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Prayer Time in Dubai: Prayer Timings (April 2024)

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Knowing the exact Prayer Time in Dubai and offering them on time is therefore critical for all Islamic followers around the world. 

Below, we’ve provided the accurate listing for the Namaz time in Dubai for April 2024. If you’re a Muslim living in Dubai and want to ensure punctual observation of all your five prayers, then keep following our page. We regularly update accurate Salat timings each month to assist you in your spiritual regime. 

Prayer Time in Dubai April 2024

1Friday20Shaban5:25 AM6:38 AM12:34 PM3:53 PM6:24 PM7:38 PM
2Saturday21Shaban5:24 AM6:37 AM12:34 PM3:53 PM6:25 PM7:38 PM
3Sunday22Shaban5:23 AM6:36 AM12:34 PM3:53 PM6:25 PM7:39 PM
4Monday23Shaban5:22 AM6:35 AM12:33 PM3:53 PM6:26 PM7:39 PM
5Tuesday24Shaban5:21 AM6:34 AM12:33 PM3:53 PM6:26 PM7:40 PM
6Wednesday25Shaban5:20 AM6:34 AM12:33 PM3:53 PM6:27 PM7:40 PM
7Thursday26Shaban5:19 AM6:33 AM12:33 PM3:53 PM6:27 PM7:41 PM
8Friday27Shaban5:18 AM6:32 AM12:32 PM3:53 PM6:28 PM7:41 PM
9Saturday28Shaban5:17 AM6:31 AM12:32 PM3:54 PM6:28 PM7:42 PM
10Sunday29Shaban5:16 AM6:30 AM12:32 PM3:54 PM6:29 PM7:42 PM
11Monday30Shaban5:15 AM6:29 AM12:32 PM3:54 PM6:29 PM7:43 PM
12Tuesday1Ramadan5:14 AM6:28 AM12:31 PM3:54 PM6:30 PM7:43 PM
13Wednesday2Ramadan5:13 AM6:27 AM12:31 PM3:54 PM6:30 PM7:44 PM
14Thursday3Ramadan5:12 AM6:26 AM12:31 PM3:54 PM6:31 PM7:44 PM
15Friday4Ramadan5:11 AM6:25 AM12:31 PM3:54 PM6:31 PM7:45 PM
16Saturday5Ramadan5:10 AM6:24 AM12:30 PM3:54 PM6:31 PM7:45 PM
17Sunday6Ramadan5:09 AM6:23 AM12:30 PM3:54 PM6:32 PM7:46 PM
18Monday7Ramadan5:08 AM6:21 AM12:30 PM3:54 PM6:32 PM7:46 PM
19Tuesday8Ramadan5:07 AM6:20 AM12:29 PM3:54 PM6:33 PM7:47 PM
20Wednesday9Ramadan5:06 AM6:19 AM12:29 PM3:54 PM6:33 PM7:47 PM
21Thursday10Ramadan5:05 AM6:18 AM12:29 PM3:53 PM6:34 PM7:48 PM
22Friday11Ramadan5:04 AM6:17 AM12:29 PM3:53 PM6:34 PM7:48 PM
23Saturday12Ramadan5:02 AM6:16 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM6:35 PM7:49 PM
24Sunday13Ramadan5:01 AM6:15 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM6:35 PM7:49 PM
25Monday14Ramadan5:00 AM6:14 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM6:35 PM7:50 PM
26Tuesday15Ramadan4:59 AM6:13 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM6:36 PM7:50 PM
27Wednesday16Ramadan4:58 AM6:12 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM6:36 PM7:51 PM
28Thursday17Ramadan4:57 AM6:11 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM6:37 PM7:51 PM
29Friday18Ramadan4:56 AM6:10 AM12:26 PM3:53 PM6:37 PM7:52 PM
30Saturday19Ramadan4:55 AM6:09 AM12:26 PM3:52 PM6:38 PM7:52 PM
31Sunday20Ramadan4:54 AM6:08 AM12:26 PM3:52 PM6:38 PM7:53 PM

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prayer time in dubai

Points to Remember Regarding Prayer Time in Dubai:

There are a total of five obligatory prayers in Islam per day, which are commonly known as Salah or Namaz. Their time is primarily set according to the Sun Movement, which differs daily throughout the year.

