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Sharjah Parking SMS: Pay for The Parking via SMS

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Sharjah is the third most densely populated city in the UAE. With a population growth rate of 3%, and around 61% of the population part of the workforce, the Emirate has the Guide For Sharjah parking SMS potential to become a hustling metropolitan in the near future.

Rapid economic growth in expanding cities brings about challenges such as overcrowding, traffic jams and lack of ample parking facilities. Municipal Corporations need to implement innovative planning and service techniques to prevent these challenges from becoming crippling hindrances for their residents.

SMS Parking in Sharjah service is a brilliant cashless initiative to this effect, which can benefit even the largest cities across the globe.

Guide For Sharjah Parking SMS

Drivers can simply

  • Park their vehicle in a vacant spot
  • Type an SMS providing ‘Plate source(space)plate number(space)#number of hours
  • Type A as the first word to get your permit in Arabic
  • Send to 5566
  • The parking fee is deducted from your mobile credit or added to your postpaid bill

Guide For SMS Parking in Sharjah

You will subsequently receive a Sharjah parking SMS permit. That’s it. You’re good to go. No more locating parking machines and searching for change. This service is available in all major areas of Sharjah.


The maximum duration for a permit is 1 hour. You will receive a reminder SMS 10 minutes before your slot expires. Simply reply to that text with ‘Y’ to extend for another hour.


In order to use Sharjah SMS parking, the user must have an Etisalat, DU or Virgin mobile phone network. Furthermore, all UAE private plate numbers are pre registered for the service. Non private plates and foreign registered vehicles must register for the service by calling 933 or signing up on the Sharjah Municipal Corporation website www.shjmun.gov.ae

For reference, plate sources for the emirates are listed below:

  • SHJ for Sharjah
  • DXB for Dubai
  • AUH for Abu Dhabi
  • FUJ for Fujairah
  • UAQ for Umm al Quwain
  • RAK for Ras Al Khaimah
  • AJM for Ajman

So if you are driving an Abu Dhabi plate number (1234 for example) and are a registered user of Etisaalat, DU or Virgin mobile you will get your 1 hour Sharjah SMS parking permit by typing ‘AUH 1234 1’ and sending it to 5566. To receive it in Arabic simply type ‘A AUH 1234 1”.


  • 38 fills for each SMS
  • AED 2.38 for 1 hour
  • AED 5.38 for 2 hours
  • AED 8.38 for 3 hours
  • AED 12.38 for 5 hours

Fees are subject to change via the Municipal Corporation.

At the end we would also let you know if you need information about Dubai parking SMS you can click the given link.

Suraqah Farhan
Suraqah Farhan
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