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Emirates NBD Swift Code Dubai | EBILAEAD

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Swift codes are frequently used while making international bank transactions. These are globally recognized alphanumeric codes that act as bank identifiers and are also called business identifier codes (BICs). They mainly serve as a security measure to ensure that transferred money reaches the right destination. 

Each bank has its own unique Swift code, which users have to provide every time they send or receive money across borders from that bank. Below, we’ll shed light on Emirates NBD swift code Dubai and where you can find it. If you’re an Emirates NBD customer searching for its Swift number, then keep reading because we’ve got all the information covered for you. 

Emirates NBD Swift Code Dubai

Emirates NBD (ENBD), previously known as the National Bank of Dubai, is one of the largest government-owned banks in the UAE. Similar to other banks worldwide, it’s also a part of the global messaging network SWIFT (the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial tele communication) that facilitates secured and accurate payments between different countries through the provision of a distinct swift code to financial institutes. 

Emirates Nbd Swift Code Dubai

Interpreting Swift Code:

Before we move towards Emirates NBD swift code Dubai, you should know what swift codes contain so that you can understand and utilize them efficiently.

Every Swift code consists of four main elements combined in 8-11 characters in alphanumeric form. Each element indicates specific information about the bank, as explained below. 

  1. First element is the bank code, which comprises 4 characters in A-Z. It’s typically a short version of a bank’s name.
  2. Next part represents the country code where the bank is operating and consists of 2 A-Z characters.
  3. Third component denotes the bank’s location in 2 alphanumeric characters. 
  4. The last 3-characters indicates the bank’s branch code either in digits or alphabets.

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Emirates NBD Swift Code Break Down

Emirates Nbd Swift Code Break Down

The official swift code of Emirates NBD Dubai and Abu Dhabi branches is as follows 



EBIL is the bank code assigned to Emirates NBD by Swift

AE is the country code which refers to UAE because Emirates NBD is a UAE bank

AD represents the ENBD location, which is Abu Dhabi and Dubai

XXX denotes the branch code, which will vary for different ENBD branches. You’ll have to confirm the code of your relevant branch and put it here to process your transactions successfully.

Where to Find Your Emirates NBD Swift Code? 

Where to Find Your Emirates Nbd Swift Code? 

While you can use the ENBD swift number mentioned above by putting the correct code of your relevant branch, not everyone has this information. So, what to do if you don’t know your Emirates NBD branch number? Worry no more. You can find your swift codes with your specific branch code mentioned in the following ways. 

Account Statement:

Your account statements generally include your Swift Code information, so you can find it by viewing your Emirates NBD statement. 

Online Banking:

  • You can also access your Swift code on your ENBD online banking account. Here’s how:
  • Log in on the official ENBD online banking portal  
  • Navigate to the accounts section, select your account, and click on the account details tab 
  • You’ll see your Swift code together with other data like IBAN, account number, last statement, and so on

Mobile Banking:

  • ENBD also has a mobile app that users can use to obtain swift codes and other account credentials. Here’s how: 
  • Download and log in to the ENBD Mobile Application  
  • click on the See All Products tab on the home screen
  • choose your account and press the details button 
  • you’ll be able to view your Emirates NBD swift code Dubai under the details 

What’s App Banking

Emirates NBD has also introduced quick WhatsApp banking to help users access all services more conveniently. You can use their What’s App banking number to inquire about your swift code instantly in the following steps.

  • Open What’s App message, type hi and send it to +971 600 540000
  • Click on the Explore Services option 
  • Choose the account inquiries tab and press send 
  • Click on the My Account details button 
  • Click on Account Summary and hit send
  • Choose your account from the given list and will see all your account details, including your Emirates NBD swift code Dubai 

Emirates NBD Branch:

While it’s not as convenient as online methods, you can always visit a nearby ENBD branch and get information on your relevant swift code from the in-house staff. 

Third-Party Websites: 

There are several third-party platforms on the internet that regularly enlist Swift codes from different banks or help you generate them on the basis of certain information. So, you can also utilize these resources to discover your Emirates NBD swift codes. 

However, since these are not directly linked with the banks, there are chances that the codes given may be old or inaccurate. So, it’s always advisable to check them with the official sources before using them to avoid any mishaps. 

List of Emirates NBD Swift Code Dubai

List of Emirates Nbd Swift Code Dubai

A few of the Swift codes for different Emirates NBD Dubai branches are listed below. However, we suggest reconfirming them again from the bank to ensure they are still valid and correct. 

Emirates NBD Dubai Branch NamesSWIFT Codes
Dubai Main BranchEBILAEADDMB
Group Head Office BranchEBILAEADFIN


FAQS - Emirates NBD Swift Code

What is the Swift Code for Emirates Nbd Bank in Uae? 


Can I Use the Swift Code Ebilaeadxxx for All Emirates Nbd Branches? 

It depends. The part EBILAEAD is the same for all outlets, so you can use it unless your transaction doesn’t require the branch code (XXX), which changes for each branch. Some banks demand complete swift numbers, in which case you’ll have to use the full code EBILAEADXXX by writing your relevant Emirates NBD branch code in place of XXX. It’s best to confirm it from the bank for a seamless remittance. 

Where Can I Find My Accurate Emirates Nbd Swift Code, Dubai?

You can obtain your accurate Swift Codes either from your bank statements or through the online, mobile, and WhatsApp banking of Emirates NBD, as explained above. 

Can I Send Money Internationally Without Using the Swift Code? 

No, you won’t be able to perform any global transactions without using the right swift code.

What Happens if an Incorrect Swift Code is Used?

In case of incorrect codes, your transactions are either rejected or delayed, or they can be sent to the wrong account, which can result in the loss of your funds altogether. 

What Should I Do if I Have Entered the Wrong Emirates NBD Swift Code? 

It’s best to contact ENBD customer service. They will help you resolve the issue. You may be charged an extra amount to correct the payments. 

Now you know everything about using and finding your Emirates NBD swift code Dubai. They tell you about your bank’s whereabouts and ensure your international wires are protected and arrive at the right place. Stay informed and enjoy seamless ENBD global payments.

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