to use mobile applications and websites. Companies like Noon, Talabat and Careem have used this opportunity to grow from startups to conglomerates.

Popular supermarkets like Carrefour, Union and LULU have added delivery operations to keep services in house. Others have chosen to outsource these services to courier companies. The number of delivery companies in Dubai numbered 2891 in 2022, which was a 50% increase from 2021!

An integral part of this supply chain is the bike rider responsible for making sure consumers receive their orders fresh and on time. We’ve done some research and tried to compile some valuable information on the best bike rider jobs in Dubai for 2024.

Bike Rider Jobs In Dubai 2024

Getting Started

There are various companies offering visa services and help with getting a license once you reach Dubai from your country of origin. It is very important to look at all available options before choosing the sponsor and employer/contractor who will hook you up with bike rider jobs in Dubai.

Couriers, food and grocery delivery are the largest employers, but that is not all. Businesses like pharmacies and even real estate agencies are hiring bike riders to deliver items such as documents, raw materials and medicine. Companies have started to focus on training drivers as customer service agents, so they can answer buyers’ queries on the spot.


Even if you already have a valid Dubai driving license, you will have to obtain a separate license to be able to perform bike rider jobs in Dubai. The steps to obtaining your license are as follows:

  • Get an eye test from a testing center approved and licensed by RTA and Dubai Health Authority
  • Register at an approved driving school of your choice
  • Attend a minimum of 8 hours theory lectures if you have a consulate approved bike driver’s license from your home country. 15 hours if you do not have an international license.
  • Attend practical lessons and pass the institute’s tests
  • Enroll for RTA tests which are conducted at designated yards

If you pass the RTA tests in under 5 attempts you will obtain a license, and be all set to apply for bike rider jobs in Dubai. Otherwise you will have to start over with fresh lessons. The entire procedure costs between 5500-7500 AED all-inclusive, depending on your driving institute’s fee structure.

Getting a motorbike

We recommend buying your own motorcycle for bike rider jobs in Dubai because you will have to pay your contractor a smaller portion of your income. A second hand bike in good condition can be obtained from specialized resellers for 4000-5000 AED. If this is not in your budget, contractors provide you with one in return for an increased share in your earnings. All this is determined by your budget and the terms of your contract.

Who to work for?

There is a vast range of companies advertising bike rider jobs in Dubai, from delivery companies to supermarkets & couriers to small businesses. Where you work will mainly depend on who your sponsor has a contract with. So it is important to choose wisely. We’ve found that food delivery services offer the most in terms of salary. Careem and Talabat are 2 of the largest employers of bike riders in Dubai.

Careem provides a very flexible work schedule, but more work hours are required to earn a suitable living. You can increase or decrease shift timings at will, thus potentially earning more. Talabat has fixed working hours, but provides a relatively better hourly rate. On average you will be working 60 hours per week, 10 hours a day. Giving a smaller company your services will reduce your work hours, while also reducing your base income. There are literally hundreds of other companies with similar jobs to choose from.

As mentioned above, Ecommerce companies want drivers who can perform the responsibilities of a customer service agent at the client’s doorstep. Choosing such an organization may prove fruitful in enhancing one’s skills, thus providing opportunities to grow professionally. The product specific training is provided by the employer, and if you can demonstrate a willingness to learn, you could end up in a full time sales rep position in the same company.

Overall, all potential applicants for bike rider jobs in Dubai must be prepared for challenging work hours and the harsh weather conditions. Although an honest day’s work is rewarding, it is still categorized as an unskilled labor profession. Riders also rotate jobs very often as various employers are always extending better offers to gain a more experienced fleet of drivers.

How much do bike riders earn in Dubai?

Expect to earn between 3000-4000 AED on average per month in any of the listed bike rider jobs in Dubai or the UAE. The amount of hours you put in and your terms of employment can increase or decrease this amount.

Avoid companies that offer deals like ’30 minutes or free’. That puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on the rider and may lead to traffic violations, penalties and accidents.

Always choose a job that offers a base salary and commission per delivery. Unfortunately, exploitation is rampant in this line of work. Careem, Talabat and Deliveroo offer good packages overall.

It will help your chances of getting hired by a good company if you have the ability to converse in English. Experience also matters.

Government initiatives

RTA Dubai has recently started construction of 3 rest stops across the city which will provide individuals employed in bike rider jobs in Dubai with various facilities such as refueling, restaurants and rest areas. Safety and quality regulation material will also be provided to riders at these sites. Further initiatives like this are expected in the near future as demand and supply for delivery services is projected to increase further

So if you’re planning on moving to Dubai as a bike rider, use this guide to make an informed decision on your future. And ALWAYS adhere to traffic and safety regulations.

Suraqah Farhan
Suraqah Farhan
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