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How to Check DU Balance Prepaid and Postpaid – Burj Diary

Last updated on January 18th, 2024 at 03:45 pm

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Are you a Du sim holder wondering how to check Du balance? If yes, then keep reading because Burj Diary will show you quick ways to check the prepaid and postpaid Du sim balances in easy steps. 

Du is a Dubai-based telecommunication firm that helps individuals to effectively communicate with each other by providing attractive pre-paid and postpaid deals on its Du sims. Customers can recharge their sims using various prepaid and postpaid services and enjoy daily talks with their family and friends in the UAE.

Keeping a check of stats like DU sim balance is mandatory to ensure an efficient management of one’s finances and mobile phone connectivity. Nobody wants to miss important messages and calls merely due to lack of credit. Fortunately, DU has introduced easy methods for customers to find out their remaining sim balances through USSD codes and SMS. Here’s how you can use these methods to monitor your phone balance anytime.

How to Check DU Balance: Prepaid

When you buy a phone recharge or phone package by paying in advance before using the service, it’s called a prepaid balance. You can check your prepaid Du sim balance in four main ways, including USSD, SMS, Website, and App as follows: 

Method 1: Checking Prepaid DU Balance Via USSD

  • Open your phone dialer and write the USSD code *135#
  • Click on the Call Button 
  • After some loading, the details of your remaining prepaid Du balance will appear on the screen. 

Method 2: Checking Prepaid DU Balance via SMS

  1. Open the messaging app on your phone 
  2. Write “Balance” in the message and send this message to 1335
  3. You’ll receive your credit details in a message within 1-2 minutes. 

Method 3: Checking Prepaid DU Balance Via DU Website

  • Go to the Du’s official website
  • Login to your Du account by writing your email/username and password. If you don’t have a Du account, select the register option and follow the website directions to create one. 
  • Once opened, your remaining credit will be displayed on the dashboard

Method 4: How To Check Du Balance Via DU App

Customers can also know their balance details by using the Du’s mobile App follows: 

  1. Download and install the Du App. 

Android users can download it by clicking the below button

Apple users can download it by clicking the below button

  1. Open the App and log in/Register by adding your account ID and password
  2. You’ll be able to view how much of your prepaid balance is left and current active packages on the home page of the App

How to check Du Balance: Postpaid

Postpaid balances are the ones that you pay at the end after using the relevant SIM services or packages. It’s just like a phone bill you get at the end of the month and contains balance details you consumed the entire month. You can see your postpaid Du balance details through SMS, Du App, and Du website (self-care portal) as follows: 

Method 1: Checking Postpaid DU Balance Via SMS

  1. Open a new message tab in your phone’s messaging app 
  2. Write the word rewards in the message, type 1223 in the sending number, and send the message
  3. Your postpaid balance details will be shared with you in a message within a few minutes

Method 2: Checking Postpaid Du Balance Via Du Website/Self-Care Portal

  1. Go to the online self-care portal of Du. 
  2. Enter log-in details or register first as applicable 
  3. The relevant postpaid balance details will be displayed on the screen after logging in 

Method 3: Checking Postpaid Du Balance Via Du App:

Similar to the prepaid balance, the Du app also allows users to see their postpaid credit details to help them monitor and clear their phone bills on time. Here’s how to check Du balance for postpaid Du Sims through App. 

  1. Download the Du app from the Play Store or App Store and then log in 
  2. Your app account will show the current postpaid balance bills, which you’ll have to pay at the end of the month

Transferring Du Balance

Luckily, Du has also introduced easy balance transfer methods where different prepaid and postpaid users can share their credit with each other in case of emergencies. These transfers can be done between two Du Sims and Du and other UAE sims.

This service is beneficial when you’re in immediate need of recharge and cannot find a nearby store to buy a recharge card. That’s why, in addition to knowing how to check Du balance, you should also know how to transfer the Du balances when required. Here are the two easy methods you can use for transferring your Du balance quickly. 

