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Emirates Draw Complete Guide: Fast 5, Easy6, Mega 7

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Emirates Draw is the largest weekly lottery program in UAE, offering participants the chance to win the staggering prize of 100 million AED with its 3 games. The popular national raffle has transformed the lives of countless people globally to date and continues to draw interest from many newcomers with its thrilling rewards.  

If you’re also new to the draw and want to know how it’s played, you’ve landed on the right page. This blog will provide you with a complete guide on how Emirates draws work, covering their costs, prizes, types, participation, and withdrawal process. Read on and try your luck to be the next raffle millionaire today.

About Emirates Draws

Emirates Draw is a UAE-based, global gaming company that deals in innovative and entertaining draw products and events with a CRS (consumer social responsibility) approach to uplift individuals and the community.  

There are 3 kinds of games under Emirates draws: Fast 5, Easy 6, and Mega 7. Each of these has different ticket costs and cash rewards. So, how much you can win will depend on what draw type you have entered into. 

  • Fast 5 tickets cost 25 AED and have a maximum reward of 25,000 AED
  • Easy 6 Ticket costs 15 AED with a maximum cash prize of 15 million AED
  • Mega 7 ticket is priced at 50 AED with a grand reward of 100 million AED.

How Do They Work?

The general playing process is the same for all categories. You buy the tickets for your preferred game in the form of pencils from the official website or app, choose specific numbers from a set limit in a line (any 5 numbers from 1 to 42 for Fast 5, any 6 numbers from 1 to 39 for Easy 6, any 7 numbers from 1 to 37 for Mega7) and enter the lottery.

The draws are then held live every week at 9 PM (Fast 5 on Saturdays, Easy 6 on Fridays, Mega 7 on Sundays), and the winners’ names are announced through Emirates Draw online channels. 

Each ticket gives you entry to a main/ball draw and a raffle draw. 

Main draws are conducted by randomly withdrawing numbered balls from the ball draw machines. If the digits you chose while purchasing tickets match the withdrawn balls, you win cash rewards.

The amount of prizes varies, depending upon how many of your predictions are accurate and your game category. So, the more you match, the more money you get. 

Raffle draws pick guaranteed winners each week based on the ticket IDs using the random number generators. Each participant gets a unique ID number against his entry, and if it appears in the generated result, he/she wins. The prize amounts and total numbers of set winners for raffle draws differ in each category. 

Note that raffles select only fixed lucky champions every week, contrary to balls, whose winners can be more or less as per the matching digits. 

Emirates Draw Prizes

Here’s a complete overview of prizes you can win from the main and raffle draws of each category of the lottery. 

Category Main Draw Prizes Raffle Draw Prizes
Fast 5 25,000 AED for 25 years for 5/5 matches*

(The winner will get 25,000 AED every month for 25 years, totaling 7,500,000 AED) 

3 Guaranteed Winners 

Each winner will get different cash rewards as follows

  • 75,000 AED
  • 50,000 AED
  • 25,000AED 
Easy 6 
    • 15,000,000 AED for 6/6 matches*
    • 150,000 AED for 5/6 matches*
  • 15,000 AED for 4/6 matches*
  • 5 AED for 3/6 matches
6 Guaranteed Winners

Each winner will get 15,000AED

(6*15,000 AED)

Mega 7
  • 100,000,000 AED for 7/7 matches*
  • 250,000 AED for 6/7 matches*
  • 1000 AED for 5/7matches
  • 50 AED for 4/7 matches
  • 7AED for 3/7 matches
15 Guaranteed Winners

Each winner will get 10,000 AED

(15*10,000 AED)



Main draw prizes with * indicates shared rewards. It means if more than one individual has accurately required predictions, then the cash will be distributed equally among all. 

The above values are according to the current ongoing draws. The amounts of weekly prizes may change in case of further updates by the management. 

Social Cause Behind The Emirates Draws

The earnings from each ticket purchase are spent on the Emirates Draw Coral Reef restoration program, which aims to preserve the marine ecosystem in the UAE and the neighboring coastline. In addition, they also support several charitable and environmental organizations in the UAE. So, by playing the games, you’re not only earning rewards but also giving back to the community and environment. 

Where To Buy The Emirates Draw Tickets? 

The lottery tickets are sold only online through the official Emirates Draw website and Application (Play Store, App Store) You can participate in your preferred category by digital purchases from these platforms. 

Complete Steps for Entering Emirates Draw Online

The general process to buy tickets and enter draws is the same on the website and app. Here, we’ve outlined steps for the site. 

