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Ajman Traffic Fines Check & Pay: Simple Guide for 2024

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Ajman is one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE and has a somewhat sober image compared to its flashy sister emirates. However, it’s smaller size doesn’t mean it lacks essential development infrastructure or other amenities.

Like the rest of the UAE, it has an excellent road network, and the residents are as crazy about cars here as anyone else living in the UAE. 

Where there are cars, there is bound to be traffic, and to regulate traffic, you need rules. The Ajman government has put in place stringent traffic rules to manage its flow and make roads safer for everyone. Violations of these rules can result in fines, suspension of driver’s license, earning of black points, and other penalties.

If you want to know more about Ajman traffic fines details, their incidence and how and where to pay them then read on as we disclose all this useful information here. Alternatively, you can visit the Ajman licensing center and benefit from one-window operations there. 

For your convenience, we have divided this blog into sections related to traffic rules, fines list for light vehicles, big vehicles, motorcycles and parking offenses. Let’s dig a little deeper on this topic here.

How Do You Check Ajman Traffic Fines Online?

We start with how you can make Ajman traffic fines inquiry.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for it.

Method 1:

  • Log on to the Ministry of Interior, UAE’s website at moi.gov.ae 
  • You need to register yourself first to use this service. You can do so easily using your UAE pass
  • Once registered you can click on the box Payment of traffic fines on the main page
  • There you can click on the tab Start Service to get your desired information
  • You will be asked to provide details about yourself and your car like car registration number, license number for your identification and how much amount you owe

Method 2:

There’s another website by the Ajman government which serves the same purpose. It’s address is ajman.ae

  • On the main page at the bottom left, you will see the category Service Catalog.
  • Click on it and look for the service you require which in our case is payment of traffic fines.
  • Press it and then follow the procedure.

Like the Ministry of Interior website, this website also requires registration to use its services. That is how you do Ajman traffic fines check online

Ajman Traffic Fines List and Details for Light Vehicles

Let us proceed further and discuss the nature and extent of traffic offenses and their penalties if you are driving a light vehicle. 

A light vehicle usually means carrying a small number of passengers or cargo. Cars of almost all sizes are considered light vehicles. Similarly vans, light trucks, and even motorcycles and scooters are also categorized as light vehicles. 

Here is a table to help you learn and understand the Ajman traffic fines for light vehicles.

Killing others while drivingDecided by Court2360 Days
Driving without number plates30002390 Days
Drunk drivingDecided by Court2360 Days
Fleeing after causing a minor accident that caused injuries50087 Days
Fleeing from traffic policeman8001230 Days
Over speeding by not more than 60km/h1500615 Days
Over speeding by more than 60km/h10001230 Days
Disregarding traffic signs and directions500
Reckless driving600630 Days
Driving a noisy vehicle20001230 Days
Sudden deviation10004
Littering the road10006
Using cell phone while driving5004
Driving that endangers others10001230 Days
Driving against traffic60047 Days
Overtaking from a prohibited place600
Reversing unsafely5004
Driving without headlights on at night or in foggy weather5004
Driving with expired driving licence50047 Days
Driving without vehicle registration renewal400
Disregarding pedestrians in pedestrian crossings5006
Driving without seat belts4004
Driving below the minimum designated speed limit for road if any400
Letting kids under 10 sit on the front seat of the vehicle4004-

Fine for Violating Speed Limits

Here is a list of fines for not observing speed limits.

For speeding up to 30 km/h over the maximum speed limit, the fine is AED 600.
For speeding up to 40 km/h over the maximum speed limit, the fine is AED 700.
For speeding up to 20 km/h over the maximum speed limit, the fine is AED 300.
For speeding up to 10 km/h over the maximum speed limit, the fine is AED 400.

Ajman Traffic Fines List and Details for Big Vehicles

Big vehicles are the opposite of small vehicles as they carry a larger number of passengers and heavier loads. 