Method 1:

  • Open the dialing pad on your phone 
  • First, type *121*, then write the number you want to transfer your credit to, then type * again, then write the balance amount you want to share in AED, and type # at the end. For example: *121*24583547651*15AED#
  • After that, you’ll be asked to confirm or cancel the transfer by pressing 1 and 2
  • Dial 1 for confirmation, and the mentioned amount will be transferred to the recipient’s phone number. 

Method 2:

  • Type *121# in your dialing pad 
  • Then, write the phone number of the recipient to whom you wish to transfer the balance. 
  • Then, type the transfer amount in dirhams/AED.
  • After some time, you’ll get a confirmation message, and the balance will be shared. 

Recharging DU Balance for Prepaid Sims

Now that you’ve learned how to check Du balance, it is also important to know how to recharge your Du sims when you find your account is low on credit. There are several ways to top-up or recharge the balance in your prepaid Du sims. Some of these are discussed below. 

Using Scratch Cards:

Like all the sim companies worldwide, the quickest and most common way to recharge your Du sim is by using a scratch card. You can buy these cards at different shops across Dubai. The prices differ as per the recharge amount available. Buy a recharge card, scratch it, and type the marked number on your phone following the instructions on the card, and your SIM will be topped up instantly. 

Using Online Website:

If you want to recharge your SIM online in the comfort of your home, then you can use the recharge portal on Du Website. Open the portal, write the phone number, and then you can buy different recharge packages by using your debit or credit card. 

Using Du APP

Customers can also recharge their prepaid sims through their phones by using the Du App. The process is the same as the website. You’ll log in to the App, navigate to the recharge tabs, select your desired package, and then pay for it online via debit or credit card. 


Prepaid Du customers can also use other options like payment machines/top-ups from local shops, e-vouchers, and the one 2 one Du balance transfer services to recharge their sims when required. 

Paying Postpaid DU Balance:

Like prepaid customers, users with postpaid Du sims can also use the Du website and App to pay their monthly bills. The procedure to pay postpaid bills is almost the same on Du App and Du web portals. You’ll log in to your account, navigate to the payment tabs, and pay your postpaid balances through different online transaction options. 

Customers can also activate the auto-bill payment features on their account to ensure timely payments. This way, the postpaid amount will be automatically deducted from the user’s account every month. 

Other common ways to make postpaid bill payments are by either directly visiting a Du Branch or going to bank branches that are affiliated to receive the Du payments. 

How to Check DU Balance- FAQS

Can I check my DU Sim Balance Online?

Yes, you can view your remaining Du credit online through the Du Website or the Du Mobile App. Note that this method requires you to register a Du account first to access balance details. 

What’s the USSD to check DU Sim Balance?

It’s *135#. All Du users in UAE can dial this USSD code to check their Du sim balance details quickly. 

How to Check DU Balance for Postpaid Sims?

You can use the message method (sending typed message of rewards to 1223) or the Du App or website portal to monitor the postpaid balance of your account. 

What’s the Code to Check DU Internet Data?

You can find details on your remaining mobile data package on Du Sim by dialing *102#. Du also sends automatic notifications to the customers when they are at the end of their data package. So, you’ll receive pre-programmed alerts when you have consumed 70%/80%/100% of your data bundle. 

Can I Use My DU Sim Data in Other Countries?

Yes. People can use Du Sim outside the UAE by activating the Roaming Services on their Du Sims. DU has its active network connection worldwide in around 250 countries. You’ll have to identify a relevant Du partner in your destination country before arrival and activate the data roaming services on your SIM. Then, after reaching the foreign country, your SIM will be connected to the relevant partner, and the data will start working. If it doesn’t connect automatically, you can use your phone setting to locate and connect to the nearest Du partner. 

How to Check DU Balance Without Internet?

You can use the USSD code or SMS methods explained above to check your present Du balance offline without needing the internet. 

Summing Up

Knowing the balance amounts in your Du Sims is vital to enjoying uninterrupted communications and data facilities. There are several methods of how to check Du balance, as explained above. You can check all sorts of prepaid and postpaid Du balances either through offline methods of USSD code and SMS or by using online methods of the Website and App of Du as you like. We hope this guide helps you with all your Du balance inquiries. If you still face any inconvenience, please don’t forget to ask in the comment sections below. 

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