Emirates Draw – Fast 5:

  • Register a new account or log in as an existing user 
  • Go to the buy now section and select Fast 5
  • Choose the number of pencils/tickets you want to buy by clicking on the plus sign 
  • Select any five numbers between 1 and 42 for each ticket. You can choose numbers manually or click on the randomize symbol on top for auto selection. 
  • Pick the draw type you wish to enter below the add-to-cart button. 
  • Tick “current draw” for participating in the same week’s raffle or “Multiple Upcoming Draws” for entering the upcoming week’s draws. You have the option to take part in up to 5 future draws. Scroll down and select your desired week number. 
  • Click on the Add to Cart Button. 
  • Press the Pay Now button on the checkout page. 
  • Select your payment method. You can pay using your debit/credit card, Emirates Draw Wallet, or by redeeming Brounz points/coupons if applicable.
  •  Enter the relevant card details and press the Make Payment tab 
  •  After a successful transaction, you’ll receive the entry confirmation via email. 

Watch the live draw streaming on the relevant week’s Saturday at 9 PM on the Emirates Draw website or social media channels to check your results. 

Emirates Draw – Easy 6: 

  • Register a new account or log in as an existing user 
  • Go to the buy now section and select Easy 6
  • Choose the number of pencils/tickets you want to buy by clicking on the plus sign
  • Select any six numbers between 1 and 39 for each ticket manually or using the randomizer. 
  • Tick “current draw” or “multiple upcoming draw” depending upon which week’s draw you wish to enter.
  • Press the Add to Cart Button. You’ll be directed to the checkout page displaying your total purchase summary. 
  • Press the Pay Now button on the checkout page. 
  • Select your payment method. You can pay using your debit/credit card, Wallet, or by redeeming Brounz points/coupons if applicable.
  •  Enter the relevant card details and make the payment 
  •  After a successful transaction, you’ll get an email verifying your participation in the lottery. 

Watch the live draw streaming on the relevant week’s Friday at 9 PM on the Emirates Draw’s website or social media channels to find out if you have hit the jackpot. 

Emirates Draw – Mega 7

  • Register a new account or log in as an existing user 
  • Navigate to the buy now section and select Mega 7
  • Select the number of pencils/tickets you wish to purchase by clicking on the plus sign 
  • Pick any seven numbers between 1 and 37 for each ticket manually or using the randomizer. 
  • Tick “current draw” or “multiple upcoming draw” depending upon the draw week type you want to enter.
  • Click the Add to Cart Button. You’ll be directed to the checkout page displaying your total order summary. 
  • Click on the Pay Now button on the checkout page. 
  • Select your desired payment option from debit/credit card, Wallet, or Brounz points/coupons.
  •  Fill in the required card information and make the payment 
  •  An email will be sent to you confirming your draw entry following the remittance.  

Tune in to the live draw streaming on the relevant week’s Sunday at 9 PM on the Emirates Draw’s website or social media channels to see the results. 

Participating in Emirates Draw Through Coupons

In addition to cash, coupons can also be used for buying online draw tickets. You can get them from mobile loading machines/kiosks across different retail or grocery shops in the UAE. Here’s how you can enter your desired game using coupons on the Emirates draw site. 

  1. Register or log in to your online Emirates Draw account
  2. Go to the buy now section and choose the game type for which you have a coupon. (If you have a 15AED coupon, you can enter Easy 6. Similarly, if you have a 25 AED or 50 AED coupon, you can get a ticket for Fast 5 and Mega 7 games) Suppose we’re buying an Easy 6 ticket with a 15 AED coupon. 
  3. Click on the “Scan Coupon” Button on the entry page 
  4. Write your 16-digit coupon code manually and press next or click on “Scan QR code” for entry
  5. Click on Add Coupons if you have more than one voucher to add (optional)
  6. After adding the coupon number, you’ll be automatically given a number sequence by the system against your purchased ticket, followed by an email entry confirmation. 
  7. Click on the view ticket option to see your lottery numbers and match them to the live draw results at 9 PM on the relevant weekday to know the results. 

You can also view your bought tickets and associated numbers from the My Orders section in your online account. 

Note that this method doesn’t allow you to pick numbers manually like regular purchases. 

Selecting Numbers Manually Using Coupons

If you wish to choose numbers manually with coupons, follow the steps mentioned in the prior section of Entering Emirates Draw Online. 

When you reach the payment page after picking your desired numbers (step 8), instead of selecting debit/credit card or e-wallet, write your coupon number in the “enter promo code” section on the right and click apply. Your code will be applied, and you’ll get your lottery entry with your preferred digits. 

How to Withdraw Money Won in Emirates Draw Games? 

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If you turn out to be the lucky raffle or main draw winner, you can claim your prize money via bank/cash/wallet transfer using the official website or Application of Emirates draw in the following steps:

  • Sign in to your Emirates Draw account 
  • Go to the My Account section 
  • Click on the Transfer/Withdrawal tab 
  • Write the amount you want to withdraw and choose your preferred withdrawal mode. You have three options: bank transfer for drawing the prize directly to your bank account, cash transfer for getting direct cash from exchange centers, and wallet transfer for transferring your prize to the e-wallet for future ticket purchases. 
  • Add the required details as per your chosen method to complete the withdrawal. 
  1. For Bank Transfer: Fill in your Account Name and Number, Bank Country, City, IBAN, and swift code, and click on submit. 
  2. For Cash transfer: Write your name, country, city, and state and click on request transfer, upload your identity document (Emirates ID for UAE residents, Passport for expats), and press done.  
  • Once completed, a confirmation notification will be sent to you via email. 

