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Indian Restaurants Near Me in UAE: Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi

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The largest expat community in the UAE comprises Indians, followed by Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. It means there is a massive demand for South Asian cuisine, and understandably, Indian restaurants are doing brisk business. 

If you want to gauge the popularity of Indian restaurants, try Googling Indian restaurants near me in UAE. You will be inundated with options, and choosing any of them can be challenging, especially if you are not a resident of the Emirates or have just moved there.

For all those who fancy mouthwatering Indian dishes, we have compiled a list you can rely on. We have picked three restaurants from every Emirate that are authentic in their taste and represent the best Indian food experience that you can find in the UAE. Let’s begin.

Also, have a look at our list of the best restaurants across all budgets in Dubai. 

Indian Restaurants Near Me in UAE:

Restaurants in Dubai

We start our Indian food journey from Dubai. The following are the three of the best Indian restaurants that you can try in Dubai.

  1. Bombay Brasserie
  2. Tresind
  3. Indya by Vineet

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Bombay Brasserie:

Bombay Brasserie:

Search any list of best Indian restaurants in UAE or ask any Indian foodie living in Dubai, and you are likely to find Bombay Brasserie in the conversation. It is the quintessential Indian food experience you crave when not in India.

Located inside Taj Dubai, amid vibrant murals, plush seating, and an open bar, you can enjoy scrumptious food and excellent service. It has a variety of dishes in both veg and non-veg varieties. 

Guests have especially taken a liking to its Dal Tadka, Spicy Tikka Masala, Chicken Biryani, and its special Martaban ka Meat. Visit it and enjoy an eclectic selection of contemporary and classic Indian dishes.

NameBombay Brasserie
Timings12-3 PM & 6-11:30 PM
Weekly offNone

Tresind Dubai:

Tresind Dubai:

If you like to experience new things and like modern takes on traditional cuisines, then Tresind is your go-to place. It opened in 2014 and has garnered quite a reputation as a place where tradition meets innovation. The place has also earned a Michelin star, solidifying its position among the top Indian restaurants in UAE.

There is much to choose from and relish. You can try its famous chaat, paneer pinwheel, butter chicken, gaolouti kebab, veg kofta, chicken tikka and many others. It is also renowned for its refined and wide selection of wines. So go there and indulge. However, quality comes at a price, so expect to be charged accordingly.

NameTresind Dubai
Timings12-11:45 PM
Weekly offNone

Indya by Vineet:

Indya by Vineet:

Celebrated Indian Chef Vineet Bhatia has two restaurants in Dubai, and Indya by Vineet is one of them. Here, Vineet presents his delectable dishes cooked in his signature style to the delight of gourmands. His personal touch is evident in all the 70+ dishes. Everything has an indelible mark of Vineet, from their eccentric names to their flavorful tastes.

You can try a lot of desi delights here, and if you are a native Indian, you will feel nostalgic about home. The standout dishes include tandoori potatoes, Maharani chicken, Kerala fried chicken, butter chicken, lamb seekh malai, dried tomato prawns, and chicken tikka masala. Be adventurous and try the chef’s specialties too. Almost everything is lip-smacking.

NameIndya by Vineet
Timings12-30-3:30 PM & 6 – Midnight
Weekly offNone

Restaurants in Sharjah

Now let’s explore Sharjah for the best Indian restaurants near me. Here are our top 3 picks:

  1. Gazebo
  2. Makani
  3. Kamat



Gazebo is a well-known Indian eatery in Sharjah that caters to South Asian food lovers from everywhere. The place has a reputation for serving a variety of veg and non-veg Indian dishes cooked to perfection. It is steeped in traditions and takes pride in staying loyal to original recipes with little variations.

The service is friendly, and the ambiance is perfect for a hearty meal. The highlights include mouth-watering salads, raan-e-sikandari, murgh achaari, lobster tandoori, pudina paneer tikka, hara bara kebab, and jhinga kalimirch, among others. Veg diners can savor the bharwan tandoori mushroom, kalimirch tikka, and others. Fish lovers will also find plenty of options, with Lal Mirch ke Machli standing out. The place also offers 25 types of veg and non-veg biryanis, so eat your heart out.

Timings11:00 – Midnight
Weekly offNone

Makani Restaurants:

Makani Restaurants:

Lock Makani restaurant for affordable yet quality Indian food in UAE. The restaurant exudes cozy and relaxing vibes, which is excellent for a restaurant as you can enjoy a meal in peace. The staff is friendly and courteous and will guide you if you are new to Indian food.

The rich menu presents a diverse mix of veg and non-veg dishes. There are many food items that you can try here. The most famous ones include Hyderabadi biryani, mutton biryani, palak paneer, lemon cheese murgh tikka, veg fried rice, mutton masala, kebabs, and others. Mango lassi is also a guest favorite, and is worth trying.

Timings10:45 AM – Midnight & 10:00 – 6:00 PM (Fridays)
Weekly offNone

Kamat Restaurant:

Kamat Restaurant:

This one’s for all vegetarians; you are in for a party because Kamat offers mouth-watering vegetarian dishes in a nice ambiance. The restaurant is conveniently located and is easily accessible. The staff is helpful, and the place has hired South Indians as chefs for that authentic touch. 

