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Best Ajmal Perfumes in UAE for Men, Women and Unisex

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Ajmal Perfumes is an Indian-originated brand known globally for its captivating and unique fragrances. Founded by a rice farmer named Haji Ajmal Ali in 1950, it currently holds a rich collection of over 300 luxury scents which are being sold across 50 countries worldwide, including the UAE.

While all their varieties are of top quality, selecting a single fragrance to buy can be a tough choice, especially when you’re a first-time user. Below are the Burj Diary’s finds for the best Ajmal Perfume in UAE for Women, Men and Unisex that you can start with to discover your ideal scent among the lot.

Best Ajmal Perfumes in UAE

We’ve shortlisted 5 top picks in each category based on their consistent ratings and our personal testing. Whether you want an opulent fragrance for yourself or a gift for someone special, these best-sellers are guaranteed to work well on every occasion. 

Ajmal Perfumes for Women


Aristocrat for Women is a lavish fruity fragrance that begins with a refreshing ripe berries tone balanced perfectly with the spicy cinnamon and cardamom traces. It also includes alluring floral and woody notes and has a lasting of up to 10 hours, making it an ideal blend to use as evening wear.

If you’re looking for a pleasant and seductive aroma to wear to those intimate events and festivities, Aristocrat might be the best option for you. 

Evoke Gold Edition

Evoke Gold Edition presents a delightful combination of spicy, floral and powdery aromas in a charming golden bottle. It’s designed especially to last in the hot and humid weather with a strong base of vanilla, sandalwood and musk.

You’ll also get a whiff of luscious black currant and raspberry notes in the beginning. A stunning fruity-spicy pick for all those adventurous and outgoing ladies living in the sweltering climate of UAE. 

Sacred Love

Search for the best women’s Ajmal perfumes anywhere, and you’ll see this masterpiece popping on top. The romantic fragrance is built around fresh citrus top notes that are on the slightly sweeter side, complimented by the Musky florals in the background.

Middle aromas feature enchanting jasmine, water lily and sandalwood. While the last is comparatively less, approximately 5 hours, the affordable price and lovely scent make it perfect for everyday use. For ladies who want a bit of everything under budget, we highly recommend considering sacred love. 

Aurum Eau De

Aurum is an exquisite Women’s perfume launched in 2011 that’ll remind you of a sun-kissed summer with its alluring fruity, floral and woody composition. The highlighted notes are of lemon and raspberry, blended harmoniously with blooming jasmine and gardenia, and warm musk, amber, powder and vanilla foundation.

It’s definitely long-lasting but is a bit heavy, so we recommend applying minimal amounts. It’s a fragrance that’ll keep you fresh on all your special occasions in any season. However, it might not be the best choice for winter, so if you want something specific for the cold days, we suggest checking out their Aurum Winter Variant. 

Rain Drops

Rain Drops is also ranked as one of the best Ajmal perfumes for women across the UAE. It’s a gorgeous modern scent that contains a beautiful amalgam of fruity, floral and ambery elements, including jasmine, rose, Musk, Tonka, Patchouli and Vanilla.

The light and simple formula embodies outdoor freshness, suitable for office-going and practical women. It also feels exactly like the channel’s Coco Mademoiselle, so if you want a pocket-friendly alternative to that, Rain Drops is here to the rescue.  

Best Ajmal Perfumes for Men


Just like the women’s variant, Aristocrat for men is also a major hit among all Ajmal perfumes in UAE for males. It’s a classic, sweet, and floral composition ideal for men who prefer exotic yet elegant scents.

The top notes are kept citrus with watermelon, lime and bergamot, which then goes floral with jasmine and lilies with a warm, musky touch of cedarwood, Tonka beans, vanilla and amber at the core. The average last goes up to 8 hours but is enough to keep you refreshed all day. 


If you fancy aquatic summery fragrances, Blu by Ajmal will have you sold. The sophisticated French formula is made with fresh aqueous top notes of watermelon, lavender and Bergamot.

You also get floral hints of Jasmine and Lotus together with the woody whiff of amber, musk and sandalwoods. Everything combined in a beautiful blue bottle gives you the reviving seaside feel. It’s designed specially to cater to modern tastes, so it can be a fantastic gift for all the young fellows or those who like contemporary tastes. 