Points to Remember for withdrawals

  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 200 AED for cash and bank transfers. 
  • Prizes not withdrawn will be automatically added to your e-wallets. 
  • The transfer to e-wallets is irreversible, and you cannot get your money back again. 
  • Bank withdrawals will work only when your bank account name and your registered Emirates draw account name are the same. 


How can I register a new account on Emirates Draw? 

You can create a new account by verifying your contact and email in the following steps.

  • Go to the Emirates Draw website or download the app 
  • Click on the Register option on the home page 
  • Enter your full name in the first box.
  • Write your active phone number in the second box and click on the red verify button. Then, complete verification by typing the code sent to your given contact. 
  • Fill in your email and verify with the code sent to your given email address. 
  • Type your desired password and Press Next. 
  • Write your phone number, valid email address, and desired password, and click on next. 
  • Fill in the requested details (DOB, Nationality, Country, Gender) and click on the Create Account tab 
  • After a few seconds of loading, you’ll receive a welcome email from Emirates ID, and your account will be registered. 

What’s the eligibility to enter the Emirates Draw? 

To be eligible for participation: 

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • The jurisdiction laws of your residence country or the country where you are present while making entry doesn’t prohibit or restrict you from lottery entries. 
  • You should not be an Emirates draw or affiliated company’s Manager, Employee, or an immediate relative of these persons. 
  • You don’t belong to a sanctioned country
  • You are not an insurance or government representative or the third-party contractor or consultant of the manager involved in the draw’s audit, security, and insurance reviewal procedures. 

What is the E-wallet/Emirates Draw Wallet? 

It’s an electronic wallet where you can add purchased credits to buy your desired game tickets. It allows you to enter the draws directly instead of putting in card details individually every time. 

Here’s how you can add credits to your e-wallets: 

  • Log in to your website account
  • Click on the add credit button under my account section.
  • Write the top-up amount/ how much money you wish to add to your wallet
  • Click on the pay button, enter your debit/credit card details as required, and confirm payment
  • Your wallet will be topped up, and a confirmation email will be sent to you.  

Note that if your accounts stay deactivated for over 12 months, your wallet balance will be lost. 

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Can people outside the UAE participate in Emirates Draws?

Yes, the draw welcomes international participants from different countries worldwide as long as they meet the eligibility. 

Where the draw results are announced? 

You can watch them live on the following Emirates draw channels:

Is there a deadline to claim lottery prizes?

There’s no specified time for claiming the rewards. Your prize will be transferred automatically to your Winning Balance, and you can decide to withdraw it whenever you want, except for grand prizes of Mega7(7 matches), Fast5(5matches), or Easy6(6matches), for which the winning manager will contact you and guide you about payment protocols separately.

How much time it takes to receive the prize money after submitting a withdrawal request?

Most rewards get transferred in 7 working days, given you’ve provided accurate account and personal information. However, larger prizes may take up to 40 days to process. 

What’s the Prize money for easy 6 games?

Easy 6 has a grand prize of 15,000,000 AED and a raffle prize of 15,000 AED for six guaranteed winners. 

Can I win both main and raffle draws?

Yes, if you have all the matched numbers and your ticket ID is selected in the raffle draws, you can win both prizes for your particular game category. 

Should I miss the live streaming, how can I find out if I’ve won the draw games?

All winners are notified via emails, and the results are also regularly updated on the Emirates draw website, which you can review later to check if you won. 

Where can I find the past draw results and winning combinations? 

You can see the latest results and winning combinations for easy 6, mega7 here, and fast 5 here.

Is there any strategy to increase your chances of winning? 

It’s a game of luck, but participants may test different combinations to win. For example, you can choose the frequently matching numbers of the past draws, select sets of both higher and lower numbers, and so on.

How are Emirates draws played? 

You buy the ticket for your preferred game (Fast5, Easy6, Mega7) online, choose your desired number combination, and then watch the live draw results at 9 PM (UAE time) every week to check if your predicted digits matched and you won. 

What’s the ticket price of the Emirates draw? 

It’s 15 AED for Easy6, 25 AED for fast 5, and 50 AED for mega 7. 

Final Takeaway

The diverse game portfolio and unique environmental cause sets Emirates Draw apart from other UAE lottery programs. Not only you get the thrill of winning millions of dollars but also the satisfaction of supporting a good cause. Now that you’re aware of the format, it’s time to take your chance on the nation’s biggest weekly raffle. Who knows, you may be the next person striking the jackpot!

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