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7 Best Clubs in Dubai to Enjoy Nightlife 2024

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As the sun goes down, casting the glorious skyscrapers of Dubai in scarlet hues, the fun kicks in. For when night falls, the party begins. The city of Dubai has many famous attributes to its name: swanky hotels, opulent malls, extravagant living, and a pulsating nightlife. In this blog, we will dance into some of the best clubs in Dubai so you know where to go when you are in the mood to boogie-woogie. Let’s dance the night away.

Best Clubs in Dubai 2024

ICY Dubai

We start with a club that opened its doors to the public last year but has garnered quite a following. Its unique features include a dazzling VVIP private room, two bars, VIP rooms, and a giant 36 sq m screen for immersive clubbing.

It is a luxurious destination to enjoy fantastic music in a chic and modern setting. The presence of the giant screen gives it a contemporary touch, and Gen-Z relates to it, making it one of the best clubs in Dubai and among the most popular.

  • What makes it famous: VVIP room, VIP booth, 36 sq m screen, diamond-inspired décor
  • What it offers: A club with a contemporary feel, a fusion of technology with entertainment, eclectic music choices, state-of-the-art lighting & sound
  • Timings: Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 PM – 4:00 AM
  • Off days: Monday
  • Entry fee: Varies depending on the event
  • Contact: +971564093333

BLU Dubai

Perched atop the 32nd floor of the V Hotel, BLU Dubai promises an unparalleled experience above and beyond a typical nightclub. Enter a world of fun, excitement, and festivity amid the breathtaking panoramic city skyline that serves as a spectacular backdrop for an unforgettable evening.

This award-winning club is renowned for its fabulous live music performances, featuring talented international and local artists, belting out soulful melodies and foot-tapping tunes. As the night matures, the resident DJs enter the spotlight, spinning a magical mix of EDM, hip-hop, and R&B. The dance floor remains alive and kicking with energy well into the wee hours of the morning.

  • What makes it famous: Spectacular panoramic views, captivating live music performances, renowned DJs
  • What it offers: Clubbing experience with a fascinating view, live music, and diverse music genres
  • Timings: Tuesday – Sunday (10 PM – 4 AM)
  • Off days: Monday
  • Entry fee: Varies depending on the event
  • Contact: +971569400444

1OAK Dubai

Get ready to be stunned by the grand and exclusive world of 1OAK, a stylized acronym for “One of a kind.” It is a globally recognized club frequented by society’s crème de la crème. Savor the luxurious interiors, featuring a magnificent chandelier cascading from the ceiling and plush seating arrangements designed for comfort.

This club exudes an aura of sophistication, perfectly in sync with the high-profile clientele it attracts. Globally renowned DJs take center stage, weaving their magic and keeping the energy levels high at night. 1OAK Dubai guarantees an unforgettable evening, leaving you wanting to rub shoulders with celebrities and enjoy the finer things in life.

  • What makes it famous: Exclusive clientele, high-profile events, renowned DJs
  • What it offers: Exclusive clubbing experience, top-notch DJ sets, luxurious ambiance
  • Timings: Daily (9 PM – 3 AM)
  • Off days: None
  • Entry fee: Free for ladies and couples, but for adult males, it starts from AED 500
  • Contact: +971528818888

Eighteen Dubai

Eighteen Dubai is the next on our list of the best clubs in Dubai. It takes you on an electrifying journey into the world of circus-themed entertainment. This vibrant club is more than just a place to enjoy music and dance; it’s an all-encompassing entertainment experience that you cannot afford to miss.

Buckle up and hold on to your seats as enthralling live acrobatic performances and gravity-defying aerial dancers dazzle you with their grace and agility. The scintillating lights create an enchanting atmosphere as the resident DJs keep the party going, mixing EDM and house music.

There are themed nights almost every night that add a touch of excitement and surprise, making every night different and special. Club Eighteen is perfect for those seeking a unique and unforgettable clubbing experience that goes beyond the dance floor.

  • What makes it famous: Circus-themed entertainment, acrobatic performances, themed nights
  • What it offers: Unique clubbing experience, live entertainment, diverse music genres
  • Timings: Daily (10:30 PM – 4 AM)
  • Off days: None
  • Entry fee: Varies depending on the event
  • Contact: +971581818180

Soho Garden Palm Jumeirah

Soho Garden Palm Jumeirah surpasses the traditional definition of a nightclub by miles. It offers a unique fusion of clubbing and a relaxed open-air lounge experience. Lush greenery, comfortable seating areas, and an expansive outdoor terrace create a perfect ambiance for unwinding with friends before the night sets in.