You can try Hong Kong rice, paneer tikka, palak paneer, dal rice khichdi, cabbage salad, and others. It also has a delectable collection of pickles that you must try, and the tea selection is also diverse, with masala tea taking the crown. For those with a sweet tooth, the gajjar halwa is a must-try.

Timings10:30 AM – Midnight
Weekly offNone

Restaurants in Ajman

Let’s journey to the Emirate of Ajman for Indian food in UAE. Here’s our selection of the three best Indian restaurants that you can enjoy in Ajman. 

  1. Bukhara
  2. Danial restaurant
  3. Nallukettu restaurant

Bukhara Restaurant:

Bukhara Restaurant:

Bukhara is the go-to place for South Asians and Indians living in Ajman or visiting there. It has become a major attraction for foodies thanks to its mouth-watering desi offers, excellent décor and courteous staff. They all combine to make your dining experience simply unforgettable. 

The menu is rich and diverse. You will find all the famous north and south Indian dishes here. The popular food choices include lamb roghan josh, chicken tikka masala, paneer tika masala, sikandari raan, murgh malai kebab, gosht ki nalli, bharra kebab, and others. Furthermore, don’t forget to delve into the impressive deinks menu while there.

Timings12: 30 – 3 PM & 6:30 – 11 PM
Weekly offNone

Danial restaurant:

Danial restaurant:

The Danial restaurant is famous for its lunch buffet all over Ajman. Guests flock in to savor the wide variety of meals. The staff is friendly, approachable, and cooperative. You will always find them on their toes during service hours. The décor is tastefully designed with an emphasis on space and accessibility. 

You can choose from various local, regional, and international dishes that will be a treat to taste. The salad bar, desserts, and soups are worth recommending. The seafood also demands your attention. If you are a grilled food fan, you’re in for a treat.

NameDanial restaurant
Timings6:00 PM – 1:AM
Weekly offNone

Nalukettu Restaurant:

Nalukettu Restaurant:

South Asians, especially Keralites, form a significant chunk of Indians living in the UAE. So, it’s understandable to find South Indian restaurants dotted all over the country. South Indian food is rich in spices and tastes. It is primarily vegetarian and is hailed for its simplicity. 

This restaurant is reputed for its authentic South Indian and Kerala cuisine. It is located beside the beach, so you can enjoy the calming sea views while enjoying your food. The servings are generous, and the variety is decent. Enjoy the traditional Kerala fish meal served on banana leaves—or different types of idli, sambar, and dosas. Spinach dal, beef coconut fry, chicken stew, and appam are other highlights from the menu that you can enjoy.

NameNalukettu restaurant
Timings12 – 1:00 AM
Weekly offNone

Restaurants in Abu Dhabi:

Let’s continue our journey of Indian restaurants near me in UAE and see what the bustling emirate of Abu Dhabi has in store for us. We have selected the following three finest Indian food restaurants in the UAE.

  1. Zeera by Buddha-bar
  2. Angar Restaurant
  3. Mynt Restaurant

Zeera by Buddha-bar:

Zeera by Buddha-bar:

Zeera or cumin seed is the quintessential spice that you will find in so many Indian dishes. It is a taste enhancer, a taste builder, and a fragrant inducer. Zeera by Buddha-bar builds on this fantastic spice’s incredible legacy and repertoire and brings you an explosion of flavors presented in a chic setting.

In addition to the usual biryanis and curries, you will find many experimental dishes here that will tempt the adventurous foodies. Try the duck cranberry and watermelon palak patta chaat, the Mumbai drink, and you will know what we mean. For food diversity and fusion taste, this place is worth your visit. Make a reservation to avoid waiting as the place attracts hordes of diners.

NameZeera by Buddha-bar
Timings1 – 2 AM
Weekly offNone

Angar Restaurant:

Angar Restaurant:

For a no-nonsense Indian food experience in Abu Dhabi, Angar is a safe bet. You can enjoy a host of traditional Indian dishes amidst a classy interior. The staff is friendly and civil and will gladly guide you in choosing the correct fare if you are new to Indian cuisine. 

There is plenty to choose from and enjoy here. The place is famous for its tandoori, or grilled delights that you can order. The chicken biryani, lamb vindaloo, and paneer butter masala taste great. The fish variety will also tantalize you, so seafood lovers are in for a treat.

Timings6 PM – 11 PM Wednesday to Monday
Weekly offTuesday

Mynt Restaurant:

Mynt Restaurant:

Mynt is next on our list of the finest Indian restaurants in the UAE. It is a must-try for anyone willing for a wholesome Indian culinary experience. The place is unabashedly Indian and will impress you with its variety, diversity, and innovation. 

The place boasts several well-cooked specialties. On a hot day, its namkeen lassi will quench your thirst and provide enough nourishment to last through the day. Among the main courses try its samundar ka shorba, murgh makhni, chicken dum biryani, gosht khada masala, masala jhigri poppers, Amritsari fish fingers and gunpowder murgh. These are all tasty offerings that will delight your tummy.

Timings12 – 12 AM
Weekly offNone

Savor the Indian Treats:

That wraps things up for now. It is by no means the definitive and conclusive list on this topic, but it is an attempt to introduce you to a credible list of Indian restaurants near me in UAE that you will find satisfying. Let us know if we need to include any popular restaurants in the comments below. We would love to hear from you. In the meantime, enjoy your dosas, curries, and butter chickens.

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