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Etisalat Sim Card Registration Renewal Guide

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Etisalat is among one of the largest telecommunication firms in the UAE. As per the recent regulations of the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA), users of all telecom companies in UAE including the Etisalat are required to register and renew their sim numbers with their updated IDs. Failure to do so will result in disconnection of the relevant numbers, which means you won’t be able to utilize the mobile services anymore. 

Luckily, Etisalat has made the process much easier for customers by introducing online Etisalat sim card registration Renewal methods. If you also hold an Etisalat sim that’s to be verified yet, then follow the below guide and complete your registration process in no time. 

Etisalat Sim Card Registration Online Steps

You can use either the Etisalat website or My Etisalat App for number registrations. The process and required documents are almost the same for both. However, utilizing the application is considered more convenient. 

By Using My Etisalat App

Here’s how you can register your Etisalat Sims on your updated IDs online using the My Etisalat App. 

Before taking the below steps, make sure you have the UAE Pass App already downloaded on your phone and have your up-to-date Emirates ID added to it. It’s required because the Etisalat registration involves an authentication step from the UAE Pass App so you won’t be able to complete the process without it. 

Step 1: Download My Etisalat UAE App, Play store, Appstore

Step 2: Open the App and Click on Login with the UAE PASS option 

Step 3:  confirm authentication and enter your UAE Pass Pin 

Step 4: Go to the Profile tab on the bottom right of the home page 

Step 4: Click on the Update my Emirates ID option. Your account page will open showing all the Etisalat numbers linked to your Emirates ID.

Step 5: Choose the number you want to register and press agree and continue button.

Step 6: Click on the select all option before agreeing If you wish to get all your Etisalat numbers registered at once. Note that the unselected contacts will be disconnected and deleted from your profile. 

Step 7: Click on Continue with UAE Pass. An authentication request will be sent to the UAE Pass app on your phone. 

Step 8: Ideally, Your UAE pass application should open automatically after a few seconds of loading. If it doesn’t, switch to the app yourself. 

Step 9: Accept the sharing request on the UAE App and enable I consent to share this confirmation option and then hit the Allow document sharing below.

Step 10: You’ll be asked to give your UAE PASS PIN Again. Enter it correctly. 

Step 11: Review and confirm your details, fill in your primary contact and email ID information, tick the Agree to terms and condition option and press submit 

Step 12: A notification showing the successful receipt of your registration request and ID will appear on the screen. You’ll also receive the same alert on your phone through SMS within a few minutes. 

Step 13 :Press the red OK button on the bottom of the notification page. 

Step 14: Wait for final confirmation. The authorities will view and verify your submitted request,and send you a registration confirmation message within 2 hours, notifying that your Etisalat SIM card has been successfully registered under your given Emirates ID (as uploaded in the UAE Pass App). 

Note: Your registered sim number will stay active as long as the linked Emirates ID is valid. If the ID expires, you’ll have to re-register the number with the renewed ID through the same process again. Otherwise, your Sims will be deactivated by the company automatically. 

By Using Etisalat Website

You can also use the online registration portal of the Etisalat website to get your SIM cards registered. 

Here, you’ll be uploading your Emirates ID pictures/scans directly instead of providing them through the UAE Pass Application as with the My Etisalat APP. 

Etisalat Sim Card Registration Other Options

While the online methods offer great convenience, they can be a bit overwhelming and may result in unexpected errors sometimes. In such cases, you can utilize the following offline ways to renew your Sim card registrations.  

Visiting Etisalat Official Stores or Partner Outlets

Locate your nearest Etisalat outlets and their approved resellers here

Using Etisalat Payment Machines

You can also fulfill your SIM card registration through Etisalat Payment Machines. However, these require entering and scanning your ID card directly so make sure you take your Emirates ID with you. 

These machines are available in different malls and centers in the UAE. You can find one nearest to you here.

Contacting Etisalat Team

Last but not least, you can also get help on your Etisalat sim card registration renewals by getting in touch with the official team of Etisalat on their customer care number(101/ 800 5800) or through the live chat option

Documents Needed for Etisalat Sim Card Registration

Documents required to renew the sim number registrations differ for various nationals as follows. 

UAE Nationals/UAE Residents Original and Valid Emirates ID
GCC Nationals Original Valid Emirates ID/ Original Valid GCC ID/ Original Valid Passport
Government Firms Government Decree/ valid Establishment Card

Authorized Person’s Emirates ID and Passport copy with visa page included 

Business Firms Valid Establishment Card

Authorized Person’s Emirates ID and Passport copy with visa page included

People of Determination Emirates ID, People of Determination Card


Note: UAE Residents, nationals, and GCC Nationals can renew their sim registration with any of the online and offline methods mentioned above. However, for Government and business entities and people of determination, Etisalat recommends using payment machines or outlets only.


What happens if I don’t register or renew my Etisalat sim on my ID?

Your sim numbers will be deactivated if you don’t get them registered with your updated Emirates ID. It’s not optional but a mandatory requirement as per the recent TRA policy. 

How can I do my Etisalat sim card registration online in UAE? 

You can submit your sim registration requests online on the My Etisalat Application or the Etisalat website through the steps explained above.  

What document is required to register a new Etisalat sim? 

You only need to provide your original, updated, and valid Emirates ID for registration if you are a UAE National or resident. People outside the UAE may need to provide additional documents as explained above. 

How much time does the Etisalat sim registration renewal take? 

Registering the number takes only a few minutes for request submission. After that, the renewal request usually gets approved in two hours. 

How can I track the status of my Sim registration request?

Giving your request ID number, you can monitor your registration renewal status by calling 125, dialing *101#, or through the “track your mobile registration” option on the Etisalat website. 

That sums up all the essentials of the Etisalat Sim card registration renewal process. Make sure you renew your numbers on time with the correct IDs for smooth and hassle-free telecommunication across the UAE.


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