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Du Recharge: 6 Methods to Recharge Your Du Sims

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Du (Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company) is a prominent telecom operator in the UAE, known for its convenient and efficient mobile services. One of its plus points is the easy recharge solutions it offers, allowing users to top up their phone credits swiftly on the go. 

In this blog, we’ll walk you through different online and offline du recharge methods in simple steps. If you’re a du customer looking for quick ways to replenish your SIM balance, here’s everything you need to know. 

Du Recharge Methods

There are two ways to recharge your Du balance, the first one is online and the second one is Offline. both are discussed in detail below. 

So, If you have a prepaid Du Sim, you can recharge your balance in the following ways: 


  1. Du Website (Quick Recharge/ My Account)
  2. Du App 
  3. Online Banking and Third-party sites


  1. Scratch Cards/E-Vouchers
  2. ATMs/Kiosks
  3. Credit/Balance Transfer

Let’s discuss how one by one. 

Du Recharge (Online Methods)

Du provides several online platforms, including its website, App and partner sites, that enable customers to top up their mobiles at any time from the comfort of their homes. It means you no longer have to physically visit stores to buy balance cards for your Sims. All you need is stable internet and a working device, and you’re good to go. 

Using Du Website: 

You can top up your sims on the Du website either using the Quick Recharge or My Account option. 

Quick Recharge: 

It’s the instant recharge portal on the official du website that helps you to purchase online prepaid credits within seconds without needing a registered account. It’s accessible 24/7 and is the fastest and easiest way to credit your du mobile sims online. Here’s how it works. 

  1. Open the official Du Website
  2. Press the Quick Recharge button on the top right of the home page
  3. Enter your Du phone number and hit the next 
  4. Choose the credit amount you wish to buy and click on recharge now button
  5. Select your payment method (debit/credit/e-wallet), enter relevant details and click on recharge now button
  6. After the transaction, your sim will be recharged, and a success notification will appear on the screen.

You’ll also get the confirmation with the balance details through SMS and email. If you need more detail on quick recharge you can watch this video guide.

My Account:

Another way of recharging your numbers on the Du website is by logging in to the My Account page. It’s feasible for those who have an online personal registered account with Du. 

  1.  Log in to the Du My Account portal using your ID and Password
  2. Navigate to the recharge option. The rest of the steps are almost the same. 
  3. Select the top-up amount, choose a preferred payment method, add credit/debit card details and confirm the transaction.

Your sim will be recharged with your desired amount in no time. 

*Individuals with post-paid Du sims can also use the My Account portal to clear their monthly phone bills and track their daily usage details. 

Using Du App:

Here’s how you can use Du Mobile App to recharge your phone lines conveniently. 

  1. Download the Du Mobile Application (Playstore, App Store)
  2. Open the application and log in using your account credentials
  3. Scroll down the home page and Click on the purple recharge button at the bottom
  4. Select your desired amount. You can choose from pre-give options or click on others to write your preferred denomination. 
  5. Proceed with the payment by filling in your relevant card details 
  6. A successful notification with details of your recharged balance and validity will appear on the screen after a few seconds.

*Du App also offers a lot of other great functions for both pre-paid and post-paid customers. You can view your balance and package details, buy direct data/SMS/Call bundles, explore special offers, pay your bills, and even subscribe to auto-payment features while managing your accounts.  

Using Online Banking and Third-Party Sites:

You can also utilize the phone banking facilities of the following Banks in UAE to top up your Du Sims instantly. These banks have an official partnership with Du, making their services more accessible to residents all across the UAE.

Online Banking

Just download the relevant bank’s mobile app and submit your recharge requests under the mobile recharge/payments section.

  • ADCB
  • FAB
  • Mashreq Bank
  • CitiBank
  • Emirates NBD 
  • Emirates Islamic
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • Al Hilal Bank
  • Rak Bank

Third-Party Websites

In addition, several third-party websites provide direct online Du recharge services to users. Some of these include

Note: The basic procedure remains the same. You download the relevant company app, register, look for the recharge section, enter your contact and the desired amount, choose the payment option, and enter the card information. The balance will be added to your sim. 

Du Recharge (Offline Methods)

If online platforms are not suitable for you, you can always opt for traditional ways of topping up your Du credits. Let’s see how. 

Using Scratch Cards/E-Vouchers:

Similar to all other telecom companies, Du also has a range of Scratch cards, with different credit amounts (25 AED to 525AED), that users can purchase at various shops across the UAE to renew their sim balances whenever needed. 

E-vouchers also work the same way as scratch cards, except they come in receipt form with the recharge card number directly printed on them, so there’s no need for scratching. 

Here’s the process to recharge your Du Sims via scratch cards or e-vouchers

You’ll use the USSD code *135*CardNumber# in the following steps. 