So, the exact Gregorian timings for prayers and adhan in Dubai also keep changing each day. That’s why you see differences in Namaz hours in different seasons while living in the same city. 

Following are the sun positions that determine the specific prayer time. 

  • The first one is Fajr, which is offered at dawn, before sunrise. 
  • The second is Dhuhr, performed at midday when the sun has passed its zenith.
  • The third Namaz is Asar, which comes in late afternoon. 
  • Maghrib is fourth and prayed when the sun begins to set. 
  • The last is Isha, which is offered at night when the sun disappears completely. 

There’s also another obligatory Namaz known as the Jummah Prayer. It’s a congregational Salah that’s observed in Mosques every Friday in place of Duhur. 

As soon as the Namaz hour approaches, you hear certain calls/Arabic Verses from Mosques. These are the Adhans that are also delivered five times a day and indicate that a particular Namaz time in Dubai has started. So, if you cannot access online information, Adhans can also help you ensure the on-time offerings of your daily salats. 

Where to Perform Prayer/Namaz in Dubai?

Salats are mainly offered at Mosques or Masjids, the worship houses of Muslims and homes (usually women). It’s generally preferable for men to go to Mosques for regular prayers, but many of the mosques in UAE also include spaces for women to help them keep up with their salah schedules on the go.

Here are some of the popular Mosques in Dubai where you can go to join the Namaz congregation five times a day. 

  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • Al Salam Mosque
  • City Walk Mosque
  • Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque
  • Mosque of Light
  • Umer Ibne Khattab Mosque
  • Abdul Rahman Siddique Mosque
  • Masjid Al Rahim

Apart from mosques, several tourist spots, malls, and hotels across the city include separate prayer areas to facilitate Muslim worshipers. So, you can also head to such nearby spots when Prayer Time in Dubai arrives.


What’s Jummah prayer time in Dubai?

It’s from 1 PM to 1:15 PM at different mosques in Dubai. Note that the Jummah prayer replaces Duhur on Fridays and includes about half an hour of religious Khutbah/Sermon before the actual prayer starts. 

Do Muslims offer extra prayers in addition to their five daily salats?

Muslims do have additional prayer choices like Tahajjud, chasht, Ishraq, Tarawih (In Ramadan), and Eid prayers. However, these are nafl prayers (optional) and the obligatory salats are only five (Fajr, Duhur, Asar, Maghrib, Isha). 

Are there any health benefits of Namaz? 

While the Namaz is mainly performed for spiritual reasons by the Muslims, it also provides certain health benefits due to its signature positions. For example, Sajdah(prostration) stimulates the blood flow to the brain, Ruku (bowing) stretches your vertebral column and prevents back pain, and Qiyam (standing straight) give strength to leg muscles. It’s like a natural exercise for your body. 

Can non-Muslims enter the masjids at the namaz time in Dubai? 

Yes, Dubai mosques, in general, are open to all people, including non-Muslims. So, even if you don’t pray, you can enter the majestic masjids and take in their beautiful architecture and history. 

Is it mandatory to do Wudhu before Namaz?

Yes, Wudhu/ablution involves cleaning different body parts (face, hands, arms, feet, head) and is an essential Islamic ritual before every Salat. 

Are prayer timings the same in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? 

They are almost similar. There’s only a difference of around 3-4 minutes between the prayer schedules of both cities. 

How many fard rakats are present in each namaz? 

Fajr contains 2 fard rakats, Duhur 4, Asar 4, Maghrib 3 and Isha 4. Each rakat involves reciting different Quranic parts with varying body movements (Qiyaam, Rukuh, Sajdah, Tashahud, Tasleem). 

Suraqah Farhan
Suraqah Farhan
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