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Walk in Interview in Dubai Today & Tomorrow April 2024

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Dubai attracts job seekers from around the world. It is a thriving business and trading hub with a seaport that is one of the largest in the world. These qualities make Dubai a great place to look for jobs and try your luck, as you never know when lady luck smiles on you.

Walk-in Interviews in Dubai remain a popular and widely followed job-hunting technique. In this blog, we will discuss it at length. We will answer all your questions in this regard and how to make the most of this experience. By the end of this blog, you will have enough knowledge to convert your walk-in interview into an actual job offer. So, let’s get started.

What Does a Walk-in Interview in Dubai Mean?

A walk- n interview is where the job aspirant shows up at the potential employer’s office during business hours without a prior appointment. If the company has a suitable opening matching the candidate’s skills and experience, it conducts an interview; otherwise, it will keep the candidate’s CV for future reference.

Another scenario of a walk-in job interview is when the company invites job seekers for an interview against a particular position. The HR does not screen or shortlist the candidate. Instead, any screening or shortlisting is done via interviews. Such an arrangement is also called a walk-in interview.

Benefits of a Walk in Interview

On the face of it, a walk-in interview might look like a random and even useless exercise. It is fraught with uncertainty and may look casual. However, this is not the case. Let’s briefly look at some of its benefits below.

Quick & efficient:

It is a fast way to recruit. The process of advertising a job, sifting through the CVs, shortlisting potential candidates, calling for interviews, and deciding among candidates is cut down. A candidate shows up, the interview is conducted, and an immediate hiring is done if all goes well.

Instant feedback:

Often, candidates have to wait for days, if not weeks, to hear back from the company after an interview. The wait tests the candidate’s patience and can be exhausting. But, here, the candidate gets immediate feedback. He is usually informed on the spot about whether he is right or wrong for the job.

Personal contact:

A walk-in interview brings the employer and the job aspirant face to face. It allows the candidate to make a lasting impression on the employer, who can also size up the candidate well. It cannot happen over a telephone or online interview.

Sea of opportunities:

For candidates, walk in interviews present a sea of possibilities. They can dive into this sea and come out with a pearl. The candidate can search for hundreds of companies of diverse industries and sectors for different openings.


For employers, walk-in interviews in Dubai are a cost-effective way of hiring. The cost of hiring includes both its actual and opportunity costs. The time, energy, and resources it spends on hiring can be channeled elsewhere now that the hiring is done via a walk-in interview.

How to Prepare for a Walk-in Interview in Dubai?

Let’s discuss some key elements of a walk-in interview in Dubai that would help a job seeker like you.

Research: Now, don’t think that a walk-in interview means that you barge into any office or factory that comes your way. That will be aimless wandering and won’t bring in the desired results. Instead, go for a more targeted approach.

Research the companies that are more likely to hire you via a walk-in interview or those who regularly hire candidates via such a method. You can find such information online. Often, these companies have mentioned the acceptability of walk-in interviews on their websites or social media pages. You can target those companies to increase your chances of being hired.

Prepare a Well Crafted CV:

Your CV is your professional introduction. It presents your skillset, qualities, qualifications, and experience. Ensure that it is up-to-date, to the point, and, most importantly, presentable. Present every relevant piece of information engagingly and highlight those qualities likely to attract the employer.

For example, if you intend to appear for ten walk-in interviews in a day, it won’t be out of place to customize your CV to suit those ten employers. That’s where research would come in handy, as we have highlighted above.

Dress appropriately:

By dressing, we don’t mean that you are dressed to the nines; there should be a difference between going to a wedding and for a walk-in interview. But, your attire should look appropriate, neither overly casual nor completely formal. A combination of smart casuals works well.

Please pay special attention to your shoes; they are often ignored but make a lasting impression.

Take along supporting documents:

Don’t forget to take copies of your diplomas, professional certificates, degrees, and other documents that your employer might need or ask for. It may include your Emirates ID and a copy of your visa and passport if you are a non-resident.

