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Prayer Time in Abu Dhabi: Namaz Timings of April 2024

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Below is the complete list of prayer times in Abu Dhabi for April 2024. We’ll keep the information updated every month, so make sure you bookmark our page to stay updated on accurate Namaz timings in the capital city all year round. 

Prayer Time in Abu Dhabi (April 2024)

1Friday20Shaban5:25 AM6:38 AM12:34 PM3:53 PM6:24 PM7:38 PM
2Saturday21Shaban5:24 AM6:37 AM12:34 PM3:53 PM6:25 PM7:38 PM
3Sunday22Shaban5:23 AM6:36 AM12:34 PM3:53 PM6:25 PM7:39 PM
4Monday23Shaban5:22 AM6:35 AM12:33 PM3:53 PM6:26 PM7:39 PM
5Tuesday24Shaban5:21 AM6:34 AM12:33 PM3:53 PM6:26 PM7:40 PM
6Wednesday25Shaban5:20 AM6:34 AM12:33 PM3:53 PM6:27 PM7:40 PM
7Thursday26Shaban5:19 AM6:33 AM12:33 PM3:53 PM6:27 PM7:41 PM
8Friday27Shaban5:18 AM6:32 AM12:32 PM3:53 PM6:28 PM7:41 PM
9Saturday28Shaban5:17 AM6:31 AM12:32 PM3:54 PM6:28 PM7:42 PM
10Sunday29Shaban5:16 AM6:30 AM12:32 PM3:54 PM6:29 PM7:42 PM
11Monday30Shaban5:15 AM6:29 AM12:32 PM3:54 PM6:29 PM7:43 PM
12Tuesday1Ramadan5:14 AM6:28 AM12:31 PM3:54 PM6:30 PM7:43 PM
13Wednesday2Ramadan5:13 AM6:27 AM12:31 PM3:54 PM6:30 PM7:44 PM
14Thursday3Ramadan5:12 AM6:26 AM12:31 PM3:54 PM6:31 PM7:44 PM
15Friday4Ramadan5:11 AM6:25 AM12:31 PM3:54 PM6:31 PM7:45 PM
16Saturday5Ramadan5:10 AM6:24 AM12:30 PM3:54 PM6:31 PM7:45 PM
17Sunday6Ramadan5:09 AM6:23 AM12:30 PM3:54 PM6:32 PM7:46 PM
18Monday7Ramadan5:08 AM6:21 AM12:30 PM3:54 PM6:32 PM7:46 PM
19Tuesday8Ramadan5:07 AM6:20 AM12:29 PM3:54 PM6:33 PM7:47 PM
20Wednesday9Ramadan5:06 AM6:19 AM12:29 PM3:54 PM6:33 PM7:47 PM
21Thursday10Ramadan5:05 AM6:18 AM12:29 PM3:53 PM6:34 PM7:48 PM
22Friday11Ramadan5:04 AM6:17 AM12:29 PM3:53 PM6:34 PM7:48 PM
23Saturday12Ramadan5:02 AM6:16 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM6:35 PM7:49 PM
24Sunday13Ramadan5:01 AM6:15 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM6:35 PM7:49 PM
25Monday14Ramadan5:00 AM6:14 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM6:35 PM7:50 PM
26Tuesday15Ramadan4:59 AM6:13 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM6:36 PM7:50 PM
27Wednesday16Ramadan4:58 AM6:12 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM6:36 PM7:51 PM
28Thursday17Ramadan4:57 AM6:11 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM6:37 PM7:51 PM
29Friday18Ramadan4:56 AM6:10 AM12:26 PM3:53 PM6:37 PM7:52 PM
30Saturday19Ramadan4:55 AM6:09 AM12:26 PM3:52 PM6:38 PM7:52 PM
31Sunday20Ramadan4:54 AM6:08 AM12:26 PM3:52 PM6:38 PM7:53 PM

Prayer Time in Abu Dhabi PDF Download

prayer time in abu dhabi pdf

About Prayer Time in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is predominantly a Muslim region and follows an Islamic prayer schedule, which is decided according to the position of the sun. 

Muslims are obligated to pray five times a day in the form of Salah or Namaz. There’s a set daytime for each Salah as follows. 

