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Slovakia Schengen Visa Requirements For UAE Residents

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Slovakia is a European country. It is a member of the Schengen region. You can apply for any visa. UAE citizens are required to obtain a permit before traveling to Slovakia.

Slovakian visa requirements wholly depend on the purpose of your visit to Slovakia as well as your nationality. There are a few exceptions to visa applications. This article enlists in detail the visa exemptions, required documents for visas, and types of tickets one can apply for. Therefore, prepare your documents, reserve a round-trip flight itinerary and land at your destination.

Visa Exemptions For Slovakia

Following are some of the countries that are exempt from visas to Slovakia

1- citizens of the EU/EEA and the 27 Schengen countries

2- United States, Canada and Australia, Japan, South Korea

In contrast, citizens of other nations, such as the Middle East and South Asia, are legally bound to apply for visas for Slovakia. Similarly, you should apply for a visa if you are a citizen of a third-world country that has not signed a visa liberalization agreement with Schengen member states.

A List Of Visa Types For Slovakia:

Slovakia extends different types of visas depending on your intended purpose of visiting the country. Following are some of the most common types of access one can apply for

1- Study visa

2- Work or employment visa(for a remuneration)

3- Entrepreneurship visa for establishing a business and looking for partnership opportunities

4- Medical treatment visa (for a malignant and terminal disease

5- Short stay visa for tourism, attending conferences and visiting relatives, among other things

6-  Slovakia Transit visa (for transit to non-Schengen country)

7- Spouse visa

8- culture, religious, sports and other event film shooting purpose-based visa

A List Of Items Required For Slovakian Visa Application:

Here is a general list of documents that are needed for any visa.

Visa Application Form: A Crucial Step In The Visa Application

You should download your visa application form from the Slovak embassy or consulate website. Fill it correctly and completely. Make sure to insert correctly;

1- Your personal information, such as name, ID card education and other required items mentioned in the form

2- Provide correct information about your travel times, date of entrance and the date of exit

3- Make sure you mention the type of visa for which you are applying

4- Put your signatures after you are done with your form

Valid Passport Or Travel Document:

Your passport is one of the most important documents for your travel. Your key should conform to the Schengen visa requirements. Your access should have at least two blank pages that can be stamped. Moreover, your ticket should remain valid for at least three months after you land in your home country.

Legally Acceptable Visa:

Schengen countries require all the nationalities of the world except the EU, the EU And Schengen countries to get their hand on a valid visa to enter Slovakia. With a key, it is legal to enter Slovakia for any purpose. Therefore, make sure to enter the Schengen region with a valid ticket.

Note: Notifly by presenting a copy of your previous visa (if any)

Two Passport-Size Recognizable Pictures:

Your pictures should be according to the standard photograph requirement of Schengen nations;

1- Your photographs should be identical

2- Schengen countries require a white background

3- keep your facial expression neutral

4- your face should cover 30% of the picture

5- The picture should not be blurred

6- avoid accessories such as sunglasses, lenses, etc

A Cover Letter:

The cover letter is personal. It can be stated that the visa application form and the cover letter go hand in hand. The cover letter describes the following elements;

1- The purpose of your visit to Slovakia

2- Your visa type

3- The exact time of your flight

4- And your return ticket

Flight Reservation For The Slovakia Visa

Schengen countries demand correct information about your flight reservation. Make sure to reserve a Round-trip flight Itinerary from an authentic platform. For flight reservations and other services for the Schengen area, you can visit schengenflightreservationvisa.com.You will get a special code for the flight ticket that is verified from the website of the airline.

Hotel Booking Or Proof Of Accommodation:

If you have a pre-booked accommodation, you may need to provide information about that

Your proof of accommodation can be one of the following:

1- Hotel booking

2- Rental agreement

3- letter of invitation or welcome letter from your host that may be your relative, friend or sibling

4- hostel or dormitory ( if you apply on a study visa and the institute provides accommodation. But that is not compulsory)

Health Insurance:

Your insurance entitles you to fund your health expenses throughout the Schengen region. Your health insurance must be sufficient to cover you during an emergency and other unexpected circumstances. The insurance amount must be  €.30,000.

Proof Of Adequate Financial Means:

Before setting foot in Slovakia, the consulate and the embassy of Slovakia in your country confirm your financial standing. Your bank statement is a confirmation that clearly illustrates the fact that you can easily afford your expenses in Slovakia.

Civil Status Certificates:

Civil certificates are certain documents that represent your marital state information about your children—birth certificates of your children and your marriage certificates.

What are the required supplementary documents for a business visa?

For a business visa, you need the following:

1- a valid business license or registration card

2- Bank statement or the translation of the last six months

3- Income tax return

Supplementary Documents Needed For An Employed Person:

An employed person needs the following documents:

1- leave letter from his employer or the company in which he worked

2- Bank statement, particularly evidence of your remuneration

3- Income tax return

Additional Documents Needed By A Minor:

A minor requires the following supplementary documents while traveling to Slovakia

1- Order of court if the child has the custody of one parent

2- birth certificate

3- Information about the person with whom the child might be traveling ( original and  copy of the accompanying person’s passport page that contains a recent photograph, a copy of visa, etc.)

4- A notarized parental authorization

Additional Requirements For A Student:

A student needs the following other documents:

1- Invitation letter, or you can say the enrollment letter from the institute in Slovakia

2- No Objection certificate issued by the institute where you are currently studying or have completed a degree from

Can We Obtain A Slovakia Airport Transit Visa?

Yes, you can obtain a Slovakia airport transit visa if you want to travel to a non-Schengen country and intend to use one of the Slovakian airports. It is pertinent to provide the following document if you wish to use Slovakia as a transit country;

1- A valid visa for the country in which you want to land

2- A flight reservation to your final destination


Can my Slovakia visa be revoked?

Yes, your visa can be revoked in case the concerned Authorities of Slovakia confirm that you don’t fulfill the visa requirements of Schengen countries. Remember, in extraordinary circumstances, your visa can be nullified by competent authorities of Slovakia even though you have landed in Slovakia.

Can UAE citizens apply for a Schengen visa?

Yes, UAE citizens must apply for a Schengen visa. All that needs to be done is to provide a complete set of documents, schedule your interview and pay your visa application fee.


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