Examples of these vehicles include buses, trucks, trailers, and tankers. Because of their size, their drivers must observe traffic rules strictly. Failing to comply may result in serious accidents, causing considerable harm to others. Therefore, the government imposes heavy fines for the offenders of traffic rules for big vehicles.

Here is a table of traffic violations and the penalties they carry for big vehicles.

Fleeing after causing a minor accident to a heavy vehicle100016
Entering a no-go area for heavy vehicles10004
Falling or leaking load300012
Absence of reflective stickers at the back of trucks and heavy vehicles500
Disregarding heavy vehicle lane discipline150012
Driving a heavy vehicle that does not follow safety and security conditions20006 Days
Killing others because of drivingDecided by court2360 Days
Driving without number plate30002390 Days
Drunk drivingDecided by court2360 Days
Running from a traffic policemen80012
Going over the speed limit by up to 60km/hr1500615 Days
Going over the speed by more than 60km/hr10001230 Days
Not following traffic signs and directions500--
Rash driving600630 Days
Driving a nosy vehicle20001230 Days
Sudden Deviation10004-
Littering the road10006-
Using phone while driving5004-
Dangerous driving10001230 Days
Driving against traffic flow60047 Days
Not displaying trucks load on both sides100--
Overload or protruding load with no permission50067 Days
No lights at the back or sides of trailer200--
Non-functional lights at the back or sides of trailer container200--

Ajman Traffic Fines List and Details for Parking Violations

As the population of the UAE expands and more vehicles pour into the roads, parking for vehicles becomes scarce, especially in the cities and commercial centers. It can get problematic during festive seasons and peak hours when the maximum number of cars is on the road.

Divers must, therefore, be made aware of observing parking regulations so that they won’t obstruct others’ rights and cause disruptions in traffic flow.

Parking close to fire hydrants and in reserved places for people with special needs10006
Needlessly parking in loading and offloading areas200
Parking behind vehicles and blocking their movement500
Parking vehicles on pavement400
Violating loading or unloading regulations in parking20047 Days
Parking in prohibited places2002
Abuse of parking space2003-

Ajman Traffic Fines List and Details for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycles are also increasing on the UAE roads. Although people prefer to own and use a four-wheeler, the two-wheelers are also gaining ground, especially among the immigrant community.

Motorcyclists are at a greater risk of injuries in an accident because their whole body is exposed, which can have serious consequences. They can also harm others in case of an accident, so they must follow traffic rules.

Not observing a red light10001231 days
Driving without a helmet500

Ajman Traffic Fines List and Details During Weather Emergencies

Weather-related emergencies are becoming all too frequent, thanks to global warming. Changing weather patterns worldwide are causing heavy rains, flooding, snowstorms, and other upheavals.

The UAE is also experiencing erratic and unpredictable weather, and the traffic police have devised ways to regulate traffic during such times. The following is a list of fines for violations during weather emergencies.

Gathering near valleys, dams, floods during rainy season10006-
Entering flooded valleys20002360 Days
Obstructing authorities during rescue operations and in regulating traffic1000460 Days


Q: What Types of Traffic Fines Are Most Common in Ajman?

A: The most common and frequent traffic fines in Ajman include using a mobile while driving, crossing a red light, speeding, driving without a seat belt, etc.

Q: What is the Way to Check My Ajman Traffic Fines?

A: You can go to the official websites of the Ajman government, the Ministry of Interior, or Ajman Police to check the status of your Ajman traffic fines.

Q: What is the Best Way to Pay My Traffic Fines in Ajman?

A: That depends on your convenience and preference. You can pay Ajman traffic fines by logging on to the websites mentioned above or through their apps. You can also use kiosks in police stations, shopping malls, etc. Alternatively, you can use a traffic payment service provider.

Q: Is There a Way to Contest a Traffic Fine in Ajman?

A: You can complain to the Traffic and Licensing Services Department within 15 days of receiving the traffic fine. However, you need solid evidence to contest your case.

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