  1. Open your phone dialer
  2. Type *135*, write the scratched card/voucher number followed by # 
  3. Your prepaid sim will be topped up immediately with the relevant balance

Note: Du has introduced different USSD codes for card recharges, each offering a distinct benefit, validity and usage. So, you can use the one that meets your needs the most. 

*135*Card Number# It’s for normal recharge/more time. You would be able to utilize your card balance for all kinds of usage (call/SMS/data), and it will be valid for a lifetime.
*136*Card Number# It’s for more credit. The balance amount could be used for all activities, but validity will be limited depending on recharge worth. 
*131*Card Number# It’s for more data. Your balance will be used for data only with a validity of 30 days. 
*138*Card Number# It’s the more international code. The credit will be for international usage only, and the validity will depend on the value of the purchased recharge plan. 


Using Kiosk Machines/ATMs:

Another convenient option for recharging Du sims is the Payment Kiosks. These are the self-service machines where you can insert cash/card and buy your desired prepaid credits or pay your post-paid bills in person. Here’s how:

  1. Go to a nearby Payment Kiosk 
  2. Select the Du option on the screen 
  3. Choose the Recharge/Prepaid button 
  4. Select the type of recharge you want. More time/More Data
  5. Write your phone number and press the next tab
  6. Select or write the desired balance amount you wish to purchase 
  7. Insert the required cash amount in the machine’s cash slot and click on pay button on the screen
  8. Your sim will be recharged, and you’ll receive a printed receipt from the machine  

Du payment Kiosks are present at multiple locations throughout the UAE. You can locate your nearest one anytime.  

You can also use the ATMs of Du partner banks, as listed below, to top up your numbers by cash deposits in a similar manner. 

  • Mashreq Bank
  • Emirates NBD
  • Emirates Islamic
  • FAB

Using Balance/Credit Transfer:

Balance transfer allows you to send and receive credit directly to and from another Du prepaid user. In other words, you can recharge your Du sims by transferring the balance from another Du sim number without any extra fee. It becomes handy in emergencies when you’re unable to access scratch cards, kiosks and other online portals. 

Here’s how you can perform du balance transfer. 

  1. Open your phone’s dialing pad 
  2. Type *121*, then write the recipient number where you want to send the credit, followed by the amount to be transferred in dirhams and Press # 
  3. Press 1 to confirm the transfer or 2 to cancel. 

The mentioned credit will be sent to the given number within a few seconds. 

Or you can opt for the alternative steps as follows. 

  1. Dial *121# on your phone
  2. Write the beneficiary’s phone number 
  3. Enter the balance amount in AED 
  4. After a short wait, you’ll receive the transaction confirmation message from DU. 

*The minimum and maximum transfer limit is 2AED and 200AED per transaction.

Borrowing Du Credit

In case you run out of credit and have important messages or calls to make, you can also borrow a balance of up to 5AED from the company, which will be deducted from your next recharged balance automatically. It can be done via direct dialing or SMS. 

  • Dial *108# and Press 1 / Type 5 in the message and send it to 1080
  • 5 AED will be credited to your SIM and deducted the next time you top up your phone with an additional fee of 1 AED. 

Users can also auto subscribe to credit borrowing by dialing *108# and pressing 2 or sending an “Auto On” message to 1080. This way, you’ll automatically receive 5 AED whenever your sim balance falls below 0.5 AED


How to know if my Du Recharge is successful or not? 

You can dial *135# and check your Du prepaid balance to see if your recharge has succeeded or not. 

Can I recharge my Du Sim online without logging in to the Du website? 

Yes, you can use the Quick Recharge portal and top up your prepaid credits online without needing any account. 

How do you create an account on Du App?

  • Open the Du Application and click on the Create new account option. 
  • Write your mobile/landline or account number and press next. A verification code will be sent to your given contact
  • Enter verification code 
  • Provide your desired username( email) and password, and press register
  • Your Du account will be created, and you’ll be logged into the App automatically

How can I recharge my Du Sim Online? 

You can use Du website, Du App, or third-party websites as mentioned above to top up your mobiles with your desired balance at any time. 

Can post-paid Du sim holders also pay their phone bills quickly online? 

Yes, Du’s website also has a Quick Pay portal, where all prepaid bills can be settled securely and conveniently. 

What to do if I face errors in my Du recharge process? 

It’s best to get in touch with Du customer care (800-155). Their representative will help you pinpoint and resolve the issue quickly. 

Are there any special recharge offers for Du prepaid sim holders? 

Yes, Du regularly updates its website and APP with new prepaid bundles combining calls, SMS and data services at affordable rates. Click here can explore a suitable package for your needs.

Summing up

That sums up all the ins and outs of Du Recharge procedures. With multiple user-friendly online and offline platforms, Du has made the top-up process easier than ever for all its prepaid customers. Now that you’ve read our guide, let us know which method you find the most convenient in the comments section below.

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