Neutron is another famous men’s Ajmal perfume formulated with fresh, floral and woody fragrances. The fruity hints of citrus and raspberry are blended remarkably with a subtle floral and musky touch to give an irresistible scent that captivates the spirited young males of today. With affordable pricing and a long-lasting of 10 hours, it’s an obvious go-to choice for every event, be it office wear, everyday use or special celebrations. 


Oath by Ajmal is a beloved chypre fragrance that gives you an exhilarating citrus burst accompanied by an enticing musky amber and wood base. It is preferable for those who enjoy bold and strong compositions. If you want unique scents that instantly capture people’s attention, give Oath a try, and you’ll surely be compelled to come back for more. 

Silver Shade

If you’re looking for an affordable everyday men’s fragrance with good longevity, get your hands on Silver Shade. It is a blend of fruity, floral and woody elements tailored for adventurous souls that unfolds with stimulating citrus hints of Lemon, Lime, Bergamot, Black current and Plum.

You get lilies, jasmine and rose as middle notes with white musk, cedarwood, sandalwood and Tonka at the base, which collectively keeps you vibrant, confident and fresh all the time. It’s quite similar to the Creed Silver Mountain Water, so those who have tried it will surely like Silver Shade as well. 

Best Ajmal Perfumes for Unisex

Amber Wood

As the name indicates, it’s predominantly a warm, woody fragrance that is enhanced with a delightful combination of fruity, spicy and ambery hints from elements like Apple, cardamom, Lavender, Cedarwood, Amber and Patchouli.

The exquisite black bottle is formulated to cater to both genders and is ideal for men and women who fancy luxurious, rich, and deep scents. Be prepared for higher expenditure, as It’s one of the most expensive picks among all Ajmal perfumes. We ensure that the enchanting aroma and quality will make each penny spent worth the investment. 

Wisal Layel

Wisal Layel is a constant top seller in Ajmal’s unisex collection due to its addictive and mesmerizing fragrance that keeps you hooked all the time. It has top fruity notes (Apricot, Freesia and Black current), leathery and woody middle tones (patchouli, Osmanthus and Rose) with a musky and oudy base (Oud Accord, Musk and Olibanum).

If you’re seeking an opulent and long-lasting perfume to make you stand out in those lavish night gatherings, Wisal Layel can be your perfect pick. The only downside is that it keeps getting sold out, so make sure to keep an eye on the stocks. 

Amber Musc

Amber Musc is a flory, musky, ambery, gender-neutral perfume with a soft and fresh scent that lingers for up to 10 hours. It’s formulated around a seductive sandal, cedar and musk base mixed with intoxicating floral hints of rose, lily and cashmeran.

Its notes are welcoming but not overpowering, suitable for those who love subtle modern fragrances. If you want an inviting perfume that is comfortable but noticeable at the same time, we strongly recommend Amber Musc. 

Patchouli Wood

A spicy-woodsy formulation, Patchouli Wood is ideal for organic souls who adore natural and earthy scents. The exotic perfume features spicy and floral hints on a strong oudhy agarwood core. It resembles the aroma you get while walking in the woods after rain.

A unique pick for the grounded individuals who dare to be different and intense. It also makes an excellent gift choice for both genders. 


It’s one of the latest launches among Unisex Ajmal Perfumes that have garnered immense appreciation in a very short time. With the top floral hints of jasmine, rose, lily and bergamot, spicy middle hues of saffron, raspberry, black currant and sandal, and the woody base elements of Amber, Oud, Patchouli, and Musk, the luxurious oriental formulation gives you a long-lasting impression without breaking the bank.

It also has a travel-friendly size, so if you’re in search of a premium neutral fragrance that can be easily carried and used on the go, Moshriqa is worth considering. 

Where to Shop Ajmal Perfumes in UAE

While you can order your desired Ajmal perfumes online from the official website anytime, experiencing the fragrances in person can help you make the decision much quicker. If you also prefer to try out the fragrances in real-time and are looking for Ajmal perfumes near me, you can visit any of their 36 outlets across the UAE. Nearby outlets can be found by using the store locators’ option on the Ajmal official site.

That wraps up our luxury recommendations for the best Ajmal Perfumes in UAE. Keep in mind that fragrance choices are highly subjective to people’s individual preferences, and we’ve tried to cover those that we found to be the best. Feel free to share your favorite Ajmal perfumes that we should add to our list in the comments below.

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