How to Make a Success Out of Your Walk-in Interview in Dubai?

While the success of any job interview cannot be guaranteed, you can expect a positive outcome if you follow the following tips and guidelines.

Be confident:

The first thing that your employer will notice in you after your dress is your attitude and body language, which will define your confidence. Sit straight, make eye contact, use hand gestures to emphasize your point, and speak clearly and coherently. These things will present your confident image to the potential employer.

Publicize your achievements:

You do not have to be braggy and boisterous about them, but an interview is an exercise to showcase your talent and use it befittingly. Highlight your past achievements, be it professional or academic. Never be shy of owning your success; humility is good, but getting credit where it is due is also essential. If you are proud of any of your accomplishments, good for you, you should be, and there is no harm in communicating this to your potential employer.

Show interest in the company:

Let the interviewer gather the impression that you know about their company and have done your homework. Ask questions about the company, their work, and other essential matters. Such things matter a lot.

Be enthusiastic:

Show enthusiasm and be spirited during the whole interview. Crack a joke if it can fit into the conversation. It would help if you never came across as aloof, distant, and disinterested. Your liveliness will make all the difference. It will give an excellent impression to the employer.

Communicate your salary expectations well:

It is a very critical part of any job interview, and it is where most of the candidates falter. The takeaway is to be realistic while not letting yourself down. Do not come down so low that you look desperate, and in the same way, do not quote a sky-high figure when asked about your salary expectations.

Tell the employer you expect to be paid competitively, in line with your skillset and work experience.

Where to Go for Walk-in Interviews in Dubai?

Dubai is a bustling city with hundreds of offices and commercial establishments. Where would you head for the walk-in interview? You should, of course, head to the commercial districts, and Business Bay is an attractive place for job hunting.

Business Bay, situated in Downtown Dubai, has offices of many local, national, and International companies that can be a great place to look for walk-in interviews. Visit the offices, but be organized and follow a plan about where to go and how to approach these companies.

Online job portals are, of course, a great way to spearhead your walk-in interview quest. Dubai has hundreds of job portals that advertise jobs daily. They also highlight and talk about walk-in interviews. If you closely follow them, you will not miss any such opportunity.

There are many popular employment portals in Dubai. Some include GulfTalent, Careerjet, Dubizzle, Laimoon, Gulfjobsites, Naukrigulf and Bayt. Of course, LinkedIn and Indeed, the global giants, have their presence in Dubai, too, and are as effective here as anywhere else. You can try them as well.

A Good Look at Your Walk-in Interview in Dubai:

Dubai is a land of opportunities and could prove to be a goldmine for you, too. It has made millionaires out of nobody and taken them to new heights. You could be one of Dubai’s many success stories. Do your homework well and present yourself confidently and enthusiastically at every walk-in interview. Success will kiss your feet soon. All the best.


Q: How can I apply for a walk-in interview?

A: Online job portals are your best bet in this regard. You can also rely on your network for any such happening. Or you can visit in person and look for the possibility of a walk-in interview.

Q: Can a fresher apply for a walk-in interview in Dubai?

A: Yes, a fresher can also apply for a walk-in interview. If anything, walk-in interviews present an exciting and great opportunity for freshers to kickstart their careers.

Q: As an expat, am I eligible to appear for a walk-in interview?

A: Yes, you can. There is no bar for immigrants to appear in walk-in interviews. However, you must bring your work permit, visa, passport, and other documents for verification and legal purposes.

Q: What can I expect in a typical walk-in interview?

A: You will be greeted by the receptionist, asked to present your CV, and then taken to the hiring manager. The manager will ask certain questions about your professional and personal life and either hire you or ask you to wait for a call from the company.

Q: How do I follow up after my walk-in interview?

A: Follow-up is also important. You can do so by sending a text or voice message to the interviewer or the HR person. Send them a thank you note and ask what they have decided about your hiring. You can also call the company.


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