As the sun sets and the stars twinkle, magic happens. The venue transforms into a vibrant club with resident DJs launching a mix of house and deep house music. The diverse crowd and relaxed atmosphere make Soho Garden Palm Jumeirah an ideal spot for those seeking a blend of clubbing and a laid-back experience under the starry sky.

  • What makes it famous: Unique garden setting, relaxed atmosphere, renowned DJs
  • What it offers: Fusion of clubbing and outdoor lounge experience, diverse music genres
  • Timings: Wednesday – Tuesday (8 PM – 2 AM)
  • Off days: Monday & Thursday
  • Entry fee: The average cost is AED 200 per person, but it varies
  • Contact: +971542335555

Armani/Prive Nightclub

Armani/Prive is the place to be if you want to see and be seen by the elite crowd of Dubai. You know it’s classy and posh because it carries the iconic Armani name. The club is located inside the Armani Hotel at Burj Khalifa, which adds to its uniqueness.

The place is tastefully designed and decorated with an understated style and ambiance. Aside from the main club area, lounge and terrace areas boast Armani’s signature style. International DJs regularly visit here, and the club has resident DJs who excel in their jobs. Socialise, dance, and party with the well-heeled for a great time at this venue.

  • What makes it famous: The Armani name, it’s location, décor and style, service level
  • What it offers: A unique clubbing experience with an international feel
  • Timings: Wednesday – Sunday (11 PM – 3 AM)
  • Off days: Monday & Tuesday
  • Entry fee: Entry is free, but door policy applies, and you may be asked for a photo ID for entry
  • Contact Number: +971521769420


Give into the glamour and glitz of Mykonos of BLACK COFFEE, by WHITE Dubai, a beach club and restaurant in our list of the best clubs in Dubai. Located on the shores of Palm Jumeirah, the venue offers stunning beach views and a chic, minimalist design that transports you to the Greek island, after which it is named.

The atmosphere transforms into an electrifying party scene as the sun sets, making everyone sway to the beats. International DJs headline the nights, bursting into a mix of house, techno, and deep house music. It puts the crowd on its feet and sustains the party mood. Fire shows and captivating dancers akeeps also add a touch of spectacle and drama to the night, making WHITE Dubai an experience beyond dancing.

  • What makes it famous: Beachfront location, Mykonos-inspired vibes, renowned DJs
  • What it offers: Beach club and nightlife experience, diverse music genres, live entertainment
  • Timings: Monday – Sunday (8 PM – 2 AM & 4 AM on Wednesday & Thursday)
  • Off days: None
  • Entry fee: Depends. The average cost is 75 AED per person, and on some nights, you may be asked to buy a table
  • Contact: +9718009191

Beyond The Glitter

While these clubs offer a glimpse into the diverse and ever-evolving world of Dubai’s nightlife, there’s much more to explore. Here are some additional tips to ensure your night out in Dubai is truly unforgettable:

Dress to impress: Most high-end clubs in Dubai have a dress code, so ensure you’re dressed appropriately to avoid entry concerns. Opt for smart casual attire for most clubs, and elevate your style for exclusive venues like 1OAK.

Plan your night: With so many options available, research different clubs and their events beforehand. Choose a venue that aligns with your musical preferences and desired atmosphere.

Book reservations: Reservations are highly recommended, especially for famous clubs and weekend nights.

Hydrate and be responsible: Dubai’s desert climate can be deceiving, so stay hydrated throughout the night. Be responsible with your alcohol consumption and ensure you have a safe way to return home after your adventure.

Embrace The Excitement

Dubai’s nightlife scene is a vibrant tapestry woven with diverse experiences, catering to every taste and desire. The options are endless, from electrifying club beats to luxurious settings and live entertainment. Let this guide be your compass as you navigate the dazzling world of Dubai’s nightclubs.

Remember, your adventurous spirit and an open mind are the most important ingredients for a memorable night. So, put on your dancing shoes, gather your friends, and prepare to be charmed by the magic that unfolds under the glittering lights of Dubai.

Suraqah Farhan
Suraqah Farhan
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