Fajr Offered before the sunrise, at dawn 
Zuhr  Offered at the Midday/Noon after the sun reaches its highest point
Asr  Offered in the late afternoon 
Maghrib Offered at the time of sunset, shortly after dusk
Isha Offered at night after dark


Since the sun rises and sets at different times throughout the year, the exact prayer time also changes. The gap between salah usually shortens in winter and becomes greater in the summer when the days are longer. 

How To Know When The Prayer in Abu Dhabi Time Has Arrived? (Adhan)  

Muslims are notified of the prayer time every day through Adhan. It’s the official public call to prayers, recited five times a day by a Muazzin from Mosque Minarets while facing the Kaabah. 

All mosques in Abu Dhabi deliver Adhans following the precise namaz timings as per the sun’s movements. So, when you hear the Adhan, you can have an idea that the next salah time is about to begin. 

Here are the complete Adhan verses: 

adhan phrases

Importance of Prayers (Salah)

Salah is the second among the five pillars of Islam, which forms the foundation of Muslims’ beliefs and practices. It’s obligatory for every Muslim to abide by all the pillars throughout his life to be a successful believer. Missing any one of these would be counted as a sin. Therefore, offering the five daily prayers on time is a compulsory duty for all Islamic followers. 

The complete five pillars include

  • Shahadah (Faith): Claiming that there is only one God (Allah) and that Hazrat Muhammad PBUH is his prophet. 
  • Salah (Prayer): Performing complete five prayers a day. 
  • Sawm (Fasting): Observing fasts from sunrise to sunset during the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Zakat (Charity/Almsgiving): Donating a specific portion of one’s wealth as a charity to facilitate the less fortunate. 
  • Hajj (Pilgrimage): Making a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in life, given that it is financially and physically feasible for the believer. 

How are Islamic prayers offered? 

Generally, Men are required to pray in congregation in the Mosque while women can pray at home within the specific times. All salahs are offered facing the Holy Kaabah. Your clothes, body and the place of salah should be clean at the time of praying. 

It’s essential to perform wudhu before Islamic prayers or Quranic recitations. It’s the act of washing different body parts as per the religious instructions. 

What’s included in Islamic Prayers (Salahs)? 

Each salat consists of a different number of rakats. A rakat is like a single prayer unit and comprises certain designated movements that are performed while reciting the particular Quranic verses.  

Rakats can be Fard, Sunnat or Nafl. Fards are compulsory, which means you cannot miss them. Sunnat and Nafl are not compulsory but encouraged to obtain additional rewards from Allah. 

Here’s a complete breakdown of Rakats for all five prayers. 

  • Fajar: 2 sunnat rakat, 2 fard rakat
  • Zuhr: 4 sunnat rakat, 4 fard rakat, 2 sunnat rakat, 2 nafl rakat
  • Asr: 4 sunnat rakat, 4 fard rakat
  • Maghrib: 3 fard rakat, 2 sunnat rakat, 2 nafl rakat
  • Isha: 4 sunnat rakat, 4 fard rakat, 2 sunnat rakat, 2 nafl rakat, 3 witr rakat, 2 nafl rakat 

Note: Isha prayer consists of extra Witr rakats which are typically performed in odd numbers like 3, 5 and so on. 

Jumma Prayer

It’s performed on Fridays at midday in the place of Zuhr (afternoon prayer) and is also called Friday prayer. It starts with a Sermon session, and then the prayer is offered led by Imam. Men must participate in Jummah prayer in the congregation in Mosques, but it’s not a necessary requirement for women.

Popular Mosques in Abu Dhabi

Mosques are the holy worship places of Muslims where they gather every day to perform their supplications. Here are a few famous mosques in Abu Dhabi where you can stop by to offer your daily prayers. Keep in mind that the prayer time in Abu Dhabi can fluctuate slightly between different mosques with variations of 3-4 minutes. 

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Al Aziz Mosque
  • Mary the Mother of Jesus Mosque
  • Atiq Bin Rashid Mosque
  • Majid Al Kareem
  • Bani Hashim Mosque
  • Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan Mosque

Note: All the above details about prayer time in Abu Dhabi are correct and up-to-date according to the UAE Government calculations. If you need more information about Abu Dhabi prayer timing you can visit Khaleej Mag website

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