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Apple Vision Pro: 9 Revolutionary Features

Last updated on November 6th, 2023 at 02:42 pm

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Apple has recently announced the release of its first-ever spatial computing headset device, the Apple Vision Pro. Seamlessly combining the virtual and physical world, the device is set to revolutionize technology by offering a fully immersive augmented reality experience. 

The unveiling took place in June 2023 at the Apple annual software developer conference, where several unique features of the headset were displayed to eager onlookers. Since then, all tech enthusiasts have been speculating on what the Vision Pro will feature.   

Let Burj Diary take you on a walk through of all the exciting Apple Vision Pro features, together with information on its release date in the UAE.

Apple Vision Pro Features: What makes it a Novel AR Device

Ever seen those Sci-Fi movies showing floating displays in space controlled merely by hand gestures? Yes, Apple Vision Pro promises to make all of that possible in reality. You can watch and move your Apps in space and make your screen size bigger or smaller using your voice and hands, just like Tony Stark! Let’s explore how.  

Spatial Operating System:

The headset uses Vision OS, which is the first-ever spatial operating system introduced by Apple, allowing users to interact with the headset in a three-dimensional interface. 

When combined with hardware sensors, the Vision OS will allow users to watch their desired content through the Goggles screen which they can navigate with their voice, select with their eyes, click on by tapping their fingers and scroll across with gentle finger flicks. 

That means, if you are wearing the Vision Pro, you can use your eye movements to select what app you want to open and then navigate through it using your fingers or voice!  

Dual Chip Design Gives Faster Processing:

To ensure a seamless AR experience, The Vision Pro possesses two distinct chips: M2 and R1

M2 is the regular chip that provides smooth performance. R1 is a brand-new chip that has been specially designed to process sensor data at high speeds so that users can enjoy a real-time experience without any processing lag. As per current specifications, it can process data within 12 milliseconds, which is around eight times faster than the blink of an eye. 

There are a total of 23 input components from which R1 receives and processes information. These include 12 cameras, 6 microphones and 5 sensors

Immersive Display with Micro-OLED Display System:

Another striking feature is the high resolution offered by the Micro-OLED display system. It consists of two small display panels that are equal in size to postage stamps but contain over 23 million pixels. As a result, users get over 4k resolution with each eye, allowing them to watch their favorite movies and play their desired video games with excellent graphics and color details. 

These vibrant and immersive displays blend seamlessly into the surroundings and give you an outstanding augmented reality experience like never before.  

3D Camera:

The Apple Vision Pro also features a three-dimensional camera and microphone system to help users capture their memorable moments with more depth. That means you can click pictures and record videos that feel more real and review them later in 3D to relive those moments whenever you want. Apple proudly announces it as its first-ever 3D camera. 

Spatial Audio System:

To give users an elite audio experience, the Apple Vision Pro uses a spatial audio system  with dual drivers in each audio pod that sense the user’s own movement and the surrounding environment and then generate corresponding spatial sounds. The resulting surround sound is absolutely serene. 

Whether you’re watching a movie, playing a game or face-timing your friends, the vision pro completely redefines the term virtual reality as we know it. 

Exterior Display and EyeSight Feature:

The advanced exterior display screen lets you keep an eye on the outside world as you delve into unprecedented virtual realms.

When you are using your headset and immersed in a virtual experience, your exterior screen will stay dark while displaying a few glimpses of the content you are watching. But as soon as someone approaches you, the eyesight feature will make your exterior screen transparent, allowing you to see others without having to remove the headset. Other people will be able to see your eyes through the screen, and you can also view them and communicate with them easily. This is a distinct feature that similar meta devices haven’t introduced so far. 

Spatial Face Time Feature: 

Apple Vision Pro also includes advanced machine learning techniques, which can create a digital persona of users as they face time with others. The digital version will have your appearance and reflect your face and hand movements, making video calls three dimensional. 

Imagine online meetings and presentations, but instead of traditional video and audio, you get to use your digital avatar to communicate with others. 

High-Performance External Battery: 

The Vision Pro is powered by an external battery that can run for two hours when connected. It has not been built inside the device to keep the device light-weight. You can easily carry this battery in your pocket as you use the headset. If you want to use Vision Pro for long hours, it can be kept plugged in to an external power source. 

Innovative Design Components: 

Apart from software features, a lot of thought has also been put into the headset’s design to make it user-friendly and visually appealing at the same time. 

To start with, there’s a three-dimensional laminated glass on the front that functions as the lens. The cameras and sensors see the outside environment through this optical surface, culminating in the perfect blend of the virtual and real worlds. 

Then there’s the sleek Aluminum Alloy frame holding the lens. It’s flexible enough to wrap easily around the user’s face and also includes a modular setting to adjust the fit for different users. 

To prevent stray light from entering the eyes, a light seal has also been incorporated into the frame, which is built with soft textiles. There’s a 3D knitted headband that has been created to give the perfect cushioning while being stretchable and breathable. 

Redefining Reality: What Do These Features Offer When Combined?

By incorporating all the components illustrated above, Apple Vision Pro aspires to provide a one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience. 

  • You can enjoy extraordinary cinematic experiences in the comfort of your home, with adjustable screen size, brightness and spatial sounds. 
  • With the spatial computing of the headset, you can indulge in real-time game experiences by connecting your remote controller to the device. 
  • The Apple Vision Pro can also become your walking workspace. You can connect your keyboard and touchpad to the headset and turn it into a fully functional computer. With the headset acting as a display unit, you can view multiple apps, interact across them in space and complete your work at any place you want. 
  •  Other Apple devices can be connected to the headset. Your 13-inch iMac screen can be converted into a 100 ft. giant display. Your living space can become your gallery where you can view pictures, panoramas and videos from your iCloud in ultra-high resolution. 
  • You can transform your spaces into immersive environments by projecting beautiful natural visuals through the headset, expanding beyond your room’s dimensions. 
  • Although not finalized yet, Apple also aims to introduce unity apps and streaming services in the headset. That means you’ll be able to use various Adobe and Microsoft apps with the Vision Pro, and also watch your favorite shows on channels like Disney+. 

Expected Release Date of Apple Vision Pro in UAE

Apple has yet to announce the exact release date of the Vision Pro. It is expected to be available in the US in early 2024. UAE residents can expect to see it in Dubai and its sister emirates in mid 2024.

The current price is projected to be around $3500, which equals roughly 13000 AED. This is the highest price for a VR headset in the market so far. It’s three times the price of the most expensive Meta’s AR and VR devices and also surpasses the prices of several iPhone and MacBook versions of Apple. 

Final Words 

With its unique sensory features and advanced functionality, the Apple Vision Pro is all set to redefine the way we interact with the digital world. Not only can you access new entertainment options, but also find new approaches to enhance your productivity. While it may not be an entirely novel concept, the headset indeed possesses some remarkable functions that set it apart from the competition. 

Rawiyah Hadiyah
Rawiyah Hadiyah
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